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Another day another dollar, right? Isn’t that what adults say when they go to work? Well……well what do kids –teens- say when they go to school? As they –kick a rock down the side walk going to the bus stop, or walking to the front doors of the school.

Another day, another hour wasted is what I say, but then again, I hardly show up to class as it is. It was after lunch, around mid-noon when I deiced to roll from my bed and stumble to school.

My clothes? Well, starting with black, black, white, black and then some. A black pair of convers slapped along the pavement as I walked, and black, torn bottom jeans scuffed under my convers as they were a little too long. I wore a white t-shirt, on it had two words, Fuck You, and on the back Fuck Me. Over my shirt was a black sweater half way unzipped. My hood was up too, covering my messy (H/l) hair. Besides the random bursts of colors like (f/c) or maybe (f/c 2), my hair was actually a simple kind of color behind all the dye. Just (H/c), that’s all but I’ve dyed it so many times you wouldn’t know.

I had piercing here and there, one on my tongue that people didn’t know I had until I shoved my own tongue down their throat. I also had my ears completely covered with ear rings and I even wore about twenty pounds of metal all over my body. Hanging from my jeans was a chain; I had another chain around my neck with six other necklaces. My eye brow had a ring up there too and so was my belly button. Got a problem with it? Didn’t think so.
And most important of all, around my neck and shoulder, I had a small black bag with some pins and buttons on it. It was my camera bag, filled with my expensive HD camera that I got for myself on my birthday two years ago. One of my hobbies was photograph, it wasn’t for anyone but myself, I did it so that I could capture every moment of my life in a frozen image so that once I got extremely old, I would have millions of picture to remind me of who I am, what I did, and to pass on my life to whatever kids or relatives I may have.

Enough about me, I’m a shadow in the back of class and most people don’t mess with me. Expect when they mess with my stuff.

Like now.

I eventually got to school, and shuffled in and out of the office with a late pass and headed to the class I had right now. I think it was history. I should know, this late in the year, it’s only October.

But as I walked through the halls, I could hear some people whisper about today’s gossip, unfortunately is came from preppy girls.

“Hey, you saw the new kids right? They are supposed to be brothers but they look nothing a like!”

“I know, one is all bad boy –he’s the oldest- and the other is a silent, clean, and rules kind of guy –smart too. But I haven’t really heard either of them talk! And I think the bad boy is and albino!”

“Oh yeah, just another stupid punk ass freak is what we need in this school! Don’t we have enough of those! I mean, look at Kirkland! He’s been nailing any girl he sees now, after he broke up with what’s her face!”

“God, she’s a ugly punk too, isn’t she? I mean, like how many of these bad, stupid, ugly and rebellious people do we need! We have too many as it is, look, we’ve got Kirkland, Jones, and even that one kid from Canada just turned!”

“Don’t forget (Last Name), she’s like, the meanest of them all-”

“Did she die? I haven’t seen her in a few days,”

“Good, I hope she’s in a coma lost at sea, she wears to much black for her own good, at least the others add color!”

I couldn’t stand it any longer as I slowly walked behind these prissy sluts.  “At least I don’t look like a unicorn took a shit on me,” I growled and they turned back to face me, all sparkly and pretty in pink.

Cue a gasp as the turn to face me and all my gloom and doom. “Geeze (Name), ever heard of manners? You shouldn’t listen in on other people’s conversations, oh wait! I don’t think she can girls,” One of them looked between her friends and grinned, “She can’t even do simple math!”

“You don’t know that,” I said calmly with a shrug and they stopped their mocking laughter to look at me confused. “I mean, yeah, I’m not good at math, so what? But hey….” I paused and looked at the center girl, and gave her a sympathetic smile, “I can tell you, it’s worth the wait, your boyfriend was awesome last week, and all summer long,” I walked around her, and kept on walking.

True, I did sleep with her boyfriend, but at least I wasn’t doing the same thing as my Ex, Arthur who actually turned into a sex addict all of a sudden because I broke up with him because he is an asshole.

In the background I could her crying, screaming and her friends trying to calm her down. I smirked as I leaned into the door of my class as walked in.

Kids were scattered in their seats, and as I walked in I had to give the teacher my pass, as I did I noticed the back seat I normal sat in was taken, and by this rumored new kid.
He looked, what’s the word, stoic. Yes, stoic as he glared out the window, everything he wore was black, all but his skin and hair, pure white. He wore actually a dress shirt –black, and a black vest over that with a black tie, and so on. Pants were black, even his fancy shoes. Where the hell was this kid from?!

