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Why do I hate
Anything or everything
I have ever seen
This time of year, in spring?”

I took in a slight pause, as I walked a crossed the stage with the microphone in my hand. About one or two hundred people sat in front of me, and six judges in the front row. I sigh dramatically to add effect to my poem, the one I entered in this contest for, the one I plan on winning with.

“I hate how it gets
Warm with the sun light
Growing longer every day
As the earth makes it yearly trip around the sun.

Maybe it’s the birds singing again.
Mocking me, why can’t I just kill them?
Even if it’s a sin to kill just one…..

All those flowers blooming
Bringing bees to life
Making honey so sweet and kind.

I disgust spring.
Romance wants to blossom
And idiotic teenagers on spring break
Lose or makes lives for this world with simple mistakes.

Day light lasts longer,
Making the sky bright and obnoxious,  
And my new favorite color,

Why do I like this color?
That remains in the clear cool sky
Bringing me memories of sweet times
In the rustic colors of fall.

Blue, it’s the only thing I like about spring.
It’s the only color
That makes me look forward
To this ugly time of year.”

I paused again scanning the crowd of people listening. I spotted Karyan, Roman and Alice all sitting together on the balconies. They waved franticly and Alice waves a huge sign that says ‘Bring them to tear (Nick-Name)!!!’ I wanted to smile at that, but I couldn’t break my act.

Reading poetry is like acting, but it’s much harder. You have to be a part of your poem to really bring tears to those who listen. While most people memorize a beautiful piece of work by a famous writer, I write my own, add history to my work and put my heart into every part of it.

I let out a slow hiss, a sneer, shut my eyes tight and bear my teeth as I turn my head away. I bring my left hand up to my forehead and slowly move my other hand with the mic down by my side.  I leisurely move my left hand to my chest, as if to clutch my heart in disgust and then form a fist down by my side.  I brought the mic back up to my lips and took three steps closer to the edge of the stage.

“Spring, it’s beautiful to some
To me it’s a burden
I carry on my shoulders.
Spring is the time of year I must learn love.

I have someone special,
Who forces me love this year
Someone who I took a chance with
And it cost me my life.

I only love this year,
Because my son was born in spring
He looks just like his father,
Both with eyes of the spring’s beautiful blue sky.

Every year when spring comes around
I sneer at the bees on their flowers,
Birds singing in the blue sky
And young love running free again.

Oh how I hate them
Mocking me as I sit inside my house.
Watching the cheerful care free world
Outside my glass window.

You see, I must hide for sometime
Staying away from spring,
It’s my burden, my own problem,
I carry it alone with all my bitterness.

But all along, I look at my son
And I’m thankful
That he was born here in spring.
Maybe he will love it more than me.”

I took a few steps back, and brought the mic to my side, scanning the crowd again. I noticed a girl standing in the back, with a much taller man by her side. They both stood in the shadows and away from society’s eyes. She was holding an infant in her arms wrapped in some blankets, all snug and warm. She handed the child over to the man who held it with great kindness and care, as she walked forward into the light from under the balcony.

Savannah brought her hands up with a smile and she was the first one to start clapping. It wasn't long before everyone was out of their seats clapping along. I gave a quick smile and bowed before them. I couldn’t say I hated spring, but I know Savannah did, she hated it so much, she had allergies during spring, she hated the heat, and she’d rather freeze than burn to death. But with spring came the birth of her son, held in Ludwig’s arms in the back and I could see a faint smile on his face as well, no matter how dark he hid in the shadows.

It was May, after all, the last week of May and two weeks until I never had to come here again.

I looked over the crowd again, and spoke a hushed thank you to them all and waved before skipping back stage. As soon as I was out of sight I let out the breath of fear I was holding the whole time.  I love what I do, I love writing, and then entering these contests and letting people hear me, my voice. I love making people feel happy, sad, anger, I love what I do. I never enter these things to win, I just lucky do, I do it because I love the rush of it all.

I hand one of the stage assistants the mic and I walk off and out of the auditorium. This contest was also held in school, so I knew he was here, watching and listening to my words and I know he’d be thinking to himself: ‘She’ll never show anyone this side unless she is up there, won’t she?’

Speak of the devil; he leans on the other wall with a grim smile and dark bags under his eyes. “You were good,” he spoke sadly.

I blink, I want to smile but I couldn’t, “Thanks…..did you listen from out here?” I asked, and he nodded. “You could have from inside, sir.” I said slowly and he shook his head this time.

“No,” He stood properly and straight taking a few steps away from the wall, “It’s fine; I was just walking by, hoping I could hear you before you got done.”

