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Three sharp knocks echoed the halls of my apartment somewhere in the background. Maybe that blasted cat of mine finally decided to come out of hiding. Three more knocks, and then my doorbell rang….who the bloody hell is here!?

I shot up from my bed and slowly raised my hands to my face. Dragging my hands down my face, I noticed the figure next to me. I jumped back so far I smacked my head on the wall behind my bed. “Oww, Bloody fwuuu..” Rubbing what would most like become a headache in five seconds, I squinted at the person next to me. “Oh,” It was (Name), I completely forgot she was here. Shit! And who is ringing my door bell like this!

Seriously who would just ring a bell constantly? I fumbled and kicked off the sheets stumbling to the floor. Yawning I grab a spare shirt plus a bath robe to slip on and creep out of the bed room. Making sure to close the door behind me, I sigh. The doorbell was now being combined with constant knocking. Narrowing my eyes I rush down the stairs. Normally, like the gentleman I am, would get dress and presentable for anyone. But I had an idea who this was, and I don’t give two solid fucks anymore.

Unlocking the door and swinging it open, I come face to face with a teary eyed bubbling blonde hair man. “Alfred, you bloody fool! Do you know what time it is? I have neighbors you know!”

He winced, and swiped a hand under his nose with a sniffle. “Sorry, but it’s actually noon. You slept in?” How is it that he seems to be crying and smiling at the same time?

Grimacing at his actions I scoff, “Okay, maybe I did. Why are you even here? I thought you had some ‘Get laid plan’ to fulfill?”

“Pricilla went off with Francis, why does he always get girls?! I mean come one!? What do they see in that hairy freak?” He cried out as he attacked me in a sloppy excuse for a hug. How pathetic. But I guess he was my friend, after all, I taught him well to hate Francis.

“You’re telling me, Alfred,” I roll my eyes standing there, after a few seconds I push him away. “Look, I know you want someone to look to right now. But I’m kind of busy,”

“Doing what? Didn’t you just wake up or something?” He asked giving me a frown, damn him!
“No! It’s really none of your business, but nonetheless, you can’t stay.”

“B-but I thought we could go out drinking or something! I know you can only have like five beers before you get totally wasted, but still. For every one beer you drink, I’ll have four, I need to drown my sorrows.”

“You’re a Teacher, might I remind you, it’s much frowned upon for you to get intoxicated.” I did my best to ignore his comment. I crossed my arms tightly, frowning up to him with a glare. Maybe if I glare enough he’ll get the hint and leave once and for all.

“So, its vacation, I do what I want biatch,” Oh, how sadly that sounded from him. I gave a fake empathetic look to him, reaching out putting my hand on his shoulder. His face started to lighten up, what a wanker, thinking I’d actually help him now.

“Sorry, but I just don’t really care. Be-”

“Arthur? Who’s here?”

Good God, this had to happen now? I froze, stopped mid-sentence when (Name)’s voice bounce from the top of the stairs, which the door way had a crystal clear view off. Alfred blinked, looking at me with surprise, he started to lean to one side and look past me. I immediately got in his way.

“Dude, you got a lady friend or something? Lemme see her!”

“No! I-I mean, you can’t! Yeah, ah, give me a second!” I quickly slammed the door, and leaned on it, sinking to the floor. (Name) was in front of me within seconds, seeing her up close now, I pressed a hand to my face and dragged it down with a grown. What did she call these, face-palms? “You really didn’t think of putting something else on?” I gestured to her clothes.

She looked down at herself and shrugged. “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before,” She wore one of my dress-shirts left open. That happened to be the only thing she wore. I gave her a glare and rose to my feet as she buttoned the shirt up. “Who’s here anyways?”

“Alfred,” I began then hushed my voice to a harsh whisper. “And keep quiet; I assume he’s got his ear pressed to the door eavesdropping on us.” That surely surprised her, although I could tell she didn’t want to show this to me. But she was scared. Her hands started shaking as got to the last button, and her skin paled to a sickly looking shade.

“What should we do?” She asked looking back to me.

