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“Sa-Savannah! Listen!” I spoke to her, but she kept glaring at the shocked, frozen teacher a few feet away. “I can explain, just calm down. And let me explain,” I slowly raised myself from the floor, and made my way over to her.  But she snapped at me with a yell, and took several feet back.

“No! Don’t explain! I don’t need to know anything! I saw what I saw through the window in the door. I don’t need to listen to anything.” She barked at me, and I could swear, Arthur was dead some were under a desk or on the floor. But I had to forget about him as I tried to calm down my friend. “I won’t tell….” Her words shook me to my very core.

“What?” Two voices echoed in the room. Arthur and I both seemed to refuse to believe her words. I looked back to him, and saw that he was as stiff as a board, trying to hold himself up on the nearby desk he leaned on.

Looking back to Savannah, I saw her crying. Shouldn’t I be doing that at least? My whole life is on the line here, and so is Arthur’s. We both just got caught doing some pretty nonrelated school stuff, and she’s the one crying!? Come on! “I won’t tell,” She stated again, and sucked in a short breath as she began to hyperventilate into one of her panic attacks. I rushed over to her, and took her in my arms before she could run away again. “I-I-I p-prom-ise n-n-no-t-t to tell!” She breathed out in short cut words. I rubbed circles into her back, trying to calm her down. “As-as long as y-you he-lp me-me in r-return,”

“What do you mean?” Arthur hesitated to ask. Inching only a few feet every couple of seconds closer, he seemed look concerned for Savannah, rather than frighten like before.

“I-I can’t say,” She started to calm down. “N-not yet at-at-least. But I-I’m go-going to get in tro-ouble for it, if-if we get cau-caught. I won’t t-tell, if you pr-promise to h-help us w-when we ne-need it,” He words, less choppy, still didn’t make much scene.

Us?” I echoed, and she just shook her head, another way for her to say I can’t tell you anymore . “Alright, we can do that,”

“(Name)!” Arthur yelled in a horrible whisper. He tugged me from my friend, and pulled me aside with anger all over his face. “What are you doing?! You can’t just make this promise to her! What about me? I never agreed to this promise of hers’!”

I looked back at Savannah, and my face fell into a saddened expression. “She’s my best friend. I trust her.” That was as simple as I could make it for him.

“But can I? Do you know what’s on the line here? Are you even aware of the amount of bloody fucking shit we’ll get into!?” Woah, one of the first times I actually heard Arthur swear, and sound intimating at the same time. He must mean some real business here.

“Yes, we both can. She may be scary, and a bitch to pretty much everyone. But she’s my bitch. I trust her with my life. She doesn’t break a promise. Making a promise with her is like making a deal with the devil.” I tried speaking as sternly as possible, but that seemed harder than I thought.
“So there’s a twist?”

“Oh hell yeah there is! She won’t tell anyone about us, if we promise to help her in the future if she needs it. The twist is, we don’t know what she’ll need help with and when. Second twist is she said ‘us’ meaning, she and someone else may be going into deep shit. It’ll be our job to get them out, not matter the circumstance.” We both looked back to the teary eyed girl on the other side of the room. The same girl that had a rumor about having a heart of stone and the ability to never shed tears. But here she was now, crying. Even in her weaken state; Savannah still was the same old cunning evil bitch. By so, she was forcing us to her promise, or she’d tell the world about the teacher and his favorite student. I have to give her props, it’s almost as if she planned this.

“Fine,” Arthur came to the agreement, “We’ll do whatever,” he paused then shook his head. “Whatever it is she needs us to do to keep her mouth shut. I gave him a brief nod and turned back to my friend, or maybe now, she was my worst enemy. As they say, keep your friends close, but you’re enemies closer.  


Now, can someone tell me what they know about the American Civil war? ” Mr. Jones’s voice rang in the far back of my thoughts. I was so not paying attention in class today. I was more so, trying to sort out what happened with in the last few days.