I slowly nodded, and looked down both ways to each ends of the halls. Both were empty, in a sad idea, we were alone, all but for the cameras on the walls recording out moods.

Arthur followed my sight and I heard him clear his throat, “It was nice seeing you (Name), I hope you win your contest. I must bid you a farewell for now, I’ll see you in class tomorrow.”

“.....Bye, sir” I stepped back to the wall, and he and I just stood there for a few seconds before Arthur turned away with a tip of his head and walked down the hall and left around the corner.

For the past, I would say about seven weeks, the relationship between Arthur and I, is not exactly were I’d think it should be.

After what happened that day in March, the next day in school, I actually talked with Arthur one on one. We came up with a plan, to take what I call a break of sorts. We agreed, we’d put the past behind us, and we both forgave each other. But until I graduate, we were to be a strict, student teacher status. It was awkward to say the least. I would think both of use haven’t put the past behind us, and all we want to do is make it up to each other.

And we can’t, because people are watching us, they are suspicious and I know it for a fact. I know because also on the week of, what I call The thing, between Arthur and I in my front lawn, I was called to the school’s main office and I was actually question. It was mostly about school work, my relationships with friends and family, and also something about Savannah. But I could tell with some of the questions, the wired one’s I didn’t have to answer –but did anyways because, well if I didn’t it’d look bad- they were looking into me and if I was with Arthur because of how he acted at that meeting.

He was questioned too, he came up with a lie (to my argument) and told them he was upset because he had a fiancé with the same name as me, back home that died and I was similar to her and blah blah blah, I think he came up with it on the spot or whatever because I felt embarrassed for him, if I say so myself.

But at least, this was worth it whenever I got notes of apologies on the back of homework or tests. It is hard, being with Arthur without being with him. I’m not saying I still don’t get upset, get those mood swings of anger, pain, and depression. Only time can make those go away, I just have to ease back into a life with Arthur, while not being with him.

And it was the last note I got, on the back of my quiz in English that I loved the most, it said that for every tear I shed –may it be caused by him or not- he’ll give me a white rose, in the false world of gold.

I know now, I really do love Arthur. But it’s not like loving a family member, or a friend or someone like that. I love him to the point that yes, I’ll get mad, or angry with him, but punishing him, is like punishing myself. I can’t make myself stay away because all I want, all my heart wants is to be with him. While my brain actually wants to cut him into millions of tiny bits and blend them into a bloody puree and feed them to sharks, I ignore that part because I never want to feel that emptiness again.

I’d rather feel physical pain of having my skin sheered from my body and replaced with acid than feel that empty hollow whole in my chest again. What I have no, it isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough, for now at least.

“(Naaame~!)” I turned my head towards the voice and saw Alice run at me with Karyan and Roman not too far behind. I slowly eased a smile onto my lips and turned to face them “(Name)! That was great what you did, I thought you for a second you really hated spring!” Alice grabbed my hands in hers holding them up with a smile as she spoke.

“I- ah, I don’t really hate spring like I said I did, but sometimes I do, you know….I’m scared of those creepy looking bugs,” I grinned and held on to Alice’s looking back at her.

“Who was the poem about,” Roman’s voice got to me, and I looked behind Alice at him with a grin.

I rolled my eyes, “Who the hell do you think!?”

“Well I think she got my personality on my hatred for the world fairly nice.” Savannah said as she showed up from out of know were and alone behind Roman. Who happened to jump and let out a girlish squeal and turn to Karyan and grab onto her hand tightly.

Savannah walked around the too, pulled Alice from me and grinned at me with her sharp pearly white teeth shining. She took a hand and ran it through her newly extremely short cut hair. She slicked it back and a few strands fell back into her face, soon followed by the rest of her bangs all short and choppy at her eyebrows. If she wanted to, and I bet she does after she showers, she could slick her hair back just like Ludwig’s but it’d be a bit longer and darker. “You did well, I really liked it (Name)” She said placing a hand on her hip.

I looked her over again, and raised a brow, “Who the hell are you, di-did you eat something like not bitch flakes this morning? You have a baby now, shouldn’t you be all sleep deprived and slightly depressed and stuff?”

“Me? I mean come on, I hate kids, I really hate babies. But my son, he’s nice, he doesn’t cry ever. I like ‘em.  And no, I did eat some bitch flakes this morning for breakfast, I’ve just been having a good day today.” Savannah said as she turned back to Alice and Karyan standing next to each other. I also noticed Roman walked off.