“You go to the kitchen and keep your back to the door way at all times. Put on your sweater and keep it over your head too. Your hair will be a dead giveaway if he sees you.” I whispered and looked back to the door with a sigh.

“You mean you’re gonna let him in?” She asked walking over to the couch, picking up her (f/c) sweater and slipping it on.

“Kind of, but I have to, so he’ll shut up and leave. And let me do the talking! Not a single word from you!”

“Yes, Mr. Kirkland~” Flinching I give her a scowl as she giggles bouncing into the kitchen. I take in a short breathe and puff it out before going back to the door. As I open it, Alfred falls over as his face kisses the floor with a painful smack.

“Alfred, as you can see, I’m busy! Hurry up and leave!” I yelled pulling him up from my floor.

“Dude, fuck no! How am I going to leave now knowing you’ve been getting some!?” He protested, smacking my hand away as he got up on his own.

Blood rushed to my face and I felt my temper growing short. I forced a smile, reminding myself (Name) was in the kitchen, I couldn’t do anything I’d regret just to get this wanker to leave. So I laughed, Alfred giving me a questioning stare. “What’s wrong with you dude?” He asked me.

“You know what? Why don’t we go out for some drinks? Just like you wanted, right?!” My face was starting to hurt, if I kept this up any longer, I’m sure it’d get stuck this way.

“But wouldn’t she get upset? What’s her name anyways? Come bro, be a gentleman for once and introduce me to this chick!” He kept on looking past me, trying to see (Name). That fake smile was cleaned off my face as my anger got the better of me.

Oookaay, that’s it! I’m done! “I can’t tell you, and I’m sure she’d be fine if I left for an hour or two.  It’s not like we have anything better to do together! She won’t care! She won’t even care if I came back tomorrow! I need to get out anyways! I’ve been getting a little sick of staying here! Go ahead and start without me! I’ll meet you in the lobby!” I started pushing him out the door, it didn’t work so well. I always seem to forget, that bastard may be younger than me, but dammit he was stronger! “Why don’t you go flirt with Amelia, the lady at the front desk. She’s into baseball and hamburgers and shit like you are! I see her come in all the time were super hero shirts and reading comic books!” I shoved him once more, and got him into the hall way. I gave him a glare grabbing the door and blocking him. “I’ll see you in a second,” and slam goes the door!

“Good job Arthur, really, you made it sound like all we do is fuck each other, like I’m almost a whore,” (Name) was standing behind me so I turned to face her. She was tapping her chin looking up at the ceiling, her other hand on her hip.

Maybe because that’s all we did in the first place, no! No, Arthur you are better than that. (Name) most certainly is not a whore! God, why did I say all of that? I fiddled with something on my shirt and shook my head, looking at her to meet her gaze. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you sound like that. You nothing like that at all! I swear I was only trying to get him out of here!” I pleaded.

She smile oddly enough and shook her head. I raised a brow at her, thinking she must be forgiving me. “It’s fine,” She started then crossed her arms walking away over to the counter. “Go distract Alfred for a while, have a few drinks with your friend or whatever you plan on doing. I don’t care.” She grabbed her bag off the counter, slinging it over her shoulder.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” I asked, confused. I thought for sure she’d be all mad at me.

She went to the living room, plopping down on the couch and opening her bag. She proceeded to take out her laptop. “Yeah, it’s fine, really. It’s not like we had anything better to do,” She said bitterly, setting up her laptop on the coffee table. She got back up to plug in the charger.

I left out a sigh and nodded my head. I ended up leaving to get dressed, when I started walking down the stairs she was on her laptop, headphone in her ears. I often forget she’s still only a hormonal teenage girl. And these little hissy fits of hers are only natural, lucky me. I stood behind her looping my belt around my waist, watching her hoping she didn’t notice me. She was writing on Microsoft Word, “Stop it,” She muttered.

“Stop what?” I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

“Stop watching me and get going, you’re keeping your date waiting. That’s very rude of you.”

“Sorry, I can’t help it, there’s a beautiful girl in front of me and she seems much more appealing than a loud mouth American.”

