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Teacher!EnglandXReader – Righting the Wrong.


A/N: Please read the description first, o u o If you don't you might get really lost reading this. Thanks, and Enjoy!


School is not something I hate, but I don’t like it much as well. Maybe it’s the kids in that large building that I never liked, because I loved learning. There is no subject in school that I don’t hate, and I am hoping this year I pass them all! I just hope I can get through another year of crabby unforgiving teachers and snobby students who are way too full of themselves.

My breath suddenly hitched in my throat, getting startled by the sudden vibration in my pocket. I fish my phone out and look at my screen. What…? Why is she calling me? “Hello?”

“(Name)~! Where are you? I thought you were going to give me a ride to school?”

“No, Alice, I mean. Yes, I’ll give you a ride, but I haven’t left yet.”

“Why not?”

“I’m….uhhh….Wha-? Dad? Did you say something?!”


I hung quickly let out a harsh breath. “I don’t want to go to school. It’s the first day, of my last year in the hell whole.” Giving up in frustration, I rise from the floor of my bed room and leave heading down stairs. I take two steps at a time and dash down the hall. With a grin I slid a crossed the hard wood floors in my purple sockets and slip into the kitchen.

“(Name) did you say something upstairs?” My dad asks as I pass him. He was looking at me over the top of his glasses and away from his newspaper. Did he just acknowledge my presents this harsh Monday morning? Woah, Dad actual said something, and look no coffee too! He must be in a good mood.

Smiling I turn away from him and go to the fridge. “No, I didn’t say anything. Shouldn’t you be at work anyways?” I ask as I grab my lunch from inside the cold box.  Dad lets out a hearty laugh and turns on his stool to face me after putting the newspaper down.

“No, I start a new shift today. I work late now; the Hospital seems to need more doctors at night when everyone is sleeping.” He smiles at me when I turn and face him. I give a quick nod and return the smile. “Shouldn’t you be heading to school?” He raised a brow at me with a smirk.

Rolling my eyes I walk past him briefly stopping in the kitchen door way. “That’s just were I’m going Dad. If I come home in a body bag though, I’m leaving everything I own to Iris. See ya when I get home, and tell Mom I said bye too~!” I smirked, and then left into the living room, grabbing my three-hundred pound backpack. As I slip on my shoes, my dog comes running up to me yapping away. The little Jack Russell jumps up and down. “Wanna go outside boy? Come on Iris let’s go” Rushing over to the door, I let the dog out and follow.

I watch Iris run around the yard, then start to roll in the dirt. Laughing I walk down the porch  steps and skip over to my car. I listen to it purr to life and soon I back out of the drive way and head to Alice’s house.


“Jay-zuus! It took you forever to get here!” Alice slammed the car door shut as she got in shotgun. Her dusty brown curls bounce as she turned to look at me, and her blue eyes full of anger. “You know (Name), now we are going to be late! Karyan and Savannah asked for rides to, so chop chop babe!”

Laughing I pull out and on to the road. “Sorry Alice, I have just been kind of busy. You know, studying my schedule and shiz.” I didn’t really mind being late to school. It was the first day; half the kids probably won’t show up as well. But by the way I was going five miles over the speed limit, I’m sure I’m still lying to myself about not wanting to go to school.

“Well, (Nick-Name), I want to be there nice and early, get a look at Mr. Bonnefoy before the other girls hound him! I have gone three months without looking at him! Such a shame!” Alice gave a dramatic wave of her hand and leaned back in the seat giggling to herself.

Cringing after listening to her, I give her a quick side look. “You don’t even talk to the freaking art teacher! You had him freshman year, and even then you wouldn’t talk to him! You just stalk him! It’s creepy! And besides, he’s your teacher, kinda illegal, hun.” I watch Alice slowly frown, and cross her arms before giving me a jagged glare.

“I’m just shy, okay! We are both French, it’s meant to be! You’ll see, one day!” Alice promised, turning her full on attention to her cell phone now. I could hear her text a mile a minute to probably one of the many guys she loves flirting with.

I could only laugh to myself now as my friend dreamed of the day she married her teacher. Alice is only one, of my four best friends for life. She is French just like she gloats about all the time too. And it’s not very easy being friends with a girl like Alice, who’s ego may even be bigger than Coach Beilschmidt. And that is saying something.

I soon brought my car to a stop and my two back doors opened and closed simultaneously. I moved my mirror a bit to look at Kayran first. Her appearance completely shocked me. “You dyed your hair? And cut it? Again, really Karyan?”

She looked over at me, and through her glasses I could see her gray eyes spark up with excitement. “Yeah, I wanted a new look. And Roman said this style is really nice on me.” Karyan turned to look out the window and pulled at her new black curls. She probably was day dreaming about her boyfriend Roman now. Or thinking of a new way to change her look, a new hair color every month, and a new style of fashion every years seemed to be Karyan’s way of life.  

I furrowed my brows and hit the gas. “Straightened shoulder length black hair. Well, at least it’s better than last year.” Turning my gaze back to the road, I watched someone in a red mustang pass me, speeding like it was his hobby. I glare at the mustang and its driver. I’m going 60 in a 55 zone! Why do you have to pass me jerk!

“Yeah, I know, before she looked like a punk with her short spiked hair.” Savannah’s voice gave hint of her normal bitchy-ness. That was nothing new; Savannah was more of the punk of our group, so she must be happy Kay stopped using her look. She was also a breed of her own. A badass who got straight A’s and would rather read a book, than watch TV or a Movie. Teacher’s Loved Savannah, and she took pride in know she had the highest GPA this school has seen. I looked back her quickly, taken in how unchanged she looked.