His nails were even painted, black, with a few rings, one on his middle finger, and then a chained bracelet that curled its way to his index finger on the other hand. What stuck out most was some kind of iron cross playing peck-a-boo on his neck, just half way under his loosely button shirt and tie. What a fancy mother fucker, sitting in my seat.

I narrowed my eyes and walked up to him and plopped my butt on the desk and crossed my legs at the ankles.

He slowly turned his red gaze away from the window and gave me an emotionless look, “Can I help you?” He asked with a thick accent, German maybe?

“In my seat bub, mind getting out?” I asked with a mocking smile and a sing song voice.

“Na, I’m good,” He started to look back out the window and I scoffed.

“Look, I heard you’re new here, so you might not know how the rules work here. But I’m in charge for the most part, and when I say move, you move got it?” I told him and he looked back at me and started laughing, right in my face.

“You!? Little girl, you are in charge? I saw some other girls walking the hall way today, they look more scary than you frau,” He grinned out and I gave him a glare.

“Yeah, okay, maybe they do but I may not look scary, but you look like a vampire, and not the kind that burst into flames when they touch sunlight,” I slid off the desk walking behind him and grabbing the back of the chair. “But trust me, ahh, Gilbert?” I read his name of the schedule on a folder under the chair, “I am scary, and crazy. So crazy that I don’t mind doing this,” I smiled and pulled the chair out from under him making him fall flat on his ass and roll to lie on side.

He let out a grunt and rolled over to his hands and knees. His face held a wince but he grinned. “I think I heard about you when I got in the office today with my bruder, (Name) (Last Name), Right?”

“Yep,” I waited for him to crawl out of my way and I put the chair back and sat down at the desk, just as I did the bell rang and class started. Gilbert got up and sat a crossed from me instead.

“You’re the first person that’s actually tried talking to me,” he grinned and extended out a hand between the rows of desks.

I looked at him for a second as if he was crazy, but took his hand and shook it none the less. “You’re the first person….second person to tell me no, watch what you say, and don’t listen to what other people have to say either. Everyone here is A; a mindless bimbo, or B; a soul sucking freak out to use you.”

Turns out, this new kid, Gilbert, was in five of my classes, I would have never guessed. But I’m sure I would have never found out if I didn’t go to school for the rest of that week, I didn’t know why I did, but hanging around Gilbert was annoying yet entertaining.

In each class, which was like all of them, he tried to sit near me because then he had someone to talk to instead of listening to a teacher. Which, I didn’t mind that much but damn, was he clingy! I showed him around school too, each day he would see a different part, he liked the old bell tower the best, and it was one of my own hang outs I went to for my study hall.

Speaking off, I got to show Gilbert the art of being a part of yearbook club, which I was a part of only because I loved photograph and making students miserable by taking their pictures throughout the day. Gilbert decided to join in on this yearbook club to, plus like three others which I didn’t bother to ask.

But, with yearbook club, we got a fancy shiny laminated pass that excused yearbook members only to leave their class and wander the school taking pictures of students. I spent three out of five times in the bell tower, hanging out and doing whatever all alone to myself. Plus, even during winter, or cold days of the year, the school still sent heat up to the top of the bell tower, so I rarely got cold, also for the fact that it was closed and bordered up. Nice, huh?

Yet today; as of right now as school was ending on a wonderful Friday I had plans to hang out with Gilbert, he wanted me to show him around town, know where all the best hang outs were and any place he could go to and just hide if he ever needed too.

As I shut my locked I backed into someone and tripped, and I was caught by whoever I walked into.

“Sorry, love, didn’t see you- Oh, (Name)…”Arthur instantly let go of me, actually letting me fall to the ground once he noticed it was me. He gave me a sad, horrible glare, like he was fighting back yelling at me or crying, or both.

“How gentlemanly of you,” I sneered as I got to my feet, dusting off the dirt from my clothes. I grabbed my backpack from the ground as well and take a sharp turn and start leaving when he grabs my shoulder spinning me around to face him.

“(Nick-Name), p-please, listen to me, I-I-I-” I pushed his hand from my shoulder and shook my head stopping him from rambling on.