She sighed pulling the head phones off, and turning to face me. “Stop it,” She said and grabbed my wrists and putting them at my sides. She fixed my shirt, tucking it in and pulling the collar out to make it neat and smoothing out my shirt. She grabbed my belt and yanked on it forcing a gasp and fit of choking coughs from me. “Ahhh,” She sighed. “You deserved that, and this,” She pulled again making it tighter and I heaved over.

“O-okay, m-maybe I did,” I choked out and braced myself for her to yank again. But she didn’t, instead she fixed my belt, and placed it on right. (Name) hesitantly wrapped her arms around me, her head rest on my chest and I saw her red face not matter how much she tried hiding it. I smiled, hugging her with a chuckle.

“Shut up, go tell Alfred all about the times you had sex when he didn’t. I’m sure it’ll make you feel better.” She muttered.

“I’d much rather stay here, Alfred’s really not my type.” We both laughed, and I pulled away from her to drag her over the side of the couch and force her to stand in front of me. I ended up wrapping her back up in my grip, and now I really didn’t want to go hang out with Alfred.

“You have a type?” She asked look at me with a grin. So I shrugged and kissed the top of her head.

“Are you a type?” I asked with a grin as she laughed and hit my shoulder.

“Don’t be so cheesy, you’ll end up like Francis!”

“Now that’s just cold,” I said seriously, and she let out another laugh. I had to ask again, and I’m sure she’d get mad. “Are you really sure you want me to go?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I needed to call Savannah over Skype anyways. And you know she hates you’re guts.”

Sighing I nodded my head. “And I hate her all the same but you don’t see me threatening anyone.”

“But you want to,” (Name) pointed out and then smiled up to me. Suddenly I heard my phone go off behind us in the kitchen. “He’s waiting you know, go to him Arthur, you got yourself into this mess anyways.”

“What do you mean I got myself into this mess? If you didn’t come down stairs than I wouldn’t have to deal with him like this!”

She didn’t say anything for a few seconds, which made me feel guilty for putting the blame on her. But she spoke up and shook her head. “Whatever, this was bound to happen sooner or later. It doesn’t matter now.” She reached up placing a sweet sort kiss on my lips with a smile. “Don’t stay out too late; I’ll get lonely and resort to calling Drake over.” Why did she have to do that? Did she get some sick kick out of making me jealous and pissed off? Did she find this cute, because I’ll give her a whole shit load of cute if she keeps this up.

She pulled away and I gave her a glare as I felt a growl rise from my chest. “If I find him in my bloody home, I’ll kill him and then frame him for robbery, and that I shot him in self-defense.”

“Oooh, what a bad boy you are,” She cooed, shooing me to the door. “My, my, maybe I’ll be dating a murdered by the end of this week.”

“How do you know I’m not a murdered already?”


“Nothing!” I grinned and opened the door and stepped out quickly. I was hoping that I left her confused on the other side of the door, as I hurry down the halls and to the stairs.


“Alfred you know I don’t really drink well,” I warned as he ordered us two more beers.

“Your limit is five dude. You can have five beers before you’re wasted.” He reassured as the bartender brought over two opened bottles. “And I can have at least fifteen~”

“And the Beilschmidt brothers can both have thirty each before they even get tipsy. So what?” I took a sip from the bottle as I slouched over the bar.

“Where are they anyways? Didn’t they leave last week or something?” He asked, drinking his own beer.

Shrugging I set the bottle down, “Francis told me Gilbert had to start his vacation a bit earlier because of family issues. I’d assume Ludwig would be a part of that too,”

“Yeah, but where too?” He was eyeing a girl from a crossed the bar that was hanging off of a young man in his early twenties, probably one of the guys from the University down the road. He looked like most guys today, a douchebag. The girl looked just as stupid and slutty. Cue the wave of guilt. I still can’t believe I made (Name) sound like that. She didn’t wear clothes that covered 10% of her body or twenty pounds of make-up. (Name) actually had an opinion, could think for herself and she knew what the word onomatopoeia meant, while 90% of my students couldn’t even pronounce it correctly. But this girl just nodded her head to everything the guy said or laughed obnoxiously loud.