Dirty blonde hair still cut choppy, like a blind man styled her hair, and her light green eyes glaring darts out the window. Her once paled skin now slightly tanned and her face held a few new freckles. “Savannah, you need to stop trying!” Alice’s high-pitched voice cut into the air.

“What do you mean?” Savannah slowly turned her gaze to the girl next to me. She was frowning and looked pissed as always. But underneath that, she was giggling with happiness at the attention we gave her.

“Your boobs are getting bigger every year, just let the rest of us catch up to you!” Alice turned back and pointed at the blonde’s chest with a frown. And soon the sound of three hands performing the wonderful face palm followed.


A heavy breath left my lips as I slouch in to my locker. Kill me, Kill me, Kill me, Kill me, Kill me, . My first class of the day was Geometry. Taught, by the notorious evil Mr. Beilschmidt. Okay, I can’t say evil; he is sooo much better than Couch Beilschmidt, his brother. But he liked to give homework like there was no tomorrow! And thinking I had to start this class first thing in the morning, I’d rather not.  

I started walking down the halls. The math wing of the school was on the second floor, so I’d get my weeks’ worth of working out done in the morning too. Oh…, how this school year is starting out. After Geo, I have Earth Science, Latin, US Gov. and History, and Lunch. So far, other than Geo being my first class, things looked pretty good!

Passing by people, I could feel the skin of other students or shoulders lightly bumping into me. Looking up from my schedule as I take forever to climb up the spiral stair case, I repeated all my classes over and over in my head to memories them. Geo with Mr. B, Earth with Mr. Wang, Latin with Mr. Vargas, and US Gov with Mr. Jones.Lunch! Art with Mr. Bonnefoy, or Gym…Blah god with Coach Beilschmibt. Why does life hate me? After that English with Mr. Kirkland and then a Study hall, also with Mr. Kirkland. And then I’m home free baby


Oh my god, second to last class, and then I can go home. I can curl up on my bed, get on my computer, and be happy once again.  But I still have this friggin’ English Class to get through and just little over a Hour an Half with this Mr. Kirkland, another teacher you don’t want to mess with, joy.

I walk into the class room first like the good student I am, and I’m taken back a bit. It didn’t look anything like a high school class room. It looked more like a college lecture hall. The desks, well let’s say they were actual tables, two students per table, and you had to walk up stairs to get to the last row. So it basically was tables on bleachers. But it looked nice and expensive too. It was four by three. Three rows a crossed, and four back. In the front of the room was a very tall podium, behind that a white bored on wheels. On the other side of the white board was a tack board that had tones of notes and papers stabled and tacked into it.  

I looked up at the high ceiling taking a few steps, and I noticed one of the fancy projectors hanging from the ceiling like in the auditorium. It must be wirelessly connected to the teacher’s computer so he can use it for presentations. I followed the projectors aim and saw yet another whiteboard on the wall, hidden behind a large white screen which must be for the projector.  Taking one last glance around the whole room, I could say it looked very nice, neat and orderly with books kept clean on shelve all along the wall. Paintings and posters decorated other parts of the room.

“What do you think?” I jumped out of my skin at the voice several steps behind me. Said person chuckled at my little heart attack so I turn on my heel quickly to glare, thinking it was a student. But I sucked in my breath and clean the evil look of my face when noticing it was my teacher for this class, Mr. Kirkland. “Well? I saw you daze out and ogle my class room for some time now. Have an opinion on it? I’m sure I’d love to hear it,” The blond was sitting on the edge of his desk that was tucked away in the far corner of the room right next to the windows looking into the beautiful court yard. A Cherry Blossom tree took most of the windows view.

Blinking I slightly shook my head then turn back to my teacher. “It’s ahh, It’s very.....advanced.”

“Advanced?” He echoed, crossing his arms lightly. I watched him turn towards the door as students just now started piling in. They also, took in the sight of the room, their faces all priceless. “Explain what you mean,” Mr. Kirkland turn back to me with serious gaze.

I started feeling uncomfortable. I was already in the front of the class room, and students started talking among themselves. And here I was, forced to explain my way of thinking to Mr. Kirkland. “Well,” I started, now plucking at lint on my shirt. “It looks nothing like a high school class room. I feel like I just walked into a really aggressive and intimidating lecture hall. Not that I hate the room, it’s just…..not what I expected. That’s all really.”

“Good,” Mr. Kirkland got off his desk and walk over to me with a look of pride, and accomplishment. “That’s exactly how I want you, as a student to feel. It took me two years of convincing to get the School Board to let me change this room so drastically. I hope for all my students to graduate and go into college, and this is what it looks like. I want to prepare my students for the hard ships of the English Literature course they would need to take in the next few years of their lives. It’s best you get used to it now, instead of being scared of it then,” Mr. Kirkland then started going into a rant, now other than just talking to me, he was addressing the whole class, and that’s when I realized, not many sets were left.

I was stuck in the front middle row. The seat next to me was empty although and the last empty seat too. Until a slacker walked into class twenty minute’s late. “And who might you be, sir?” Mr. Kirkland’s accented laced voice asked in slight irritation.

“Sorry, sir, I had to go to the nurse’s office. Coach Beilschmibt throws a mean curve ball. Ah, here.” The slacker must have given Mr. Kirkland a pass for being late because he told him to take a seat.