“I know, you’re sorry about everything. But Arthur, I can’t ever trust you again, you lied to me, and used me. I don’t want to be around somebody that can’t control themselves, or that I can’t trust. It’s over, just stop trying, I don’t even want to be friends. Just leave me alone,” I told him and left taking a slow walk down the hall as I got angry all over again.

Once I was out of sight around a corner I let out a growl, and started running to the doors. Once I got outside and made it to the stairs I stopped and looked down at my shoes, covered in drawings and splatters of paint here and there. “Dammit,” I sighed and started walking again.

“Hey, Fraulein! Ready to go?” Gilbert ran up to me with a large grin on his pale face.

“Sure,” I harshly let out and kept walking past him.

“Hold on, wait a second,” He stopped me and started running back to the school, when he came back he had someone else with him, “This is my bruder, you remember, right? Awesome, so Ludwig this is (Name) und (Name) this is Ludwig, but I call him West. Now we are all awesome best friends and can get on with this awesome day!” Gilbert shouted with a large smile on his face.

I looked over to his brother, he looked rather stone cold. “Hey,” I spoke and walked over to him, “Nice to meet you,”

“Nice to meet you too,” Ludwig and I shook hands and both gave each other a nod.

“I don’t want to sound freaky or anything,” I began, “But I think you and I are going to be the best of friends, you don’t seem like the talking type,” I told Ludwig and he let out a small grunt.

“Ah, no, I don’t ever really speak unless spoken too,”

“But he does yell a lot at home, right Westy~” Gilbert mocked behind us and reach up behind his brother and started to pinch the blonde’s cheek and making kissy faces.

“Will you stop?!” Ludwig smacked away the albino’s hand angrily.

From here on out, I ended up showing these two our part of the neighborhood because turns out these two lived seven houses down from me. “It’s nothing special,”

“Sure it is, it could be just as awesome as me,” Gilbert walked up next to me and I gave out a shrug. For a few seconds, I grew quiet and wouldn’t talk and I glared at the ground because I knew who’s house we were passing. No one noticed, which happened to be a good thing, and I was happy to get a move on.

“Here, you guys go drop your stuff off at home, and I’ll go drop of mine own crap and we can get a move on. Meet you guys back here in twenty?” I asked passing them standing there, I started to walk backwards with my hands on my backpack straps and a smile on my face.

“Awesome! No problem (Name), see you then!” Gilbert rushed out and then ran up to his house, his brother behind him shaking his head and sighing.

“Daaaaaad! You home!?” I called out once I got inside; I kicked off my shoes and started to look around. “Dad?” I called out again. Taking that as he was not home I made it to my room down in the basement. Which I once shared with my brother, but he moved out and went off to college. So after he moved out I took a huge ass hammer and smashed the wall down between our rooms. Then Dad and I put in a door way and made the second room my closet. Yes, my closet is very big and full of computer stuff that no one knows about.

I changed my clothes to some normal jeans that had a bunch of writing all over them in colorful markers, a (f/c) T-shirt with grumpy cat on it and then a matching sweater to go with. Running back upstairs I actually ran into Dad.

“Oh hey, you’re home!” I smiled “I thought you were at the office again,”

Giving me a tired smile and shaking his head he yawned “No, I got back an hour ago but I might be called back in, don’t know yet. How was school?”

“Horrible, I hate it! Can I just be home-schooled or something?” I complained and followed him into the kitchen.

“What happen this time?” He sighed while making some coffee.

“Nothing, just stupid people. Stupid-stupid-stupid-stupid!” I started to punch the counter in anger and let out a low growl, “Arrest him daddy! Send him to jail! I hate that stupid red coat bastard!”


“Ah....haha, Sorry Dad, but still! Pleaaaaaaaaase, you’re a cop! Send him away or something,”

“Has he done anything against the law?”

“You know what he did,”

“Well princess, there is nothing that I can do. As much as it pains me that some boy hurt you, it’s a part of life, and,” He stopped and turned to face me.

“Oh god no,” I facepalmed

“I TOLD YOU SO! I told you so (Name)! I so called it, that boy was no good for you! I hated that bastard anyways, good riddance!” Dad cheered with hoots and howls at this.

“We dated for two years Dad, that really hurt,” I frowned and took his coffee from the counter and downed half of it. Even if it burned like hell.