About two or tree weeks ago, at the beginning of this month, Savannah's body was all like 'NOPE' and she gave birth to her new son. I was there, it was freaky and shit. And I was surprised when Ludwig AND Gilbert showed up afterwards, and everyone was all worried because the baby was pretty early. They named him after Ludwig's Father and Savannah's Father, one being the first name the second being the middle name. Savannah also brought tears to Ludwig and Gilbert when she told the doctor she wanted her son to have their last name, not hers, no matter what. Because, in most cases, when the father is unknown the child get's their mother's last name. So that is what should have happened, seeing how nobody should know about Ludwig. Now just doctors know. I couldn't ever remember, I just called it Babu because yeah.

Yet seeing just the four of us made me feel nostalgic all of a sudden, I started to smile and I looked at all of us with an idea in mind. “Hey, do you guys want to go to the mall?” I asked, and they all look at me like I was crazy.

“Don’t you have this contest to stay for?” Karyan asked and I shook my head quickly.

“I don’t get results until later tonight, come on, just the four of us, like old times back when I first got my car and all we wanted to do was drive to places on our own!” I grinned and skipped over to stand in between Alice and Savannah. I looped arms with both of them and I watched Alice do the same to Karyan.

“And what would we do their?” Savannah asked with a hint of her attitude.

“Well,” I started and looked to her, “I was thinking we could start in the front of the mall, and shop for Cosplay items because we know they have new things this time of year. I also thought after that, he could get some dinner, then while in the food court we could look at cute guys, then move on to watch some movie before we head back! Just like old times, what do ya say? You guys in?” I looked back and four between all of us, watching them think about it and wait. “And no, Roman won’t know, we won’t tell him about you checking out other guys Kay,” I said and she let out a eased sigh.


“Totally, I’ve been missing these dates~!”

“Sure, but you know I still have a kid right? Not too late!”

With all of our arms linked together, the four best friends we were, walked off and out of the school building and to my car in the parking lot. For the first time in a few months, I felt truly content with my life again, and I was looking forward to socializing again.


Dammit, Dammit, Dammit, Dammit, Dammit, Dammit! I mentally scream as I stood in front of Drake with a twitching smile on my face. We stood outside of one of the Computer Labs as we waited for Arthur to get here, we had a project and he was giving us time to research it in class today. “Ah-…Drake, I don’t know. I mean, like, I reaaaaally don’t know,” I told him.

He stood before me, giving me some kind of puppy dog face, which didn’t look cute, it was drop dead gorgeous. I still won’t lie, Drake was probably the most beautiful man I have ever meat, Francis needs to shut his mouth and meet this kid. Because I swear, if that frog says beautiful one more time in art, I will throw Drake at him. And Possible watch my friend get raped by my art teacher, but that’s okay, I’m sure they’d both like it secretly. “It’s just a dance (Name), no harm, if you want me to say we can go as friends then fine. Do you want to go to the dance with me, as friends?” he asked.

Cue the man on my mind, and I can tell he heard the question because as he put the keys in the lock, I saw him look in my direction over the top of his glasses and his green eyes flared up. Arthur waited to do something, but he couldn’t and it was up to me to make the right moves.

This dance, also, was one I would like to go to. It was like prom, but not prom. It was meant for the seniors only. So everyone in 12th grade could only go, unless you were invited by one of the graduating classmen. It was a party slash dance to celebrate how far we have come. And it was on a yacht, I want to have a dance on a yacht and eat fancy shrimp! This was like, a second prom! Which I didn’t go to, in case anyone was wondering and I happening to think you were, shhh, I’m smart, love me for it, don’t hate it!

But here, I have Drake asking me if I want to go with him, and then I want to go, but I tell him no, and still go, then I feel like an ass for turning him down. Why, just why can’t things be easy for me? Why does it feel like my life is some dramatic teen romance novel some armature author is writing as an online story!? Please, someone explain this to me! Is my life just a joke? Is there a world outside of mine?! Am I just a figment of your imagination!?!?! You! Who the hell are you? Who am I talking too!

God I wish I knew…..anyways, pass the dramatic events of breaking the fourth wall, I looked back at Drake as we started shuffling into the computer lab. “As friends, just friends?” I ask worriedly.

He nodded his head, “Of course, nothing more, nothing less,” he said all too serious for me.