I realized who this slacker was once he sat down next to me. It was Drake Settsment. According to the girl population of the school, he is the most hot, attractive, funny, athletic, sexy guy in school. So to sum it up, star quarter back football player and super popularity was sitting next to me. And….I gave no fucks.

“Hey, (Name)?” I turn to Mr. Popularity as he nudged my arm to get my attention. Okay, maybe up close….he was pretty cute. His shiny black hair was neatly cut, and his blue eyes twinkled with his smile, and…was that the start of a five o’clock shadow? Woah…

Wait a second, he knows my name? “You know my name?” I whisper back, but turn my gaze back to the front of class. We were meant to be ‘listening to the teacher talk about this school year’s plans. Not talking to each other’, if I quote Mr. Kirkland himself.

Drake leaned a little towards me with a confused look as I watched him from the corner of my eye. “Ahh, yeah, you are like one of the smartest and most talented girls in the school. How could I not know you?”

“What?...I-I mean, what are y-you talking about?” I gave a harsh whisper threw my teeth.  If he was trying to get on my nice side or something, Hell to the No. I don’t want to really get involved with this guy. Okay, yeah, he looked nice, but his ego, and the way he acted around his friends spoke Ass-face loud and clear.

“Everyone knows you are like, a really good author or something. Didn’t you win a two hundred dollar reward for a poem you wrote last year? And then you got first place for that fictional short story you wrote too. Everyone says you are going to be the next Edger Allen Poe.”

I gave a sigh and turn to face him, “I love writing okay, what do you want anyways?”

“Can I barrow a pen?”

Really? “Sure, here” I took a pen from my pocket and hand it to him. Quickly I turn back To Mr. Kirkland, maybe if I focus on the young man’s voice before me; I could get lost in the wonderful world of the English Language, and forget about my title in this school.  All I needed to do, was watch Mr. Kirkland, and pay attention to his every move.


“So,” Karyan’s muffled voice spoke threw my head phones. “Everyone got there Halloween costumes ready for tomorrow?”

Karyan, Alice and I were in a Skype call together as we also were in a RP on dA. I quickly type down a hastily reply for my OC and giggle thinking about how my online friend would react to that.  I read it over on my head before hitting enter to make sure there were no type o’s.  I smirked, satisfied and hit the enter key. “(Name)? Are you listening to me?” Karyan’s voice struck my ears again. I frowned, and went to a new tab on my computer.

“Nope,” I bluntly stated and clicked on one of the linked Google offered me.

“Well, listen this time. Alice said for Halloween she is going to be a sweet devil. I’m dressing up with Roman as Romeo and Juliet! I asked you if you were still going to be a Lady of Leisure! And if you are, how is your dad letting you dress up like that?!” She sounded pretty pissed. But all I could think about was poor Roman, he did everything for Karyan, and apparently they were still happily together. Constant make-out sessions happened between every class.

“No, I’m not I changed my mind.” I dragged my curser over a new link; this one at least had some pictures.

“Well what is it? Halloween tomorrow! And everyone is dressing up for it! Even the teachers! And I want to know what you are!”

“I can’t wait to see what the teachers look like~!” Alice piped in; she soon went into a mine rant about all the hot teacher and students, dressing up in hot costumes. And something about this day gave guys an excuse to go to school without shirts on.

“I’m going to be, ah, you know, a pirate,” It sounded more like a question. It wasn’t until yesterday did I change my mind from a Victorian style…well whore to a Captain of Pirates. And Alice was convinced it was because of a guy now. Scoffing, I look down at the picture of a classical Captain and tell Alice, “I’m going to quota the All Mighty Savvy here ‘Boys, and dating, are over rated. I’d rather waste my time alone, then with an immature guy who only wants sex, not a descent conversation.’ But I don’t mind dating, it’s just I haven’t found anyone. Unlike Savvy, she refuse to even acknowledge any male who has a lower IQ than her, other than Roman, but that’s because they are friends.”

I could hear Karyan give out some type of hiss, but then she sigh, calming herself, and I could hear the smile in her way to happy of a voice. “Well I can’t wait to see you first thing tomorrow then (Nick-Name). I’m sure you’ll great either way.”

After that, I went back to pretty much ignoring them, and back into my RP.


I have spent at least six long hours walk around in a dark school. The Principle thought it would be great to turn half the lights off in the hallways so it was ‘Dark and Spooky’. When I showed up, between Alice and Karyan, I was the talk of the town. My Pirate costume was stunning apparently. But this day could not get more tiresome.

“Wow (Nick-Name), you look H-O-T Hwat!” Alice’s blue eyes looked me up and down. Karyan was doing the same while trying to shield Roman from looking at me.

I wore black leather boots with a bit of a heel, not much though. They stopped just below my knees. Light brown cotton pants were tucked into my boots and came up to my waist, showing off my curves that Alice said she’d kill for. Along my waist I also had a sword, obviously not real, but it looked real enough to me. I had a shiny black, super tight by the way, (Thanks to mom) corset on over a puffy white blouse that showed off my shoulders. Thanks to the corset, it pushed up my breast, and made it look like they were about to pop and poor out from under the blouse. It also gave me more cleaved than I thought.

My hands were also covered with white gloves that stuck out agents my Captain’s red coat. It had beautiful golden trim and other working on it like in the tail. My mother fitted the coat last night so it was tighter around the waist so it hugged me close now. I curled my (h/c) hair to, to give it a wild look, my lips painted red, and I put on extra eyeliner too. On my curled locks, I had a black hat with large white feathered plume that kept getting in my line of sight. Lastly, I was covered in jewels, a few rings on each hand, ears weighed down with metal and necklaces brushed my skin.