With my (e/c) eyes glazed over, staring at the front of the class room, I played dummy. You know, that looks students get, when they mastered the whole ‘looks-like-they-are-paying-attention’ look? Yeah, I’ve got that down to a science. It seems, I can also think to my own thoughts, and pay attention to. I love the looks on my teacher’s faces, when they pick me out for not paying attention, and I prove them wrong.

The government during that time was split apart, making it hard for the young country to be stable, and avoid war with in its own walls.

My brain burned in pain as I replayed everything that happened the other day. Savannah said she wouldn’t tell anyone what she saw, as long as we helped her later in the future if she needed it. Now she was in another country. Also, this morning I ran into Arthur at my locker. More like he was waiting for me. It was weird and almost normal at the same time. If he wasn’t my teacher, but a student waiting at my locker, I would have been excited to see him.

Many say, the main cause of the war was because of trying to free the Slaves from plantations. It was not just that, it was to end slavery in the country once and for all, and a lot of people in the south didn’t like that very much.

All he did was assigning me a lunch detention. Code for: Do you want to have lunch with me today? Nonetheless, I would go anyways. He probably wanted to talk about what happened yesterday more, and he couldn’t wait until after school. Seeing how I had lunch next, the topic started to bother me.

They already hated the fact that once the slaves crossed the border into the north, it made them free, and there was really nothing they could do to get them back. Other things tied in with it too. But we’ll get to that later.

If he did want to talk about that, I don’t see why he had to bring it up again. I already told him it was fine and to calm down about it. Savannah’s my best friend, and I trust her words. I always have because I have known her most of my life. I can see why he worries too. If she told, I’d be kicked out of school, and it would be really hard for colleges to accept me. Arthur would get fired, and he’d never be a teacher again, he’d most likely go to jail or something to. If you asked me, he doesn’t look like he could handle prison, and that’s the only thing I worry about. Law sees our relationship as a crime, Arthur being the Predator, me being the Victim, even if that’s not the case. If anyone is a victim it’s Arthur because I started this!

“(Name)? Are you listening?” Hearing my name being called spooked me from my thoughts.

My eyes shot around the room, and then looked at the young dirty blond. “Ah, yes, sir!” Mr. Jones raised his brow at me, with a questioning expression.

“Oh really? Care to tell me your point of view on the subject?” I lifted my head from my hands and stared at him blankly for some time. I opened and closed my mouth looking for the proper words, then gave him a kind smile.

“Why yes I can, sir. You see, my point of view is that people in the South of the country, have a right to be upset, to get angry. Even if slavery is wrong, it’s there way of life. If you properly think about it, slavery has been in world history since the beginning of time. Prisoners of war were made slaves too in ancient civilizations. It’s just a cruel way of life for someone to grow up in. I pity the people of the South, because they know nothing more than slavery, to get the job done, and to feed their families. It’s the comfort that lets them sleep at night, sir.” Mr. Jones crossed his arms slowly and began to nod his head in agreement.

“Yes, you seem to be right. Well done, (Name).” He turned his back on me; facing the front of the room and leaving me to get back to my thoughts.


Three quick knocks and I push the heavy door in and quickly lock, and force it shut. “You requested my presence,” I lightly smiled taking slow steps over to my teacher’s desk. Said teacher had his phone in one hand, flicking through whatever, and what looked like a scone in the other. A grin now eased onto my lips.

Not looking up from whatever was on his phone, he cleared his throat and I watched his cheeks turn a light shade of pink. “That I did and I’m pleased you came,”

“Why wouldn’t I? Whenever you call for me I always come,” That can be taken two ways, watching his face darken; I knew he picked up on my dirty flirt hidden in my words. He even choked a bit. Setting his phone down, looking back at me with his brilliant green eyes, I wonder what he was up to.

“I have something to ask,” He spoke whirly, and unsure of himself. Was he going all tsundere on me again? “You-you don’t have to agree, if you don’t want to that is,” He shot his gaze back down at his desk.

