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October 13, 2013
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You know that awesome feeling you get, when you wake up at three in the afternoon on a Monday? You know, that Man-it-feels-good-to-be-alive-today feeling? Imagine waking up to that feeling every morning for about five weeks now, yeah, oh you so want to be me don’t you? Well, let me put the cherry on top, every morning I wake up to such a cute and handsome face. He’ll wake up about an hour or so after me and we spend another hour just cuddling together in this fabulous bed.

And as of this morning, I wake up with the weight of a gorgeous silver painted gold, diamond ring on a silver chain around my neck. I was going to be that girl, I was, going, to be that girl.

I even called Dad and told him: “So, I’m eloping, got a problem with that? I mean, I love you and Mom, but I have to do this,”

“Ah, well, I’d like to know who the hell it is you’re marrying!” He coughed and let out a sigh, “Is this why you’ve been gone all summer? When will you be back?”

“Not until next year, seems I’m going to college here in London too, sorry Mr. Dad. But this kid is going to the big time!”

It wasn’t four days after that call did I get a Cantaloupe in the mail from Dad. Get it? He sent me a Cantaloupe, because I can’t-elope? Ha ha, very funny Dad.

I didn’t want to wear this ring, until I knew when I was getting married, and as of right now, it wouldn’t be for about a year or so, because I still had to go to college. So for now, I was going to wear this priceless ring on my neck. Arthur didn’t seem to mind at all, even when he asked he had an idea that I would do this.

Ohh, and when he did ask it was SO cute! It was only yesterday too! Now that I’m 18, I felt stupid silly but giddy happy when I screamed and jumped at him yelling yes!
So, we were actually in some park –I don’t remember the name but it was a really nice park or something that was a big place in London- but it was night time, and we were just walking around after a dinner at some pub Arthur liked. So we came to sit down on some bench under some lamp post and it was kind of misty out. Like we could see the slow tiny rain drops floating in the air, it was beautiful.

Once we sat down Arthur nudge me in the side with his elbow lightly, and I nudge him back just the same. We did this a few times, laughing here and there until I was leaning on Arthur and holding his hand with a content smile. But everything got quiet and still and the night was dying.

Looking up to Arthur I noticed he was looking away, off in the distance with a hard gaze at something I couldn’t see. “Art?” I asked and he didn’t respond. “Arthur?” I said again sitting up and grabbing his arm giving it a light tug.

Whatever he was stuck in, he shook his head and look back at me with a nervous smile. “Y-yes, love?” he stuttered and I laughed.

“What’s up? You seem distracted.” I asked with a smile.

“Huh? Oh- ah, nothing, nothing I was just thinking,” He mumbled out and turned his gaze away from me again. This time I noticed his face was the lightest shade of pink I’ve noticed, and it was growing darker.

“Thinkin’ ‘bout whaaat?” I drawled and he let out a low growl at my butchery of the English Language.  

“Things that are bothering me,”

“You gonna tell me ‘bout it?” I kept drawling and scooted closer to him with a grin.

“I don’t really know if I want to know.”

“Aww, bubawa! You can tell me anything, I’m not like Alfred, I won’t post it all over facebook! I’ll just keep it to myself for ten years then tell everyone!” I teased and he let out a harsh sigh. He never liked it when I teased him, this I learned because he likes to get back at me when I least expect it. Don’t even get me started on this stupid game of tag with me while I was trying to shower. I ran around our place butt ass naked screaming as he tried to tackle me. He has half-drunk too, but that’s okay, I didn’t really mind.

I eventually looked back to Arthur, because he didn’t say anything, he just kept looking off in the distance. Taking his silence as a stubborn no, I sighed and took his free hand sadly with mine and rested my head on his shoulder.

Unexpectedly I started to hear Arthur hum, a tune that I didn’t quite know measured on his lulling voice and echoed out his parted lips. A smile, started to grace his features and he slowly nodded his head to whatever song her could hear to himself.

I opened my mouth and reached I hand out to him but he stopped me, putting my hand back down and with a smile, he started to softly sing as rain began to fall, “Don’t panic -No not yet,” He started and I looked back him like he was crazy.