I chugged half of my beer and slumped even lower onto the bar, now resting my head on my arms. “To Germany, did you really have to ask that?” I told him, and he looked back over to me with knitted brows.

“For family issues?”

“I guess, they said one of their relatives is getting married. It’s and issues,” I said and downed the last of the beer. I flagged the bartender for another. “Why are we here again?” I slurred bitterly.

“Well in the beginning I just wanted to come here and have you tell me all about you’re miserable lonely life to make myself feel better about Pricilla,”


“But then I find out you got some chick all up in your grill! And then I realize what I lonely blob of crap I am. Because if you, of all people are getting some, when I’m not, that just means I’m done! I can’t even begin to imagine what dying alone feels like! Why is that I can’t get anyone to screw! I think you paid that girl, no way in hell did she go to you willingly.”

“Why don’t you actually look for a girlfriend instead of a one night stand?” I sneered and turned to face him, I gave him a hard jab in the side growling. “And I didn’t pay her anything. She came to me!”

“Oh yeah? Pffft! When did this happen and why didn’t I know?” Alfred asked after a swig of his drink.

“In October, on Halloween.” I simply muttered, when the bartender came over with another beer, she gave me a sympathetic kind of look. I guess she got a lot of miserable self-loathing people on her shift.

“Woah! No way, I don’t believe you! You were with me all night at my party until like two in the morning! Eww did you meet her at my party? Dude what the heck!” Alfred narrowed his eyes at me with crossed arms, he then looked away and pointed his nose in the air like some snob. “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

“I didn’t meet her in October, I first meet her in September, I think it was on the eighth of that month. I don’t really remember.” Of course I remember this stuff! It was the first bloody day of school!  And even then I found her different.

Alfred didn’t saying anything for some time as he stared off in the distance. He turned to me with a raised brow.“Ohh, like a friend thing at first?”

“Sure, you could say that.” Dammit, could we change the topic. I drank the rest of my fourth beer and frowned. “I hate this kind of beer, fuck it, I want whiskey!”
Alfred gasped next to me and grabbed my arm slamming it onto the bar. “Dude, no. That’s too much for you.”

“I don’t care!” I yelled and pulled away. “I’ll do whatever I bloody fucking want!”
“But what about your girlfriend? Won’t she be even more pissed at you?”

I stopped and thought about it for a second, but shook my head anyways. “She’ll understand,” I ended up getting a glass of whiskey just like I want too. Joy. I took a light sip and set it down, slumping back onto the bar. Dammit, if I knew I was going to get drunk today I would have done it later than this at least, and with (Name) if I could, but that’s not the best idea in the world.

I randomly started laughing to myself as I thought about last night. I let her have one of my special Vodka-Teas. I could drink about two of those before I got drunk. But (Name) was even worse than me at drinking. She only drank half of hers, and by then she was tipsy and all bubbly. It was cute and funny, until she started complaining.

“Dang Arthur, you must have it good then. I’m jealous.” Alfred spoke up next to me and I scoffed.

“Don’t be, you have no idea the amount of shit I am at risk of.” Whoops, oh well. Anything I say will be at will of the drink. So he’ll never catch on, Alfred’s too stupid anyways. He think’s hamburgers will cure cancer for crying out loud!

“A risky chick now? Hmm, she’s not like a stripper is she?”

“Blast it, no! Why would I go that low?” Aren’t I already there or something?

“I don’t know, you said you’d be in a lot of trouble? With who, her parents?” He teased and nudged me in the side with his elbow.

“Yeaah,” I slightly dragged out all too seriously and drank more of this wonderful whisky.

“What?” Alfred’s attention snapped right back to me, and I apparently had his full attention because he wasn’t laughing like it was a joke.

“Her parents, they wouldn’t like me,” I said.

He hesitated and eyed me through his glasses. “Whhyy not?” He drawled.