“Well spit it out already!” I leaned on the front of his desk looking at him as he picked at tiny shreds of paper on the desk top, how uncleanly of him!

“Seeing how tomorrow you start your winter vacation, I was wondering how you’d feel about,” he paused, unsure of himself again. I decided to step in, and make him look back at me by grabbing ahold of his face gently in my hands with a smile, and placed a kiss on the top of his head, nose and a light lingering kiss on his lips. It seemed to work because he quickly rushed out his words. “Would you like to stay with me for a couple of days!?”

What? I had to think about this, and quickly. I never have been to Arthur’s place before.  I never bugged him about it either. Again, I’m the one in denial about our relationship, funny right? It would be nice to see where he lived; maybe I could spy on him during summer or something. Smiling I gave him another kiss, “Sure, that sounds pretty nice,”

Shock ran through his eyes, apparently he didn’t expect that. “A-are you sure? It’s no trouble for you?”

“Of course not! All I need to do is tell my parents that I’ll be staying at a friend’s house or something for a few days. No biggy,” He let out a harsh sigh and relaxed in his seat. In the mean time I pluck one of the spare sconces he had and took a bite.

“Not bad, although my mom would say otherwise,” Munching away at the sweet cherry sconce I watched Arthur eye me like I was crazy. “What?”

“You don’t hate it?” Arthur said.

I pondered for a few seconds then shrugged my shoulders, taking another bite. “No, not really, it’s good! My mom makes scones every now and then. But she calls them biscuits. Because, and I quote, ‘ There is no difference! They are both just a type of bitter fluffy bread that you can add other foods to and make them yummy!’ Yep-Yep~!”

Arthur scrutinized me slowly with a bitter glare. “Well your mother doesn’t know what she’s talking about sadly.”

“Oh whatever, if you have a problem with it why don’t you go to tell my beloved mother yourself. After all, she is lawyer, she loves arguments.” I said matter-of-factly with a smug little expression.

“She is?” He asked shooting me a puzzled look. His green eyes lit up a bit and I laughed.

“Yeah, and my dad is a doctor. What didn’t expect to see that coming?” I swallowed down the last of the scone I had, and took another one. Arthur watched me still as I ate so I laughed again.

“No, I don’t know what to expect with you anymore (Name). You are something of a surprise to me every day. I can never guess what you’ll do, or when you do it.”

“Is that so?” I asked.

He nodded. “Indeed you are. I wonder every day; What will my (Name) do next?


English class today is meant to be quiet, and little to no talking. Arthur is doing whatever, with whatever it is Arthurs’ do when at a sudden meeting with the Super Intendant. We were left with Mr. Bonnefoy, surprisingly, watching us for the next twenty minutes or so until our beloved English teacher got back. And Mr. Bonnefoy’s definition of watching is standing in the door way, drinking his coffee as he flirts with one of the Prac-Teachers.

“Hey (Name), got a sec?” I turn my (e/c) orbs to fix on Drake sitting next to me, he looked stunning as always. But, if I compared him to Arthur now, he was not handsome enough for me to drool over. Arthur’s looks seemed to have grown on me, daanng it. How am I going to enjoy my animes now if I’m hooked on just his looks? I seem to be getting enough smexyness in secret with my teacher, I don’t want to become normal now and fawn over one of my classmates!

“Sure, what’s up?” I ask turning to face him properly.

“Oh, I was just getting pretty bored and I was getting sick of hearing the love show going on over there,” He jabbed his thumb over towards the doorway. “I just wanted to see if you wanted to talk or something.” His smile was shiny as always.

“Talk about what? Reasons why I’d like to leave? I can tell you now, I’ve got some important shit to do a.s.a.p. and I can’t wait!” I said.

Drake laughed, leaning over the table and propping up his head on his hand. “Oh yeah? Like what? Got girly things to do?”

“Pfft! As if! Why would I sit around at home and style my hair and cry over broken nails?” I raised my hand and wave my fingers at him, flashing my not-so-painted or girly nails.