I could thank all my years of Cosplaying for my extra thing for my costume. But I could feel my cheeks burn I was told this. Maybe I went a little out of my way, I mean, I did want to look really nice.

“Who are you trying to show off too?” Roman’s voice shocked me. He wasn’t much of a talker, or so when he was around Karyan.

“Uh, what do you mean?” I slightly tipped my head in confusion, trying not to let my hat fall off.

Roman turned to Karyan, then pre apologized for what he was about to say to her, and then turn back to me. “Dude, you are fucking hot right now. Someone made themselves look super sexy to get someone else’s attention. The question is who?”

I quickly took a peak at Karyan, she looked pissed, I was sure in a few second smoke would be coming out of her ears. But turning my attention back to Roman, I shrugged; I didn’t have an answer for him. I didn’t even know who I was trying to impress. It wasn’t until Drake came up from behind me, did my friends get the wrong answer.

Okay, so maaaaybe I started opening up to him more. We talked a lot during our now two classes we had together. Superficially, due to some schedule problems, Drake is now in my Geo class, he sits right behind me. And now it seems we are pretty buddy buddy.  “Woah, (Name), Nice costume. If I didn’t know better you’d be dressed as the school’s mascot!”

My friends all gawked at me as I turned to face Drake. “Haha, yeah. Well The Mascot may be a pirate, but it’s a hair angry looking guy. And the colors are blue and grey, not red and black.” I gave him a half shrug, and looked him over; he seemed to dress up as a Zombie, torn clothes and rotting flesh all over. Yum.

“Yeah well you look really nice. I’d rather have I picture of you being the mascot then what we have now. Hey, I’ll see you in homeroom okay?” Drake gave a white smile and then turned back heading to class.

I couldn’t help but smile back giving a light wave “Alright, see you later!”
“Yep, she’s doing it for Drake, oh yeah.” Alice put her hands on her hips, giving a determined nod as I moved my gaze to look back at the devil girl.

“Yeeeeea-no. I’m not. Unlike you, who wanted to change her costume once she found out Mr. Bonnefoy was a ghost or something.”

“Well at least I’m not in den-”

“Don’t even finish that sentence. It’s not for Drake, okay?” I gave my best death glare at Alice, which seemed to work because she shut up and refused to look me in the eye for the rest of the day.

Now I was speed walking, more like running and trying not to trip to my favorite of all classes. English, it has always been my favorite secretly. I loved learn about Literature. I loved reading, and writing. And as Drake pointed out in the beginning of the year, I was really good at it too.

But this year, English class is ten times better thanks to Mr. Kirkland; he may give boring lectures, and give us horrible homework assignments. He may also be a bit full of himself when it comes to teaching, or hard headed about it. Fore say, he is stubborn, and when a student points out a flaw in his speech, or corrects him. He gets fairly upset and then is grumpy for the rest of class. Which I just find super hilarious in every which way! And that’s why, at least once a week, I make it my goal to push Mr. Kirkland’s buttons so much to the point he just gives up teaching and goes to his desk to fume while we get a head start on homework.

Yet every time he soon forgives me and we then sometimes joke or talk during my study hall with him after English. It’s a routine I have fallen into, and I can’t seem to get out. I also have seemed to have made it my goal to be the first person to his class, what is wrong with me?

For past two months now, I have found myself thinking more and more about my English Teacher. The highlight of my day started when I got to his class room. I enjoyed ever second I had with him, almost as much as I did breathing. Creepy right?

I walk into the class room, just after the bell and as the last few students from his last class hurry to leave. “Early as usually Ms. (Last Name). What am I going to do with you?” Mr. Kirkland’s voice was laced with cool sarcasm. I rushed over to my desk setting down my things, then turn to see the Vampire sitting at his desk with a smirk as he graded papers.

I could think of many things you could do to me, I’m sure you wouldn’t like any of them. I couldn’t stop myself. These thoughts have just recently started to come to mind and it creeped me out and scared me. But, at the same time, I loved the feeling of that rush I got when thinking about him. “Well, for starts Mr. K, you could give me not a 94 average, but a 100. That way, my dad can give me more stuff. You could really be helping me out, you see I need a new computer, sir.”

I could hear him laugh as I tried to fix my costume. It was starting to become a pain. I walked over to Mr. Kirkland’s desk, putting my elbows on the edge and resting my head on my closed gloved fists. “You are eight minutes early, (Name).  Six points is worth a lot more than eight spare minutes of class. It’s just past the middle of the first quart, and you are worrying about final grades.” He scribbled down in fancy writing on someone’s poor test that got a 76%.

I bit at my lower lip, than scrunched up my nose. Behind Savannah, I was probably the second smartest person here in school. All my grades in the 90 or above and I tried my hardest to make sure all were as close to a 100 as possible.  I could not even begin to imagine having a 76% on a test. I would die if I got lower than a 90%.

As I watched Mr. Kirkland go through another test, I noticed he stopped, so I looked up at his face to see, he was no longer cornered with that test. Instead his gaze was on me, he was looking at me over the brim of his glasses, and I watched his eyes wander. I smirked, knowing where he was looking every time his stare paused on me. But then an ugly wave of guilt over came me, was this really what I was looking for all day? Showing off my costume, to my teacher . I shook away my irked feelings and put on a pretty smile. “Do you like my costume Mr. Kirkland?” I quickly stood up before him in front of his desk.