I instinctively looked back at Arthur, I don’t know why; we weren’t technically dating at the moment. And we did say, the only relationship we could have right now was student teacher. We don’t talk outside of school, and hardly even in school. It’s too hard, and awkward at this point right now, the most we do is say hi when passing or give each other random complements. Which isn’t wired enough, god, what reduced us back to this faze?
Although, Arthur on the other hand was still watching us as we sat down in one of the rows. Drake and I sat down together, thankfully Roman, was on the other side of me and I knew he was listening to us too because he elbowed me earlier as we walked in and get me a concerned look.

“I ah,” I looked at Drake, damn him and his pretty face! I quickly looked away and at Roman, “W-well- Dr-drake you s-see,” Roman just pressed his lips together and shrugged, no help there so I glanced around the room and I wanted a distraction so bad. I let out a frustrated sigh and turned back to him, “Can I think about it, I have some stuff going on right now, and I really don’t want any more stress at the moment.”

He blinked a few times, and slowly Drake nodded his head, “Uh, yeah sure, whatever you need (Name),” with that he turned to his computer, signing in and all that junk, and at so I got time to breath. I looked over at Roman and nudged him with a frown.

At some point, I wished Roman was gay so I could have one of those gay best friends, I don’t want to sound rude, but I would like one. Roman turned in his chair and faced me “Sssssup” he hissed out with a smile.
I shrugged and got up from my chair and grabbed his arm and pulled him with me “Goin’ places Mr. K, BRB TTYL, Takin’ Rome with me too, like, yeah!” I rushed out and tried so hard not to giggle.

Arthur cringed from where he was standing and watched me drag my friend by the arm out of the computer lab. He furrowed his brows together and opened his mouth to speak but closed it as I left the room. I smiled to myself, happy that I could do my little teases again and not get caught.

I pulled Roman out and down the hall; thankfully we were on the third floor of the school building so we went to the stair case and sat down there. “I need some help dude, please, pleez I fan!” I begged him.

He let out a small chuckle and shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you (Name)! I’m not good with this stuff!” He started to laugh, probably at my misfortune.
I pouted and crossed my arms looking over the windows in the other direction, “You can be a real ass hole sometimes,” I sneered and he stopped laughing.

He gave out a sigh and placed a hand on my shoulder, grabbing my attention so I looked back at him, “Look, Drake really seems into you, and you obviously like being friends with him –end of story. And I know you said something about getting over another guy, why don’t you just tell him the truth?”

I slowly nodded my head, I thought about that, but I considered the trouble it could cause as well. “Want to skip class and go home? It is the last class of the day,” I smiled sadly and I watched Roman consider it before grinning and pulling us up to our feet.

“Sure, we can go back to my place and wait for everyone else to drop by and hang out there, you don’t think Kay will mind if I bring a few other friends from the basketball team, will you?” He gave me a slightly worried look and a shaken smile as we walked to our lockers.

“As long as they aren’t girls and you give her some of your attention she won’t care,” I commented and went off to my locker while Roman went down the hall a few more feet to his.
“Hmm, sometimes I think I give her too much attention, I’m not to submissive am I?” He asked.

I looked back to him as I tugged my bag from my locker and got my homework out and stuffed it into the bag, blinking a few times; I started to laugh, “Sometimes, yeah. Savannah told me that if you and Kay ever get married you’ll be the one in the wedding dress. But you’re really sweet, and Kay likes you the way you are, and I know because I couldn’t get her to admit this other guy was super-hot! All she talked about was yo-....I didn’t say that, I did not say anything like that.” I slammed my locker door shut and started speed walking to the door, if Kay found out I told Roman what we like to do when he’s not around, well damn- good bye world!

“Really?” Roman popped up next to me and I jumped, he had a grin on his lips as he flicked some of his bangs from his face. “You guys like to do that kind of thing? I mean checking out other dudes and comparing them to other ones? Wooow, that’s kind of low don’t you think?”

I stopped suddenly and crossed my arms, “You do it too! I see you looking at other girls when you watch the girls’ basketball team! You like seeing the other girls on the other team! And Kay yells at you all the time because of it!”

Roman laughed, saying nothing as he went on and out the side doors to the student parking lot. I kept on bickering at him, trying to get him to cave in. But nothing seemed to work, the kid was just too nice!

I was sitting sometime later, upside down on a futon couch in a cool clean kept basement watching Roman and one of his friends play the new Grand Theft Auto Five, and boy, it was as boring as I thought. Soon Kay and Alice would show up, and when I did, I planned on going home. I finished all my homework, and I wasn’t really in the mood to socialize, mostly because of the Drake thing, but whatever yo. I do what I want.