“I don’t know, seems like something you’d do. You look pretty enough already, and your friends say you have a lot of secrets. I’m just trying to figure them out that’s all.”

What, has he been talking to my friends? Oh god, it must have been Alice! I could feel my face burn so I tried to ignore it. “N-no, I got nothing to hide really about my looks. All natural, but you should be taking mister. What’s up with the super model smile?” I tried as hard as I could to challenge him in a not so playful tone.

“Born with it I guess. My mom did say she was a model when she was younger. Maybe that’s it,” He shrugged. I couldn’t really say anything else to that, so I let out a nervous laugh.  

Our conversation went in and out of the complement giving. More from Drake than me, I only did it to be nice. I’m fairly sure this was his way to claw out of the friend zone I put him in. Drake was nice and all, but I didn’t even want to be friends with him in the start of this. I don’t mind being his friend, but that’s it.

Soon I just zoned out listening to him, giving a nod of a “Mhmm, that’s nice” every now and then. All I got from him talking were cut words whenever I chose to pay attention. The words winter, get out of school , plans,   Christmas , Winter Snow Ball , and Date all went through my mind.

My head was being held by the palm of my hand, I was doodling on my note book when I realized everyone else in the room stopped talking and was actually working.

“Sorry to intrude on you two, and be so rude. But Mr. Settsment, didn’t I instructed the class to silently be working on their reports that are due tomorrow? In which case I am very sure you haven’t even started yours yet, correct?” I jumped about twenty feet out of my seat when I saw Arthur standing in front of our table with a very angry, sinister look on his face. His arms were tightly crossed, and his jaw twitched as he held an uncomfortable smile.

“Ahhh, but you said we could talk, if we stayed quiet and did work at the same time, Besides, my report work is at home, can’t work on it if I don’t have it.” Drake furrowed his brows together and gave our teacher the smallest of glares.

“Yes, talk, not flirt aimlessly with a girl that is clearly not interested in you,”

“What the hel-”

“I don’t know how to put this lightly, but if you stopped your flirting and hopeless attempts for a one night stand with this girl, your grade might actually improve. I surely hope you don’t plan on getting into college on a sports degree alone. Because if you are, don’t plan on getting a degree and passing out of college, boy.”

“Are you fu-”

“I’m also get really sick of you talking to this poor girl, can’t you see you are unsettling her? Sorry I know for a fact, that she won’t get with you. Now, if you had the choice of getting out my classroom, or not talking to (Name) for the rest of this semester which would you choose?”

“Leaving your classroom, you can’t really stop me from talking to her. I have her in other classes too. What the hell are you even going on about?”

“Did I say leave my class, I meant write you up and giving you a horrible mark on your school files for disrupting my class, not following rules and for other things that I’ve seen you do in this building. But because I can be nice, and I will for my own sake of avoiding paper work, you will no longer continue to distract any of my students, including (Name), and not talk in my class anymore. If not, I’ll gladly move you from your seat now to the one next to my desk. And there you can go on for hours telling me about your days filled with black jack and hookers, if that will make you happy. What do you say, Mr.Settsment?”

Jealous angry Arthur, is jealous. And clearly hates Drakes guts. And he got me out of a horrible situation with Drake. Thank the gods he got here when he did. I was doing all I could to hold back my laughter, one to not laugh at Drake getting bashed on and two at Arthur for being so…..him. Grinning I thought to myself as I twirled my pen in my fingers, The rest of class is going to be all too good. That’s my Arthur, thank you.


Snow flew down at an easy slow pace from the sky above just outside the frost kissed windows. I let out a content sigh; placing my hand on the chilled glass and watching it fog up. Songs of the upcoming holiday hummed past my lips in a light cheery song. Thinking this would be my last day in school for about two weeks filled me with joy. Leaning back on the window ledge I turned to look around the empty room. Arthur had a meeting; we wouldn’t be leaving until around seven pm tonight.