Flustered, the Brit blinked a few times with pink dusted cheeks and scribbled down the grade on his forgotten test. Clearing his throat he nodded then looked up to me. “Why, yes, I actual do- very much. You’re a Pirate, correct?”

I nodded and then spun around to my desk; I wasn’t wearing my coat, as I took it off sometime during my day because it was too hot under all the clothes.  But I picked up the lushes red coat and slithered it on. In no time I was standing before Mr. Kirkland as he rose from his chair to inspect me.

“It’s very well put together.” He started, then quirked and eye brow at me as he took his glass off, cleaning them on his white sleeve. “What culture of Piracy did you model yourself after?” his question surprised me. I knew just what he was asking, and I didn’t expect him to be so freaking smart about it too! I didn’t want him to know I basically pick my whole costume over something he said one day in class. Okay, truth is, during a lesson last week, Mr. Kirkland talked about the Pirates of long ago, and how they were great poets too.

I couldn’t help but notice how much Mr. Kirkland got into the whole Pirate thing. It was like it was his dream or something from his child hood days that he refused to let go of. His most favorite of Pirates was Sir Francis Drake. Because he was a Pirate, that worked for the Queen of England. So he got away with anything.

Thus my costume is based off of the typical British Pirate. I wanted to impress Mr. Kirkland, but I also didn’t want him to know. It’s weird ok?

I gave my teacher a fake, confused look, as he waited for an answer. I pretty much played dumb for a second. And I wasn’t completely sure he bought it, or just ignored it because he scoffed, and moved on. “Well, you have a fantastic red coat, dear. And jewels cover you. The corset fits well with the female Pirate theme. The hat, it’s a little much for you,” Mr. Kirkland reached over and took that hat off, holding it at his side.

I pushed out a nerves laugh and crossed my arms, which didn’t seem to help me much, so I chose to shove them into the pockets of my coat. “What do you mean, sir?”

He placed the black hat on his own head, and fixed it to fit. He then moved the plume from his view. “You act as if I don’t know what’s going on (Name),” He gave me a sly acknowledging smirk.

My heart picked up speed, and I could feel my skin burning, Better prepare yourself for total embarrassment here (Name) . I kept my mouth shut though, in fear it would betray me and speak for itself.

“What boy’s attention, are you trying grab at dear? I say, you do look lovely, but it’s a little much. Don’t you think?” Mr. Kirkland turned his back to me, to look at himself in the refection of the window.

As he did that, I blinked and took my hand and flew it over my head in the gesture that he just let that one fly right over him! Seems to me, Mr. Kirkland is a little more oblivious than I thought. Knowing he had no idea what was really going on now, I relaxed some as I spoke. “Oh yeah, and what about you Mr. Kirkland ?”

I crossed my arms and gave a pointed look at him as he turned back to me with an amused expression. “What about me?” His accented voice mocked.

I narrowed my eyes in the slightest, and licked my lush red lips before speaking again. I gave great sarcasm in my voice. A language Mr. Kirkland seemed to be fluent in. “Oh, you know,” I point to everything that was him, “Giving in to the hormonal teenage girls of today. Because most girls will get a strong lust drive for a Vampire.” My voice held some venom in it when I gave him a keen glare.

I put my back to him quickly so I didn’t have to see his mocking face with that engaging smirk. He didn’t say anything for a few seconds. His voice cracked ever so slightly when he did, “Do you not like it?”

I furrowed my brows in confusion then slowly turned to face him. “Ah, yeah, I do. At least you are a blue fancy….girlish Vampire from the 1800s. Not a sparkling one from the Twenty-first century. That is I haven’t seen you in the sun yet!” Now it was Mr. Kirkland’s time to get angry. He gave me a scowl as he rolled his eyes. I soon watched students shuffle into the room, and I too quickly got to my seat as the late bell sung the song of its people.

Today, I was going to see just how far I could push Mr. Kirkland. I smirked to myself as class started. The topic of discussion for the past week has been mystical creatures and monsters of fantasy to get into the Halloween spirit. Today, if we dressed up as any of the creatures or not, we had to present ourselves and our costumes, being told that it would help us with oral reports.

But it seemed we got off track, as Mr. Kirkland started to get into a rant about one of the customs a girl in the back row was wearing.

“Now, if you think about it more properly, your typical, classic pixie or fairies are creatures of nature. They live in the light, beautiful forest with other creatures of magic like them.” I shot my hand up, taking the opportunity to start my picking and teasing. Mr. Kirkland noticed my hand, and stopped himself from going on and called on me with hesitation.

“How do you know that’s true? Because in some of the books I have read, Pixies are completely different from fairies and sprites as well. They are their own entire thing, and sprites are said to be evil. If I remember correctly, that is.” I plopped my elbow on the table, propping up my head as I rest it on my hand. I looked at my other hand and the jewels on my fingers, trying to act cocky, and full of myself.

Mr. Kirkland took in a sharp breath and spoke through his teeth. “Well, that’s what modern day has turned them into. I know for a fact that they are all the same. Trust me (Name), I have been studying this topic a lot longer than you think.” I moved my gaze to him to see he had a forced smile, his left brow twitched as he held himself together.  A few minutes later we were on the next topic of creatures. And Mr. Kirkland had those who were dressed as Witches or Wizards go up and explain themselves.

After two or three students, my hand shot up again. “But Mr. Kirkland sir, one of them was Harry Potter! Why are wizards based off that movie and book? And how can it be that they are mystical creatures too? They just wield a stick and lasers beams out of it.”