My phone buzzed in my pocket randomly as well and I tugged it out, looking at the Text Message from Mom..? I slowly sat up, looking at it and then sighed. She was leaving on a business trip and wouldn’t be back until next week. Jeeze, people loved my mom, she was a really good lawyer. Her favorite pass time is getting into arguments with her superiors. Now I remember where I get that from.

Getting bored, I let out a long, dragged out sigh, and rolled onto my back again. No attention was given to me. So I sighed again, and rolled some more, still nothing. This time I sighed, and rolled a little too much for my own good as I fell off the couch with a loud thud.

“Pfft, (Name), stop being so dramatic!” Roman teased as he paused his game. He gave a chilled smile and sat back, his friend doing the same. “What’s up?” he grinned.

“I’m bored dammit! And…other stuff…”I slowly brought my knees up to my chest after recovering from the floor.

“Like…?” He drawled out and sat up a little more as he looked down at me.

“I don’t really know, I’m just not feeling to good, ya know?” I looked up at him with a saddened face and slowly got up to my feet. “I think I’m gonna head home, tell Kay and Alice that I’m sorry and stuff, will ya?”

“Yeah, no problem, hope you feel better,” Roman watched me walk past and around the couch and leaving his basement.

As I reached the top of the stairs, my uneasiness grew as my head started to pound as the pressure increased. I had the sudden feeling of throwing up, and my limbs started to ach. Wonderful how I was walking home too, but I only live four houses down.


The next morning in school, I was standing in the hallway leaning up against the wall waiting for Mr. Jones to come rushing back from god only knows where. Alice was in this class with me, and she slowly walked up to me in my miserable state.

“Hey,” She said with a timid smile, “Roman told us you got sick, you okay?” she asked and moved some of her curls from her face.

I moved my gaze down the hall, watching other students and teachers hurry on by, “No,” I started and looked back to her. I’m fairly 100% sure that for the next three or four days I would be acting like Savannah. Bitchy, with a side of insanity and rand burst of abnormal happiness from me. “I’d like it if I could curl up in a ball, and be trampled on by fifty fat cows.”

Alice cringed, and gave me a sympathetic look, she got the hint, and knew what was going on and gave me a small nod of her head. “Sorry (Nick-Name), I hope you start feeling better soon,”

Mr. Jones came running, full on running like some mad man down the hall and skidded to a stop in front of his door and let the class in with his so fucking annoying laughter. I growled under my breath as I walked into the room, turning my attention back to Alice for a brief moment. “Don’t be so cliché,”

I took my seat, somewhere in the middle of the room and jumped my books on the ground sliding them under my desk, not even caring that the sudden slap startled more than half the class.

“Ouch,” Mr. Jones commented as he loosened from his cringe and brought his hands down from his ears. “Dude, you break it you buy it. Be nice to the books (Name). You only get one,” he warned.

I gave a small glare, nothing to threatening and shook my head. “Wrong, sir. I have many if not hundreds of books like this silly history text book at home. Besides, I’ve already read the whole book twice. I don’t think I need to care for its knowledge anymore, sir.” Was that to mean? To what is it called? Too much of being and ass whole, or something along those lines? I think not.

The heroic teacher gave me an unsettling look and commented something under his breath as he turned his attention to the full class. I simple held up my head, and dreamed of better places outside the glass frames.

It was in lunch when I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, or sitting in the lunch room. I started too long to go see Arthur again but I smacked myself in the face and told myself no over and over again. So I deiced to go where no one would bother me, as I was not hungry and I actually just wanted to read this new book I got. It was in the quart yard.

Believe it or not, I was still one of the smartest students here, so I got to do more things, better things than others. And rather I liked to kiss ass (in some cases literally) with my teachers so I can do things like, sit in the quart yard under the cherry blossom tree and read a book for forty five minutes.

But also, I never really noticed this until now, Arthur’s class room, and the whole English wing was located on the north side of the quart yard next to all the cherry blossom trees and large bamboo shoots next to the little duck pond. Yeah, our school was fancy; the quart yard was about half the size of the gym. And, it was beautiful, teachers loved making students do group projects to add like a new tree or some stone into it every year.

So once I got outside and felt a cool easy breeze brush past me, I relaxed some, and smiled as I gripped my book tighter and strode over to my favorite spot. With my back to the trunk of the tree, and under its shade I opened my book and started to read.

I was getting lost in the world of my fantasy in the book; I was spooked when I heard some voices behind me. I slightly turned my head trying to listen better.

“You know you have a problem, you can’t keep doing this.” Was that, Francis? I turned around and my face dropped into a sour frown. Ha, I guess I did this on purpose to myself without thinking.