My eyes wandered over to my stuff, seeing how Arthur wanted me to stay with him, I had to bring my computer and everything! I also brought the grifts I got him for Christmas, my lips eased into a relaxed smile, and my cheeks burned.

Randomly my phone buzzed in my hand, flipping it over I noticed I got a text message from Savannah. It was a picture from her trip. I smiled looking at the picture she took.

It was taken with her back to the sunset, on a hill looking over a town in the distance. Snow no longer looked white, but painted a creamy shade of orange. At the bottom I could make the outline of three, shadow like figures. Probably the people she went on her trip with. She was in the middle, obviously because she was the shortest. On each side of her was someone else. From the looks of the picture, she was with two tall guys. Hmmm, weird

I read the message that came after the picture and grinned from ear to ear.

Like the view? Be Jealous!

I quickly replied back. Pffft, lol no. I have such a better view!

Oh yeah? Of what a mini Christmas tree?


You love to much (Nick-Name) :T

V w V I know, you are one of them. GET HOME SO I MAY RAPE YOU

BI With a Banana?

e 7 e Yus

e 3 e nopenopenope


Don’t do dis, you’re being pretty……EGG

O 7 O Good, I like it~

We went on like this for a good half hour or so. I was giggling every time I got something back from her, then she called me on my phone instead, complaining it was too cold to text. She told me all about her trip so far, and how much fun she was having. She wanted to talk to me later too, over Skype.

“Sheeeeeh, I don’t knoooow,” I sighed as I got up from the window ledge to scurry into Arthur’s chair. I sat with my legs cross, leaning back as the chair slowly spun around.

“What do you mean, you don’t know?” Savannah asked, I could hear in the back ground people talking, I understood nothing of it.

“I uh,” I bit at my lip, trying to think of a way to make this sound casual, cool and calm.


“I’m going to be staying with Ar-….Mr. Kirkland for the next few days.” She let out an angry sigh, and I winced as if I could see the displeasure on her face now.

“You know that’s not a good idea, right?” she asked.

“No it’s fine. Trust me; I am going to be doing some stalking after this. You can come with me if you want.” I said with a small smile.

“Naw, I’m good. I’d rather stalk someone else,” She spoke, then giggled. She freaking giggled. And at who is what I want to know. She must have pulled the phone away because I could hear her muffled voice and a few others. When I knew she brought her phone back to her I went on.

“Are you ever going to tell me just who this guy is you are so lovey dovey for? Because it sounds sickening from my end.”

“I-I-I-I’m not l-lovey d-d-dovey, bastard! And what are you talking about, how about you and Mr. Kinky! Gaaah, that is creepy!”

“Funny you should say that, Savvy. I’ve just been dying to tell you about my last late class with him.” I held my hand up to my face, turning it over to look at my nails. Maybe I should go get them done, I think I will, I’ll take Karyan with me.

“Don’t make me barf. You’d ruin my dinner before I even have a chance to eat it.”

“Sorry Savvy, but you know how our friendship works. Speaking off, have you told this guy of yours about your lesbian lover that is me?”

“You are my fucking lesbian bitch lover! You are nothing more than a slave to me now, when I get back home you’l-” She stopped suddenly, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I could just imagine the looks she was getting from the people she was with now. “You know what, I’ll talk to you later. See ya.”

“Bye,” I hung up after that and slumped back in the chair. Now I could just stare at the door for another hour, and wait for Arthur to get back. Or maybe I could get out my computer, and work on some of my poetry or stories.


Air left so sweet in orange rays
The honey lingered in the autumn air
As the chilled winds kissed his skin
Leaving cheeks pasted with shades of pink.

Gold made paper thin with leaves
Fluttering like butterflies down to earth.
They lay to die on the forest floor,
And settle before The Great Aspen trees behind the meadow.

He stands now independently
As the gold leaves fall in vain against winter winds.
He is alone this year and many to arise.
But he comes anyways, for he has nothing left to do.

‘I must see her one last time
Before the frost takes this away from us.’
He goes on his brittle hands and knees.
His head bowed to The Great Aspen trees behind the meadow.