That left bushy brow was twitching again, and Mr. Kirkland crossed his arms tightly as he looked down at the floor. As Mr. Kirkland tried to keep from get more frustrated with me, Drake nudged me with his elbow lightly, and I turned to look at the student that sat next to me. He and I broke into little laughs and he told me “Nice” with a smirk. Pride welled in me and raised, if Drake thought this was funny, so did the rest of the class, and that would mean that Mr. Kirkland didn’t like it.

Mr. Kirkland’s accented voice shook as he spoke and his forced smile look kind of disturbing, his face was slightly red, and he gave me a look that said You better shut up and listen now or you’ll regret ever taking this class. “You know what (Name)? Why don’t you come up here, explain yourself.”

I took in a dramatic breath of air through my teeth, pondering then tipped my head to the angry blond.  I looked at him like I was truly sorry, but all I had for him was my sinister sarcasm. “Sheeeeeeeeh, I would if I could, but I can’t so I shant. Ya know, Pirate, nothing mystical about that other than how fast my rum goes missing~” I had to at least smile, and it was a real smile so I didn’t count myself for being a total smart ass yet. Savannah would be so proud!

“Too bad, you’re doing it, dear. And I suggest you stay away from the rum for a while, it’s seems to be killing off your brains. And here I thought you were smart!” A playful smirk grew on his features, and students saying ‘Burn!’ or ‘Oooooo!’ filled the room. Mr. Kirkland bowed slightly to me, gesturing towards the center of the room for me to take.

I tightened my features, slowly rose from my seat, “Alright, if that’s what you want Mr. K, then so bit it,” I walked up to the front of class, and bowed before my classmates and let out a laugh. “So like, this is tots unbeliev-a-ble! L-O-L guys, Imma pirate, Yarrr!”

Mr. Kirkland’s smirk was gone again, and he snapped his gaze to me with a glare. I found out back on the first week of school, he hated the kids who talked all tacky and in text. He said they butchered the English Language and should have their tongues cut for doing so. So I knew just how much this irked him, it was just icing on the cake when I gave myself a horrible British accent to mock him. I got these giddy little feelings of excitement knowing I had his full on attention, and that I was the one pulling at his strings making him get grumpy and looking cute when he does.

“So like, ya kn-oooow. I am so, freaking h-wat wear these clothes. And- I was told I look super sexy, so, like, I’m so not just a pirate, I’m totally willing to take off my clothes for the right price.” I gave a small wave of my hand in a flirty way. I then move my hands to my coat and slowly peal it off.

My classmates broke out into hysterical laughter. Boys let out wolf calls, and girl’s cheered me on. Even some guy in the back whipped out money yelling, “Twenty bucks for the pants! I want the pants!”

I bit my cheeks to keep from laughing as I slowly turned to my teacher who looked to be turning redder by the moment. I plucked off each of my rings, and then slipped off my gloves, folding them and laying them down on my coat now on the floor. “What do you say Mr. Kirkland? I’ll start stripping for you~? I’m just doing what you told me to do, because pirates were notorious sex machines,  dontcha know!” I bent over slightly, and dug my fingers into the sides of my pants; I also was facing Mr. Kirkland, as I mode slow movements waiting for his reply. I watched the blood rush not just to his face now, but to his ears and neck. I could see the little bits of sweat start to cling to his skin, as his eyes watched me.

I smirked licking my lips bending over a bit more, trying to give him a better view of just what his gaze kept flickering too, every few second, his sight stopped on my chest. And why wouldn’t it? Everyone has said something to me about my either ‘ Nice Boobs (Name)! ’ or ‘ Woah, your boobs look like they are about to pop open and out of your shirt, does it hurt? ’  I started moving my hands again, making the motion as if I was going to remove my pants, just like that kid wanted.

But Mr. Kirkland must have been holding his breath the entire time I stood up here. He doubled over, placing his hands on his knees gasping for air. He wheezed a few times and then spoke with a cracked voice. “Ju-just, sit bl-loody down, and sh-ut up,” he ordered, still bent over. His grip on his knees were so tight his knuckles became white and he fisted the cloth tightly between his fingers.

Blinking, I grab my stuff off the floor and slowly march over to my seat; this was the farthest I have ever gone with being a totally smart ass. This was the first time I did anything sexual about it too. I never really wanted to be a pervert when picking at Mr. Kirkland. It was only meant to be harmless joking and teasing. As I sat down, I hated admitting it to myself, but the reaction I got from my teacher today, the way I knew how to make him feel. I liked it, I liked it way more than I should.


A whole forty-five minutes later the bell rang. I watched as half the class left, and new faces walked in for their final class of the day. A peaceful study hall where we could socialize or work on homework.  I was one of only a hand full of students that Mr. Kirkland let test or listen to their IPods. Most days during my study hall I blasted music in my ears or talked with Mr. Kirkland.

And seeing how I had zero homework left to do today, I was eagerly awaiting to move to the seat closest to Mr. Kirkland’s desk. As the bell ran, I looked up at my teacher; all that happened during class seemed to be forgotten, at least for now. Because I smiled at him and he returned it. But I never got there; Drake asked Mr. Kirkland if he could stay here for his own Study Hall, or something. So he never left, instead he turn to me in his seat and grinned.

“(Name), are you going to be at my Halloween party tonight?” His question surprised me as I collected all my binders together. Gathering them up so I could quickly shuffle to a new seat next to the teacher.