“I don’t know, she said they wouldn’t like me.” It wasn’t a full lie. (Name) did say that her parents wouldn’t like me and I knew it. Boy, did I know a lot of that.

“Oh, are you going to even tell me her name?”


“Not even a hint? How about her last name?”

“Stop bugging me about it,”

“Fine, but do I at least know her?”

“Yes,” I replied without thinking and looked over at the door in the other direction. A man walked in with that swag walk of cockiness. He reminded me too much of that Drake friend of (Name)’s. I let out a snarl thinking of him. I really, hated him, maybe I’ll kick his grade down a few ten or twenty points!

“Really? Hmm, If you say so….” Alfred turned his attention to one of the TVs hanging from the ceiling; some sport was on that I didn’t care for.

While my brain was still on the topic of it I had a need to blurt out a question to no one in general. “Do women like making guy’s jealous?”

Alfred laughed next to me and shook my shoulder. “Yes, yes they do. They like controlling guy’s feelings bro. It’s some dark scary magic dude.”

“How do you even know all this stuff?” I sat up, was I really getting amazed by this? Maybe it’s time to stop drinking for a while.

“I’ve dated enough,” Alfred said before drinking his beer.

“So have I but I never had to deal with all this extra shit!”

“That’s because when you dated you were under the class of ‘A bad boy’ in girl code, basically. Girls’ do anything for a bad boy and all they really want is crazy acrobatic sex in the end. Then they’ll leave.” Alfred’s gaze narrowed in the slightest but he seemed to shrug it off. I on the other hand was giving him the death glare of all glares. Knives better start flying in him soon or I’ll just do it myself.

“Whatever,” I hissed, repressing my past and drank the last of my whiskey and flagging for more. “And what the hell would you have been called!?”

“Ummm, Mr. Popular fits perfectly if I do say so myself!” He grinned and gave one of his loud and annoying laughs.

“Oh, good for you, now why don’t you do something useful with your life now?” I sarcastically said and rolled my eyes. Is this really the best thing I have for a long time friend? Seems so.

“Well I am, I have a nice job, actually one of many dream jobs I’ve wanted. Got me my best buds surrounding me every day of the week! I’m just waiting on Mrs. Perfect to come walking into my life!”

“I doubt you’ll get there Alfred. Not with the way you’ve been dating.”

“Oh you just shut it! I won’t let you drag me down again!”

“Again? What do you mean? I’ve never done anything to ever hurt you!”

“Reaaaallly?” He gave me a are you kidding me look as he stared at me over the rim of his glasses. “High school, 11th grade doesn’t ring a bell to you?”

I hung my head slightly and sighed. “Oh yeah…..I forgot.”

“Hmm, why doesn’t that surprise me?”

I shrugged, drinking more starting to get that really nice buzz and fuzzy vision coming on. This is the point, were I stop listening to Alfred and his contestant talking and laughing. This is the point, were I get drunk.

Reader- Chan

These past few hours, have been the best flippin’ hours of my life! After discovering Arthur’s cat, I took it, and raped it because of how cute it was until it ran away again.

After that I ended up going through his everything! All of his clothes, I even found Narnia behind his coats in the closet. I completely cleaned out his freaking cabinets and look at every single thing in there. I found plates, bowls some everyday medicine for colds, weird…..But I even went further! I now know ever book Arthur owns in his library and I found some hidden room behind a book shelf. It was full of more books in languages I didn’t understand. Arthur even had four guitars in the spare bedroom closet!

I know happily know every inch and dust bunny in his home. Mission accomplished; (Name) has now won the Overly Attached Girlfriend trophy.

I smirked to myself as I now stood before the huge wall of windows. After Arthur left, I first talked to Savannah some, but after about an hour call on Skype, and time zones, we hung up and did our own thing.  Then I spent two more hours being a snoop. Now as the sun set at four o’clock or so, I was beginning to wonder where the hell Arthur was.
“Hmm?” Something on the counter buzzed for my attention. I walked over and picked up my phone, it was Arthur. I hesitated but picked up the phone anyways.