Cold tried hands drop two flimsy roses,
Pure soft petals shine out of place on the dying forest ground.
Golden leaves recoil from their breathing light.
He leaves once the sun’s light shivers and dies,
A golden world ends with its descent.

Two white roses sat on a death bed
Belonging to a fresh child at death’s working hands.
She was nothing more than a victim
In this Golden World’s petty little games.

With the man long gone, they shine for her
Bringing light into emptiness
As the blue moon rises with a light lit path
That would lead to The Great Aspen Trees behind the meadow.

“Roses of innocent white
Shine no matter their world.
They use neither sun nor moon to live
But they live on even in a false world made of gold.”

Oh my god! What the hell are you going here!? You scared the shit gotta me!” I screamed as Arthur’s hot breath moved down the back of my neck. I didn’t even hear him come in, maybe because I had one of my head phones in my ears as I wrote.

“So the rumors are true,” He started and pulled his coat from the back of the chair I sat in. “What they say about you is right.”

“What do you mean?” I glared, watching Arthur eye me for a second more and then move to my computer screen.

“That you are a gifted writer of sorts. Why can’t I see this side of you more often? This (Name) sounds calm, melodramatic and less of a tease. I’d like to meet her someday, seeing how she hasn’t shown up in any of your work that is.” Arthur slipped on his coat, and picked up his own things like keys and a messenger bag from his desk.

Closing my laptop and putting it away, I get my own coat on and grab my backpack. “If you met her, you never would get her in your bed. The way she thinks is simple. If I have sex it takes away from the mystery of not having it and leaving the reader confused and questioning my work is what I need to do. Cock Block Activated using, best friend attack! It’s effective!”  I pointed a finger into the empty air as we both headed to the door.

I halted for a second, unease washed over me and I stopped in my tracks completely right before the door. Arthur turned back to me holding the door open too. “Something wrong, dear?”

“I don’t want to sound, um, like you,” He started to frown at me and I gave a sheepish grin. “But what if someone sees us together now that school is over? You know, as we leave the building.” You’d think I’d forget about windows and how you see through them like last time? Hell to the no!

Watching Arthur’s features change and even soften some, I couldn’t help but relax in the slightest. “Don’t worry, it’s seven now. The meeting ended at six thirty, I just stayed a bit longer until everyone left. Nobody else is in the school other than sports in the gym, and the custodians,” He reached out grabbing my free hand and pulled me along and out of the room. After he locked the door and turned back to me, he gave a teasing smile. “Jeez (Name), loosen up a bit. You’ll become a stick in the mud if you don’t.”

“What?” I shouted and he shushed me instantly with a laugh. He started walking on a head of me, so I rushed quickly to fallow, talking twice as many steps to keep up with him. “You should take a look in the mirror sometime Arthur. I know how to have fun,”

“And what? I don’t” He cut in giving me a side glance.

“Nope, you just do paper work,” I said and rushed ahead around the corner. I press myself the wall, and waited for Arthur to walk around. When he did I jumped in front of him, stopping him from walking as he eyed me unsurely. “And you drink your stuffy tea, where is the fun in that?”

“You know I do more than that,” He said walking around me. But he was sure to grab ahold of me and pull me along to the glass doors leading to the Staff Parking lot.

“Oh yeah? Name one!” I challenged with a grin as he sighed. Arthur opened the exit doors for me and I stepped out giving him thanks as he returned back to my side. The snow fell in a tangled patterns mixing altogether into one big blurry mess of white with a soft breeze.

I fixed my squinted gaze on the blond. His lips were pressed tightly as he thought of just what to say, and I noticed his cheeks and face stain red. And it was so not because of the cold. His brow twitched in what I can only guess was an impatient anger. “Well for starters I’m the one that has been screwing your moaning little ass for the past few months!”

“Woah! Arthur! I didn’t know you could do that!”

“Do what?”