Arthur stood with his arms crossed and back to the window and I heard him give a harsh sigh. “Look, this is none of your business, and from what I was told, you said wouldn’t interfere Francis.”

“That doesn’t keep me from getting concerned,” The Frenchman stated blandly.

“Over what!?” Arthur uncrossed his arms, one going in the air dramatically the other going to the desk to hold himself up as he leaned.

“You and that girl! It’s wrong and you know it’s true! Couldn’t you at least wait until she is out of school!?”

Arthur didn’t say anything, and I thought he would have just given up at this point. Maybe jump out the window and all of a sudden have a jet-pack and fly away from all this bull-shit. I know I would. “It’s none of your business to know, but we are.....waiting if that’s what you so call it.” Arthur drawled out in his British accent.

I turned back to my book; honestly this wasn’t my best place, or something I should be listening to. So I fazed in and out of their conversation. It didn’t happen to be interesting either so I it was okay, right?

But I turned back to the window when I heard nothing but a few heavy sighs. I looked and saw Arthur with his back to the open window still as he was leaning against it. “…Hello Arthur,” I said in a hushed tone as I turned to face my book again.

There was suddenly a girlish yelp from behind me, and the sound of a frightened scream followed by a loud thud and groan of pain. I turned around quickly to see my teacher fell out the window and into the bushes below. “Arth-..Sir!” I jumped up from my spot and quickly rushed over to him. “A-a-a-are you o-okay!?” I cried out helping him out of the thorn bushes and to his feet.

He coughed and wheezed trying to catch his breath as he soon got to his feet. Once out of the bushes he swatted away my hands and crawled down to his hands and knees before he flopped to the ground and rolled over to lie on his back. Coughing a few more times, he pulled and untangled his now broken glasses from his hair and face, and tugged at his tie so he could breathe more. “Wha-” He started and I walked over and kneeled in front of him. “What the bloody hell- are you doing here?” He said between short gasps of breath.

I bit at my lip looking at him for a few seconds and ringed my hands over and over. “I was reading, duh. But where do you want me to be? At home? I need to go to school, sir.”

He cringed like always but swallowed harshly before nodding his head. “That’s not what I meant,” He took in a long breath and put on hand to his face and ran it down before brushing his hand but up to his hair and pulling it from out of his sight. “Why aren’t you in lunch, with everyone else?”

“I haven’t been feeling good, so I’m not eating.” I replied and held a hand out to him, he needed to get up and go see the nurse or something because he was bleeding on his arms from the thorns and probably in other places I just haven’t seen yet.

He took my hand and I pulled him up to his feet. “If you don’t feel good you should stay home,” Arthur muttered and slightly shook his head.

“It’s not that kind of good, sir” I rolled my eyes and then pointed at him. “You need to go home, you just feel out of a window about four feet off the ground!”

“I’m fine,” He said with his normal attitude and looked back at me, “It’s not the worst thing to happen,”

I looked back at him, with more voice more hushed and lowered because other class room windows were opened, and other could hear us. “Arthur, I really think you should do something though, you are bleeding everywhere!”

He gave me a sideways glare from behind his hand, his face softened suddenly and he nodded, “I suppose you are right,”

I looked behind me, and saw some people running in the hallway before skidding to at one of the quart yard entries. I women and a rather very tall man walked up to us. The woman with tears in her eyes and she looked worried. “We heard what happened from upstairs in our class room! Mr. Kirkland are you alright!”

Arthur sighed in frustration, ready to snap but he kept himself as calm as possible. “Yes, Miss Chernenko, I’m fine,” he reissued the Ukrainian woman. I on the other hand was looking at the taller teacher, the one who taught the Russian class, Roman had him and I think his name was Mr. Braginsky and the woman was also one of his sisters, who taught Health class as well.

“You should see the nurses, maybe they could help you,” Mr. Braginsky smiled with a nod of his head.

“Oh, ah (Name)!” Miss Chernenko turned to me with a worried smile, “Go to the office, and tell either Dr. Vargas or Mrs. Karpusi about this!” I looked between them all, and nodded and hurried off.

So I had to find either the superintendent or the principal, this wasn’t going to be easy, or what I wanted to do. I walked into the office and looked around, and found the door the lead to our principal’s office. It was half closed and there were no attendants in the office like normal. I slowly walked over, listening for anything before I heard an angry snarl and saw the door whipped open and Dr. Vargas being shoved out by Mrs. Karpusi.

“I don’t care if you are my boss! Stop bothering me about it!” She yelled as she came in the door way. The elder Greek women had a glare and rumors told she hated Dr. Vargas so much that she is waiting for him to fire her. But he just won’t do it. She was also the mother of the Philosophy Mr. Karpusi, but he was way more, mellow than her.