“(Name)! I-I-I need you’re he-help!” Arthur whisper-yelled into the speaker. I jerked it away from my ear and winced.

“What?” I asked

“I’m outside, and its raining some kind fluff! What do I do!? Can I eat it? Is it cold!? Are they baby clouds? Are the clouds having sex?” Drunk Arthur, is very, very drunk. I face-palmed and dragged my hand down my face. Groaning as I listen to him blabber on about baby clouds I cut him off.

“Arthur! Shut up! Is Alfred going to bring you back? Is he drunk too?”

He didn’t say anything for what felt like hours, but when he did he sound sad and hurt. “N-no. He’s b-back at the bar, he really pissed me off so now I’m some place else!” He slurred out.

“Then where are you Arthur?” I rolled my eyes, putting my back to the counter and leaning on it.  Arthur’s cat showed up and jump onto the counter next to me so I moved the phone from one ear to the other and pet the fuzz ball.

“I don’t knooooooow…….” He slurred out and gave a small cry too.

Okay (Name), you’ve dealt with drunks, before. This should be a super easy, right? I left the counter, and made my way over to the window walls. “Arthur, do me a favor and tell me what you see,”

“Uhhh, cloud babies……”

“Other than that,”

“Oooooh! Trees, lots of tress. And uh, is that a pixie!? Oh boy! Come here little guy!” I let Arthur rambled on for a few more seconds. I yelled at him again, asking if he saw anything like some signs or buildings “Huh? Ummm, there is a sign thing at the, uh, road? I-I Think it’s a road,” He suddenly gasped and started laughing “Maybe it’s the yellow brick road!”  

“Arthur!” I snapped. “Pay attention, signs! Read them to me!”

He let out a girlish cry and moaned in fear; he was starting to act like Mr. Vargas. (Aka, My super nice Latin teacher, whom was not as mean as his brother, the Italian teacher) “Uhh, there is a big brown sign at the road with green arrows on it! Does that help?” He hiccupped a few times and laughed.

“Can you read it to me?” I better not get my hopes up.

After about twenty minutes, I finally got Arthur to at least tell me what the sign said. It took him the whole twenty minutes to sound out the first word, which happened to be Fair-may. I didn’t need anything more than that. Only one place I knew of had the name Fair-may and it was the park a few blocks from school.

I grabbed his car keys and kept Arthur on the phone. I didn’t want to hang up because I felt like if I did, he’d get himself into trouble. I didn’t need that. And I’ll have you know, while running down the five levels of stairs, I only tripped six times!


“A-Arthur! This way, come on! Come over here! N-No-No-No! Here, this way!” I was pulling on his sleeve through cold air. He kept on trying to walk the other way, claiming there were unicorns in the trees calling to him.

“Buuuut (Naaaaaame)! I need to get the unicorns, so the fairy will give me my pirate ship back! I need to go down with it, a captain must go down with his ship!” He tried yanking away from me but I grabbed his other arm and dragged him along.

I was so going to make him pay for this in the morning. I’m going to hide all the hangover treatment stuff he’ll need. And I’ll wake him up at the crack of dawn, begging him for a lovely morning of easy sex, JUST to let him down and make a lie up. Maybe I’ll say I got my period or something.  Yeah, that should work, that should work reeeeeeeeeal nice.

I put Arthur in the passenger seat, and I swear, as soon as her hit that seat he passed out. I rolled my eyes and got behind the wheel, starting the car and heading back to his place.

Every now and then I’d look at him from the corner of my eye; he’d stir and mumble things in his sleep like he was having a nightmare. I pressed my lips together and turned back to the road, I was pissed, and yeah. I didn’t want to think about him right now. All I could say is, at least he is safe, for now.
:iconv-j23::iconsaysplz: Hi, uh....I don't know what :iconkay-love-pain17: would really put here other than a description of the chapter, so.... I was told to say, this is like a Easter Egg in a Video game....... For one chapter and one chapter only you get England's point of view, I was also told to put this:iconmingplz: :


Don't Understand What's Going on?
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