“Be so super male overlord for a few seconds and just, I like it~!” I gave him a wide grin and reached out for his hand. As soon as I grabbed ahold of his hand he intertwined our fingers and pulled me to his side.  He didn’t say anything after that but I watched him work really hard to hold back his smile. I walked a bit closer to him and held on to his arm with my other hand like a lost little girl would to her savor. He tensed to my touch and I looked up to see that smile finally work its way out. It felt nice, knowing I brought that smile. It felt even better knowing I was still the one that made him feel the way he does, and getting his reaction and full attention in return.


“You live here?”

“It’s nothing special, but I assure you it does well.”

“But this is one of those really expensive complex apartment buildings.”

“That it may be, I live on the top floor out of all six.”

“Six? Don’t you mean seven floors? It has seven can’t you see the rows of windows?”

Arthur grinned shaking his head with a low chuckle. He closed the back door of his car and grabbed my things plus his own. He insisted on it, so I didn’t try stopping him. “No I mean six. I own the only apartment in here with two floors.”

“’s a pent house?” I asked, looking back up at the tall building. He lived about a forty-five minute drive from school and in the deeper parts of town. Or what most people called, the City Corner. It’s wasn’t a city at all. But with all the tall buildings and rich people living here, it could look like one.

“Well, I guess you could say that.” Arthur stood next to me now looking up at the building. It was seven floors, but apparently, the last floor Arthur owned all to himself plus whatever he had on the sixth floor as well.

“It’s a bachelor pad! You own a bachelor pad! Is it full of modern and classic items? Do you have a balcony with a swirling hot tub? Does your bed room have a wall made of just windows giving you a beautiful view of the landscape around us? I bet it does, no I know it does because just look at it! I can see into the windows from here, I’ll creep all over this place now.” I gushed as I grabbed Arthur by the wrist and pulled him into the building.

When we enter the lobby, it was warm, and covered with Christmas decorations. Why did it have a front desk, and a lady standing there? At front desk sat a pretty looking woman in a uniform. “How many people live in here?” I asked as we walked to the stair case behind the front desk.

“Hello Mr. Kirkland! How are you this evening? Did work call to keep you late again?” The pretty lady at the desk asked. Her fingers flew at the speed of light typing things into her computer. Was this like a hotel? Did she check people in and out, cover their mail and run the building?

“Hello Amelia,” Arthur dragged out in a sigh, sounded like he didn’t really like this Amelia girl. He turned his attention back to me as we walked up the stairs. “Each floor holds up to six apartments, all but the seventh, obviously. Each apartment can house around a small family, although younger children aren’t very welcomed in this building along with too many pets. But If I had to guess up to one hundred or so people could live in here, but I’m sure no more than sixty live here now anyways,” I gave him a nod, and then open my mouth to ask another question, but he beat me to it. “And no, there are no elevators.”

I frowned, sticking out my lower lip slightly and glared down at the steps we had to climb up. “That sucks,” I said

“Not really, I actually like it.” Arthur chuckled

“Well at least now I know you are getting a proper work out every morning. Maybe if you climbed these stair cases more often you’d be stronger than Mr. Jones!”

He scoffed, rolling his green eyes. “I bet all the money in my wallet I already am. That idiot, all he’s going to do for the next two weeks is lay around on his fat bloody ass and waste away into nothing playing those blasted video games of his! At least he could try taking care of himself.”

Laughing I nudge his side as we rounded a corner and entering the third floor level. “I bet all the money I own you are wrong.”

“What makes you say that?” He asked looking at me from the corner of his eyes. I looked back at him and smiled, watching his gaze dart away with a blush at being caught.

“I overheard him talking today in the hall way with one of the Prac-Teachers. She looks pretty, but she also was the same girl that talks to Mr. Bonnefoy a lot too. I think her name is Pricilla.”

To my surprise, Arthur didn’t scoff but he gave some laughter. “Alfred and Francis both swooning over that girl?” He stopped laughing, and his face turned a tad bit to serious. Like he was talking to himself now, or remembering a past event I didn’t know about. “I pity her, but god have mercy on all of them.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” I asked.