“I didn’t even know you were throwing a party. Plus, I kinda don’t know where you live,” I shrugged, then picked up my read coat off the back of the chair to swiftly slip it on.
“Well, all you have to do is ask,” Drake quirked one of his dark brows up at me, he had a toothy smile and under his zombie make-up I could see the return of his five o’clock shadow. (Yeah, it looked like he worked hard to look like a terrifying zombie)

“Um, okay? What’s your address?” I watched him grab a scrap piece of paper and scribble down a few words and numbers, sliding it a crossed the table to me. I told him thanks, and stuffed the paper into my pocket.  I surveyed the room too, students all in the own groups working on things or alone. I quickly darted my sight to Mr. Kirkland, I caught him staring at me, and I flashed a brief worried smile, like I would be over in a few seconds. I was reified as I got an understanding look from him and nod before he turned back to his work.

“It’s going to be a costume party, my parents thought it would be a good idea to have a bunch of teenagers show up in costumes, then let them do as they please.” Drake now was leaning back into his chair, picking at the slightly chipped table sides.

“Wait you mean to say it’s not going to be a loud, alcoholic orgy of teenagers like most typical parties?” Excuse my forwardness and blunt question, but it’s a trait I typically enjoyed. Drake started to chuckle, then burst into a small fit of laughter.

Soon he got into more detail about what was going on at his party. “Most likely, it might end that way, but not until after my parents decide to leave. They have this thing were they have to have one date night a week. Kinda wired if you ask me, but lucky they chose it today. They rent a hotel and everything, because they don’t think I already know what they are doing.”

I could not even stop the bubbles of giggles oozing from my lips. That just sounded do creepy, we started getting into more conversations, talking about things like who had the creeper parents, or comparing embarrassing moments. I wasted the majority of my study hall. Talking and laughing with Drake.  I was still getting new to the whole buddy thing we had going on.

I looked up to the clock, and realized I spent all of my study hall with Drake; there was only two minutes until the bell rung. I felt irked, and turned in my seat to see Mr. Kirkland glaring in my direction. Maybe he wasn’t giving me the evil eye, maybe it was someone behind me, or Drake. But when he noticed I saw him, he quickly turned back to his work.

As the bell rang for us to leave and go home, I picked up my things and got up from my seat as students whipped open the door and hurried out. But I was stopped all too soon by someone’s voice, filled with a sea of so many emotions I couldn’t even pick out the tone. I turned to the caller; it was Mr. Kirkland, staring down at his desk. He spoke to me as he wrote. “(Name), you are not going anywhere, I’m giving you a detention for today.” I blinked, startled, not just twenty minutes ago did he look exited to spend time with me and have a dissent conversation. Instead I slowly forgot about spending my study hall with him, and I socialized with Drake instead. I looked quickly around the rest of the room, it was just us.

I let his word sink in before speaking, and the only sounds for about two minutes was the click and low slam of the door closing, and a pen furiously running along paper. “Wh-what? Why?” I moved my eyes from him to what he was working it, looked like some kind of report. I-is he writing me up? He can’t be giving me a referral!

Whatever he was writing, he soon slipped it out of my kind of sight. “Your behavior in class was unexcitable.” He simply started as he turned to look up at me. I narrowed my eyes at him, glaring knives; he couldn’t be for real about this. Or did I really cross the line this time.

“Are you sure, I was just doing what you asked.” My expression dripped with venom as I crossed my arms and leaned into my right leg a bit more.

He either ignored my answer or heard me say something else because he started to change the topic, moving it off him to put blame on me. “What would you do if I was one of those people that took advantage of you when you said those things during class?”

“Well if we didn’t have an audience, I’d sure as hell think about it!” I placed a hand on my hip and shook my head, feeling my curled (h/c) locks tickle at my puffed out cheeks. I made sure not to give him a straight answer; he could take it however he wanted. I just was not going to spend an hour in the detention hall. “I refuse to waste my time in the detention hall when I could be doing better things.”

“You can’t even if you wanted to; no one is watching the detention hall today so you’d be here with me.” Mr. Kirkland’s voice was become calmer, and he turned back to his desk and let out a sigh. “You know I don’t mind you challenging me during class, or whatever it is you do to get a rise out of me (Name).  You are the first student I have had to actual step up and give her opinion so much. But there is a line.”

“Oh my god,” I breathed out, rolling my eyes. Okay, if he was going to get me to stay here, even if I’m not in the detention hall, as if. He’d have to kiss my ass before I stayed here. I spun on my heel and headed for the door, but I stopped half way and looked back at him. “Oh teacher, teacher, teacher, I just want to strip down for you! I’ve been a dirty little whore and need a lesson in how to screw like a porn star! Can’t you show me?” I put my hands up to my cheeks, then slowly dragged them down my face, along my neck, over my breasts and stopped at my hips. “Maybe I could get out of detention if I give you a hard one? Or do you want me to come to school nice and early before class to meet up in the closet for a quick blow? I’ll bring my sweet tea lip gloss just for you!” My voice pitched into a slight angry yell at the end and I harshly turned back to the door.

Just as I put my hand on the door knob, I was pulled back and away to be turned around and with my back slammed up agents the door. Mr. Kirkland pinned me by my shoulders. His hands gripped tightly to my exposed skin. “You don’t mean it,” He looked at me and studied my face. “Say you don’t mean it!” he sounded like he was bagging me to speak.

I forced a smirk, as much as I didn’t want too, and tipped my head. “But what if I do?” Guilt started to pile up inside me, but I regretted nothing I have said yet.

He didn’t say anything, just gave me a half glare before lowering his gaze to the ground. Then he look back up to me, his voice shacked horribly as he slowly shook his head, golden locks swaying with each movement. “I’m not going to lie when I say I fancy you more than my other students (Name). More than I should, so watch what you say.” His stare was cold, and harsh.