Maybe he finally lost his mind, maybe that was his last straw with me, and now he was going bat shit crazy because he went on with that intoxicating voice of his, “I know I’m the one you want to forget. Cue all the love to leave my heart; it’s time for me to fall apart,”

Seeing that he wasn’t going to stop, even as rain softly fell around us, I deiced to listen, to wait and see what he was singing as he looked around us with a smile “Now you’re gone but I’ll be okay, your hot whiskey eyes, have fanned the flames!” I slowly shook my head not understanding. He got up from the bench and pulled me with him and we started to waltz together, dancing in sync as we splashed up puddles of water and got soaked by the warm night rain. I was so confused; really I didn’t understand why he was doing this! I was starting to get scared!

“Maybe I’ll burn a little brighter tonight. Let the fire breathe me back to life!” He sang on with a smile as he spun me around and quickly pulled me back to him as he started humming that song again.

“Arthur?” I dared to ask him and he gave me a grin.

“Yes, love, what is it?” He asked ever so cheery and unlike.

“It’s raining,”

“Lovely isn’t it?” He looked around as we slowly danced along some more.

“What are you doing?” I asked, but my answer was more joy-happy humming from a joy happy Brit back in his dark and gloomy –yet surprisingly peacefully- place of origin.

The rain start coming down harder, but not so much more that it bothered me, I actually liked it. I started to laugh as Arthur and I acted like children dancing here in the rain in some park a long ways away from our place.

Slowly we came to a stop, both drenched in water but neither of us cared. I wrapped my arms around him in a warm hug mumbling “You silly man,”

He chuckled pulling me to him as close as we could possible get, “You stubborn girl,” He pulled away from me, and gave me a nervous smile again as he let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. “(Name), I don’t think I could ever ask you this, so simply, I’m just going to give it to you –and I don’t want it back- unless you tell me yes,” He told me and pulled off his jacket and took something out of the inside pocket before placing the drenched fabric over my shoulders. He then grabbed my hand and opened it, placing a fuzzy black box in my hand and closing it once more and leaving me with this.

Walking to my other side, Arthur took my free hand and just stood there looking down at the droplets that would fall from his hair to his face and plummet to the ground below.
I didn’t know what to say, I had no clue what was going on! He was acting bipolar if I didn’t know better, having a stubborn fit then suddenly he gets my hopes up and makes me fall madly in love with him more to give me a fuzzy damp box! “I hate clichés, I hate clichés, I hate clichés Arthur Kirkland,” I kept muttering as I winced back as I opened the box.

Just as though, a gorges looking ring sat inside, something that…that startled me, and made my emotions jump off the edge. I slipped the ring out and brought it up to my face, looking at it and gave a gasp, on the inside of the band was writing, it said ‘My Beloved White Rose in this False Gold World.’ The words stretched along the whole ring on the inside and I bit my lip hold back my voice, I didn’t trust it now.

“I…I-ah,” I spoke in long drawn out breaths and kept looking at this ring. “You know I hate romantic clichés right?” I rushed out looking over at Arthur, who surprisingly looked calm, well as calm as one can be at a time like this.

“I know,” He said, and slowly reached over and took the ring from me, and then took the box, he dug around inside that black little thing and pulled out a chain and slipped the ring down it. “This isn’t exactly platitude, love it actual far from if I thought so, I didn’t plan this blasted rain though if that makes you feel better. I simply just did what I thought was best,” He told me, and placed the chain around my neck with the ring loosely fitting on it. “I know you, you would be stubborn, and not want to give in to wearing that ring like every other girl who has been asked this. And you weren’t asked, not yet but I don’t have to if you don’t want me to,”

I felt the weight of the ring on my neck and let out a small short scoff and rolled my eyes. “I don’t need you to ask,” I started and walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck with a smile, “Because yes, Arthur I will marry you,” I placed a sweet, kind kiss on his lips, and we stayed there kissing in the rain until we realized just how late it was.

But the funny part was as soon as we got back to our place and out of the rain I jumped up and down like a kid in candy shop in pleasure and thrill at what just happened. I was epic fangirling and Arthur got to watch the whole thing and probably ask himself ‘What have I just got engaged to?’

Yet, now, here I am walking like hurricane~! Pfffffffft Just kidding! I’m sitting on a bed in midafternoon as I wait for my laptop to turn on. As I wait, I look over at Arthur, watching him sleep peacefully I reach out and brush my hand along his soft golden locks.

Naturally he swatted my hand away with a low growl, and rolled over to face away from me. “How cute,” I giggled and turned my attention onto my laptop.

Immediately, I’m forced into a Skype call seconds after I was signed in. I didn’t bother even putting in head phones, or worrying about Arthur next to me.