A few seconds later the both noticed me, Mrs. Karpusi gave one last Greek swear and glare to her boss, and Dr. Vargas just smiled like he had no idea what was going on. Clearing her throat the principal smiled to me, “Is something wrong, dear?”

“Ahh, yeah, Mr. Kirkland fell out a window in the quart yard or something. I was told to tell one of you.” I spoke awkwardly as I looked anywhere but at them as my lips twitched in a horrible smile.

Dr. Vargas laughed, surprisingly and walked to stand in front of me. “Really? How in the world did he do that?” he smiled.

I thought quickly and nodded slowly. “Well I think, he was leaning on his open window and he heard something, so he fell or got scared and fell. I don’t know I saw it from the hallway as I was heading to the library to return my book, see?” I held up my book, not from the library at all, and tried backing away from the man. I didn’t like lying, but I had to and I felt horrible.

Arthur mentioned that the school wasn’t on to us yet, but they were getting ideas. So they can take anything I say the wrong way. And If I told them if I was sitting out in the quart yard, next to the tree that just so happened to be the closest one to Arthur’s class room they’d get so more ideas. Not something I wanted.

“Hmm, what’s happening now then?” Asked Mrs. Karpusi.

“Some other teachers came along too, and helped him to the nurses,” I said, then smiled to myself as I got an idea. “I noticed he got cut up pretty bad because he fell into a thorn bush, I remember someone saying he should be sent home, and they also wanted me to tell one of you guys to head down and talk to him about it.”

“Alright, thank you Miss (Last name),” Dr. Vargas smiled and nodded over to Mrs. Karpusi with a grin. “Come on, we’ve got work to do, no time for arguing,” it sounded like tease, and Mrs. Karpusi also glared at him and clenched his fists tight.

“Head back to class,” Mrs. Karpusi sighed as she walked past me and I nodded.
I looked around, and instead, I deiced to head home.


It was later that night when I was dying of the upmost pain. Karyan was actually over spending the night with me, and I was sprawled out on the floor like a fish flopping in a dock.

“Dude, calm down,” The girl eyed me from behind her glasses.

I sat up with a frown. “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhut it. I I hate getting my period!” I glared, and rolled over.

“Well all do, (Nick-Name),” She said with a frown and attitude in her voice.

I sighed and looked back to her, “Sorry, I’m just in that kind of position right now,”

She gave me a small smile and nodded her head, “It’s fine ducky~”

Hearing that brought me back at to how Karyan was from England, then I got all upset because then I started thinking, and worrying –but I wouldn’t admit that- about Arthur.

“Hey Kay?” I asked, looking over to the girl reading away in a book.

“Hmm?” She mustered up without looking at me.

“What was it like living in the U.K?”

She looked up from her book at me with furrowed brows and a confused smile.
“That’s a random question dontcha think?” she asked and I nodded my head. “What do you want to know?” She drawled.

“Whatever happened to your accent? When you first moved here you had it.” I asked and turned towards the black haired girl.

She gave a slightly frustrated sigh, marking and closing her book as she set it down. “I still have it,” She said with her accent. “I just learned to speak without it. It bothered me, I didn’t like it when I was younger and when I first moved I got pick on about it,” She kept talking like that, her words mushing together more quickly and she started pouncing worlds differently.  

“I liked it, I thought I made you sound pretty,” I said with a smile and she smiled back to.

“Well, when I’m home with my mum or dad I’ll still talk like this or with my brothers. My dad doesn’t have that kind of accent though,” Karyan shrugged and she scooted down off the couch and next to me on the floor.

“It’s he from Germany or something, and you’re parents met in college together or something?” I asked as I looked at her and she gave a sad smile and nod of her head, as because her parents were divorced.

“So what’s with the sudden questions? Are you doing a project on England and I’m going to be you’re guinea pig?” She asked with a grin and I laughed.

“No, no, I was just curious. Least just say, I’ve got a sudden interest in the British culture.  I know enough, I was just wondering about the little things.”

“Hmm, well I could tell you a joke that to me and some friends back in London use to say.” She said and I gave her a nod to go on. “Well, this may not be well known, but within my family and friends back home, Teatime, didn’t mean to drink tea. It meant to jerk off. So every morning I would ask my brother, ‘How was this morning’s teatime!?’ and he would yell back ‘Just splendid my bebe! Better than the last!’” She giggled to herself a bit, and I did as well. Because I knew her brother and he was pretty cray-cray.