I squirmed under his gaze, trying to look at anything that wasn’t him. My guilt soon cleaned away and a new burn of anger slowly took flame. I realized just how close we were, and I let my hand glide along the door, and over towards the door knob.

Mr. Kirkland followed my hand with his hard gaze, and then looked at me with a questioning look. I searched the cold metal piece for a few seconds then found what I was looking for. His gaze snapped back to the door when he heard a familiar click. As the door was now locked. My hand then searched up, and over to Mr. Kirkland’s hand on my right shoulder. I grabbed him lightly then trailed my hand along his arm, over his shoulder, and stopped when I reached his heated red cheeks.

“Mr. Kirkland,” I cooed ever so slightly, watching the tone I used. “Are you saying I’m your favorite student?”

He stiffened to my touch, but didn’t back away, he didn’t leave. His actions told me something else when his voice tried to cover up his moves, his emotions, his fears and desires. “As a teacher I can’t pick favorites. It’s unfair to the other students.”

“But you just said, you fancied me more than anyone,” I put on a pout, and traced my thumb along his jaw line, watching his face darken. My own heart was racing a mile a minute.  I have once thought about what his skin would feel like. And now, his face was burning, and soft to my touch. I moved my hand up and brushed some of the golden locks from his face and gave a smile. “So that means I’m your favorite.”

He let out a sigh in what sounded like defeat. His breath traveled the space between us and his me, giving me slight chills, and shooting a wild rush through my veins.  He started to pull away from me slowly. And my eyes widened and my heart started to ach, he hadn’t even released his touch from me, and I was already missing what I was feeling. I didn’t want this feeling to end.

It was so good, like a drug. I wasn’t sure if I felt this way towards Mr. Kirkland himself, or that if anything was to ever happen between us, it would be so wrong. It would break laws, and we’d get in so much trouble if caught. I would be kicked out of school; he’d lose his job and go to jail. Maybe I was just in love with danger, and I couldn’t let it go, because knowing this was wrong, is what made my actions feel right.

I stopped him, grabbing a hold of his silky green tie and bring him to my lips without hesitation. Only two seconds passed before he reacted, and he did so by pushing me up agents the door again. His hands left my shoulders traveling down to my waist, as mine spare hand reached for golden locks. I still held onto his tie, tugging on it every now and then to deepen the kiss. He gave hesitation before just over powering me, taking dominance in our lip lock battle.

His tongue slip through my lips with ease and took ravage on my mouth, claiming everything I had to offer him. My own lush pink muscles swiping at his slowly swollen lips.

He broke the kiss first, taking in a much need breath of air. As he took a second to comprehend what just happened, I traced my lips along his jaw line, giving small kissing on his skin leaving prefect red, lip stick lips on his skin. “We can’t do this…” His voice whispered through his lips.

I kept my attention focused on his sweet warm skin and I heard him let out a moan as I spoke, my lush lips brushing him, my hot breath warming him up even more. “Come on, open up your mind and think of this another way,” I told him, and then took my hand from his tie, and went to the wall, searching for the lights switch. And once they flicked off, I whispered in his ear, “Fuck me on your desk,”
All right, for those of you that decided to read the description first like I asked, then I want to go a head and started off saying; I did not put a mature content on this because there is no sex or anything. But, I will give a fair warning, there are suggestive themes, and I honestly don't think a Mature content is needed. :iconherosmileplz: Alright, you can go back to the story and start reading now!

Ya know, stop it, go back, S-stahp! Wut are you doing!? I told you to stop reading! this! Go on! Get out! Go back to the story! Fine, don't listen to me, you bad bad person!



Alright, now that I hope you guys have read the story~!

So I got this idea because, I can, and Yeah......

So I want to get right down to businesses, I know, this is long and stuff so yes, something. I have a very strong feeling, that people are going to ask for a part two, and for that part two to be a lemon.

And then I came up with an idea, I will make a part two, and three, IF this gets enough attention. I'll make Part Two a Lemon, and for those of you who don't like, or read Lemons, I'll write a following chapter, that continues on with Reader-Chan and Mr. Kirkland's story, seeing how I left the ending so open to so many possibilities.

Also on that note, I'm only will to continue this if it gets enough attention because for the next few weeks I'm going to be in England, ironically! :iconenglandtrollfaceplz: Now I am all like, Yo dawg, I heard you liked England, So I'm writing you a story about England and school, while staying in England for school!

In other words, Next weekend I get on a flight to my beloved birth place of the UK to look at colleges, and visit family. So if in fair warning, if I decide to continue you this, I have no plans for when I will upload it. Right now as it is, I'll be uploading my work when ever I have the free time or feel like it!

I Also want to add, that the friends of Reader-chan, o u o they are real people. I needed to give Reader-chan some friends, and I couldn't think of anything for names, and well, stuff. So I used myself, and My friends. My name is Karyan (If some of you didn't know.) , I used myself, My boyfriend Roman, my all time best friend Savannah, my second best friend Alice, and then my other childhood Friend Drake, who is Mr. Popular of my school as well. I was just lazy writing this v u v, and I didn't want to keep writing (Friend one) or whatever, I wanted some creativity, and characterization in this work and thus, I used real people.

It's like, uper late, and ignore any spelling errors, I have yet to re-read this.

Well thanks for reading you guys, I love favs, I worship comments!
Tell me what you think about the story and tell me if you want more!


Chapter One is here~: O w O~! Here~!
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