“(Name)! Where have you been!?” It was Alice, and she sounded like she was crying.

“Yeah! Dude, please, tell us!” Now Karyan, I heard Roman in the background behind her muttering something about extra credit. Jerk, I’m going to punch him for that now!

“Guys, listen, I’m fine!” I reassured, and looked at anyone else that would be in the call. Savannah was too, and I knew she was listening.

“Fine? Fine my ass-”

“Your ass is pretty fine-”

“Shut up! I’m trying to make a point!” Karyan snapped at Roman who just laughed. “Anyways, we don’t even know where you are, you just up and left! And we asked your parents and they said you were eloping! How can you elope you’re already out of High school!”

I rolled my eyes, even if she could see me because I didn’t have the camera on, “Eloping is when you just secretly run away and get married. You don’t have to be in high school, to elope, Kay,”

“Whatever! I’m just pissed you left! What the hel-”

“(Name), tell your friends to shut the bloody hell up!” Arthur complained beside me as he rolled over half way and gave me a sour glare. “This is not how I wanted to wake up this morning!”

“I’m sorry bubawa, I didn’t mean it,” I said and gave him a smile. He just grunted and rolled back over with crossed arms.

“…(N-Name)? Who’s that?” Alice asked.

“Who do you think? If I’m eloping who would I be with?” I sarcastically commented and waited for them to go on.

“Wait-wait-wait-wait! I’m confused, he sounds really familiar,” Alice said.

I just looked back over to Arthur, who was still facing away from me, I poked at his bare back and he let out a growl again. So I moved my computer to my night stand, remembering to mute the sounds, and sat up next to him and placed both of my hands on his shoulders and leaned on him purring out, “Arthuur~”

He let out a sigh and turned his head to face me. I moved his hair from his face and smiled, “I love you~” I sung and planted a kiss on his lips before he could react. I moved quickly and sat back up straight on the bed, very well aware that I was still in the call.

“What are you trying to get at love, your acting very strange,” Arthur sat up and brushed his hand threw that mess of hair on his head.

“Oh, nooothing~ I’m just hungry that’s all, or I don’t know, just excited I guess,” I slowly let out and looked at everything around the room, everywhere but at him.

“So, you want food and you’re excited? Can I ask why?”

“Sure~ If you really want the answer,”

“Alright why then?”

I paused and bit my lip holding back a huge smile as all those giddy feelings came back. “I guess I’m just really happy I’m going to be Mrs. Kirkland now,”

My answer took him by surprise, but that quickly vanished and into a shallow kind smile. Crawling over to me, Arthur scooped me up in his lap and pulled me close. “Good, because that makes you mine,” He teased and placed a kiss on my cheek.

“All I want is to be yours, besides, you taught me well, my favorite English teacher~” I teased back and pulled him down to give me a kiss, even as I did that, I managed to shut my laptop with a satisfied smile.

He pulled away from me with a smile “What do you want to do now?” He asked and I pondered on it and then gave out a giggled and snuggled closer to him.

“I want to stay here with you until the moon shades blue. I want to stay here until tomorrow’s sun sets and rises twice more before I ever leave this spot. When I leave here, I need to know that when apart I can still stand still –breath on my own without fear of losing you. I want our love to be strong enough, pure enough to undergo this horrible world and the challenges we still must face,” My eyed were kept close as I let a smile curl onto my lips.

When I did open them I looked up and found Arthur staring at me in, I guess what looked like astonishment. “What?” I asked and he shook his head, getting out of his daze.

“Nothing,” he smiled, “I just never expected you to be so poetic about it,” I shoved him playfully and he let out a chuckle. “I wouldn’t mind that at all,” he added in a hushed whisper and pulled me close, tangling us even more into the sheets. “I’d stay in this spot forever, if I could,”

I let a smile and eased myself into a light mingle of day dreams, “Me too,” I yawned out, and drifted back into a peaceful sleep with my favorite teacher, holding me close and in his arms, a place I’ve never felt so safe and love. A place that I can now call mine, and mind alone.
:dummy: So, I hope this wraps everything for everyone, uhhhhh yeah. I'm out, I'm done here, and like, sfkdjhgdfjhglksjfdhglsfjhglsdjfhglskdjfhglskdjfhgslkjhdfgkjshdflgk


Hetalia (c) Himaruya-sempia
Story (c) Kay-Love-Pain17
You (c) Arthur Kirkland :eyes:
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