“Nothing, nothing. Alfred and Francis have done this game before.”

“No, ah, I mean, they have both taken interest in the same girl. The girl always ends up with Francis, and I end up with a hung over or drunken loud mouth begging to stay with me for a while.”

“And it happens around this time of year?”

“I’m afraid it does.” He sighed, and we started on another floor, with only two left to go.

“Should we be worried?”

“Not yet at least. No one should be stopping by here until Tuesday, and that’s when you’d be leaving anyways.”

“Hmm, okay then!” I beamed to him. I thought about what he said for a few seconds later. Now that I think about, I knew next to nothing about Arthur’s social life, or just life in general outside of school. “What were you like when you were younger?” I had to know, now that I started thinking about it. I would not be stopped.

“W-what? Why would you ask something like that?” Arthur turned to face me as we walked. His green eyes large with shock, and was that fear?

I shrugged looking down at the passing steps under our feet. “I-dun-know, I just thought it would be interesting to find out, that’s all. What do you have to hide from me? Were you a porno star?”

“God b-bloody fucking n-no! That’s disgusting (Name)! Why would you even think of that?”
“I can check that of my list of Things Arthur Hasn’t Done Yet!” I smiled and moved my finger in the air to make a check mark. I heard him growl next to me and I hurried to get back to my point. “But really, in all seriousness, what were you like? Please tell me Arthur! I’ll do anything you want if you tell me!”

“Anything?” He lifted a bushy brow at me. I rolled my eyes and nodded my head. “Okay, I’ll tell you,” I started grinning from ear to ear. “But! I want you to show me more of your writing and tell me about it.” And there goes the giddy little feeling of accomplishment I had.

“Fine,” I heisted but agreed to do what he said. What could go wrong if I let him in on my little personal world of fantasy and escape?

We eventually made it to Arthur’s pent-bachelor-apartment-house-thing. Like the name I gave it? I know I do. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it was very….lofty. The ceiling was very high. You had to walk up a stainless steel spiral stair case to the second floor. Which I could see half the second floor from the first floor! This place looked expensive, too expensive for Arthur and way too expensive for me to even look at in that case. Hanging from the high loft ceiling was a medium chandler giving off a low glow. Ooo, he had a balcony too, now where’s the hot tub!?

This place had a mixture of modern everyday style, mixed with an old Victorian like feel. I felt like I was in a pricey cocktail. Priceless paintings and statues were on display. A small coroner was made into a little library in the living room. One of the walls was one big window looking over the large City Corner. I even noticed a fire place; one made of brick, and painted to the color of the room. Wooden ash lay in it, as if someone likes to light a fire every now and then in it.

He told me this place had three bedrooms and two and a half baths. A fully remodeled and updated kitchen sat behind an arched door way next to the entry hall. The whole first floor was an open floor plan. The kitchen and dining room were connected, but a counter sat in between the living room and kitchen. It was all so beautiful and just so nice looking. How could he afford a place like this if he was a teacher?

“Who are you, Arthur Kirkland?” I whispered to myself, making sure he didn’t hear me.

Next chapter you, It's like 4 o'clock and I can't sleep, so O 7 O HAPPY BANANA DAY!

e 7 e What is Savannah planning? Who is she with? What will reader-chan and Arthur have to do to keep her quite? WHAT DID READER-CHAN GET ARTHUR FOR CHRISTMAS!? What did Drake say? And why is important? What dose Arthur have to hide in his past? WHY THE HECK DOES HE HAVE SO MUCH NICE SHIT? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT SHOULD KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHT :I If they don't then I'm doing a bad job at writing this thing.

Meh, yo, whatever guys. e 7 e If anyone can find all the references in the story, I'll love you forever. That mean like, something, it means something. I don't yet but I'll find out!

And I have one last thing to say; *Le breath of breathly breathness* Free! Iwatobi Swim Club o u o That is all......


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