“Anything else?” I asked with a tired smile.

“Want to know all the slang?” Kay quirked and eyebrow at me and pulled off her glasses as she brushed her black curls out of her face.

“Sure, why the bloody hell not?” I laughed.

Walking up that morning I was extremely tired, and not ready for today because today was one day closer to tomorrow, and we started Finals next week and tomorrow was Friday, which was one day closer to Monday. And I don’t like test, I don’t mind them, so I don’t hate them. But Finals, these were my final Finals! I was in the last year of school! And then after Finals –which lasted two weeks for some people, like me- we graduated on the second week of June! On June 13, I was free, and today happened to be the wonderful day of May 29th Thursdays. I had Kay with me as well, who was also tired out of her mind.

We didn’t go to bed until around two in the morning, what can I say? Friends are Friends and they are a distraction. Just like boys, bad, bad boys that are my teachers. And are men, not boys……dkljhflskjdhflksjdf……Yeah I can button mash while talking. Got a problem with that? No? Okay. That’s fine, I so wasn’t trying to talk to the people I’m narrating to or anything. BREAK ALL THE FOURTH WALLS! I did that too, deal with it!

Also, remember Drake? And that party slash dance on a yacht thing? It was this weekend, and I still haven’t given him an answer.

As I was walking up the school, I remember to avoid Drake as well; I didn’t want to be around him because at the moment he made my life so much more awkward than it had to be. I mean come on, I don’t like dramas, there to cliché. And you know how I feel about those, right?

Anyways, today, I was going to try to avoid everyone. Because with the school on my tail about Arthur, Drake trying to date me and with Finals coming up, I need a vacation right now and fast or I might have a heart attack. Plus this period Mother Nature thing wasn’t helping.

So much stress is going at that this point I might as well just go insane, if I can do that.

“(Name)!” I turned around and say Roman running up to me down the hall.

I stopped and faced him as he hunched over out of breath. “(Na-Name) Listen to m-me, Drake, he- he is lo-look-ing every- hold on,” He stood straight up and took in a gasp of breath and calmed down. “He’s looking for you right now, either suck it up and put him down or go hide.” Roman warned and gave me a sympathetic smile.
“Hide? Where?” I asked in a scream- whisper.

He looked at me and gave me a sheepish grin, like he knew something he shouldn’t “Why not the English room,”

.....Slowly backing away from Roman I mouthed, ‘What do you know?’ with wide eyes and watched him shrug with a harmless smile.

‘A lot more than you think,’ he mouthed back and gave me a wave before I turned and ran down to the other end of the school. I shouldn’t be doing this, I couldn’t do it!
But I was, and I will.

I tripped over my own two feet right in front of Arthur’s class room door. And by tripped I mean basically fell on my face in the door way like I was running from a mass murderer. I scrambled to my feet just as Arthur noticed me fall and hurry over to help me up.

“(N-Name)! What is going on? What are you doing?” Arthur rushed over and helped me up, giving me a glare.

I shook my head and quickly looked behind me. “You’ve gotta help me!” I rushed out and grabbed onto his arm and pulled him away from the door and more towards the front of the room.

“What do you mean?” Arthur asked and looked out the door, “Are you in trouble?”

“Well.....” I paused and chewed at my bottom lip for a second. “Yes and No. Yes, with people like Drake and him, No it’s nothing bad school wise. I just need you to make it look like I’m busy, then give me a pass because I’ll be late, and on purse to avoid Drake. I don’t want to talk to him right now,”

Arthur didn’t say anything for a few seconds and I began to worry. He walked over to his desk without saying anything and sat down in his chair, placing his hand on his chin he looked to be in deep thought. When he gaze met mine he looked, really, really pissed off, so much to the point I was just going to back out and leave. “I can do that, at the very least.” He muttered and turned his gaze to the door way.

I turned and looked behind me, and no one was there, “Okay, thank you so much, do you even have a class now?” I asked and he shook his head.

“Not until third period. I spend about two hours every morning to myself grading and such, you can stay here until second period. I’ll write you a pass.” Arthur explained as he kept his gaze fixed firmly on the door.

I slowly nodded and walked over to lean on a desk, “I don’t have to stay that long, you know. It’s okay,”

“Don’t you have Drake in first period right now?” He asked without looking away from the door still.

“Oh, yeah I guess you’re right. I didn’t even think about it,” I slowly said in realization. Staying her felt wrong in so many ways but in all honest it was the right thing to do. Why, you ask, because, it’s were I belonged.  Here, and with Arthur.
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