“Sorry princess, but you wouldn’t listen to me and I told you when he broke you’re heart I would do this,” He took the coffee from me and filled it up again. “Now, I will be glad to not have to stalk you this year in my police car to make sure no guy is doing you wrong.”

“ came to prom last year and watched me through the window the binoculars and every time I went to go dance with Arthur you screamed into a megaphone and told him to keep his hands off me. You’ve done enough,” I said matter-of-factly and headed to the door. “Besides, I have to go show some new friends around town, I’ll be back later,”

“No later than 10:00!”




“Fine, now get out of here!” Dad let out a laugh as I rolled my eyes and ran out the door.
Running down the side walk with my feet slapping on the pavement I made it to Gilbert’s house just in time as he and Ludwig were walking out.

“You changed clothes? Wow, how girlish of you,” Gilbert teased with a raised brow and I just right out punched him in the chest. Giving out a cough he still grinned, “Nice to see you too,”

“Why don’t you stop smiling?! You’re like fucking Antonio!” I complained tossing my hands into the air.

“Who?” Both brothers asked and I shook my head.

“Someone else at school, you’d like him –he from Spain. And he is very friendly and happy go lucky. I could imagine him at the dentist, and he is getting a tooth ripped out, and he is that one potion smiling happy and just talking with his mouth full when the dentist asks him about his weekend.”

“Oooo, that’s a little too happy,” Ludwig commented and we all ended up laughing about it as we headed into town.


“First stop, the bridge,” I told the brothers as we stopped walking on the sidewalk right before a old long stone and concrete bridge over a small calm river, flowing on concrete.

“What, this is a place?” Gilbert asked and started to lean over the railing.

“Yeah, it’s more of a rebel place, Ludwig wouldn’t like it,” I teased and I watched him give me a pointed glare.

“Why not?” I turned back to Gilbert as he started to climb over. He swung a leg around and then the other, dangling his feet over the railing.

“Because, it’s a late night thing, I use to come here. I don’t anymore –don’t ask- but on Fridays you can find a mass of just random teenager sitting around down below getting higher than a kite or listening to music. There’s actually a building down there underground.” I said just as Gilbert jumped over and plopped down to onto the dry river banks below.

Ludwig and I quickly followed him down and we slowly walked over to the underside of the bridge. There, up against the large concrete support structure, there was a large iron door sticking out of place. No windows, no lights, just a door and an old torn plaid couch next to it. Inside, it looked like a bar, except you had tons of couches everywhere and bean bag chairs or book cases and such.

“Can we get in now?” Gilbert turned to me and I shook my head.

“It’s run by some high school drop outs and they’re college buddies, hardly anyone knows this is here. Years back, the ground under the road behind the bridge collapsed, it was back in like the 80s. So some people ended up finding it and fixing it up, this….cave they found. It was actually a real bar, see the road over there, it leads here. This land was bought by some old guys and they fixed it.

After a couple of years, and after the old guys died, people stopped coming to this underground bar and it was abandon until maybe ten years ago, the new owners bought the place and run it now, A lot of people don’t even know about this place anymore, hardly anyone new ever comes anymore. It’s more like a club now, but anyone can walk in. Just people are really close here, and they don’t trust strangers. Mostly drop outs, punks, goths, and college students come here. And everyone knows everyone so be careful, got it?”
Gilbert nodded his head, not even looking at me as he followed Ludwig, looking at all the graffiti along the underside of the bridge above us.

I pulled them away from there, and showed them into the heart of our awkward city. It was small, and without tall buildings, but it had a Wal-Mart, a huge mall, and all those other things you’d find getting off the highway.

“Here, you’ll find everything you need,” We stopped on main street, it was quiet here, and as the sun set, it was still alive. People were walking out of the movie theater and going over to roller skating ring a crossed the street. Others were running into the pizza shop for some dinner. The library was still open and college student would walk in and out. Plus the local college was just down the road so plenty of older students were walking down from their dorms to go into town and have fun on a Friday.

“Wow, this place looks like it’s lost in time,” Ludwig commented as he gazed around at all the people, the old fancy brick styled building squished together.

“Ja, (Name), this place is pretty awesome,” I shrugged as Gilbert walked up next to me.

“Don’t be telling me, I’ve lived here my whole life, it’s nothing special to me. Come on, let’s go to the arcade, it’s Friday and I get discount on tokens because I’m a regular.” I grinned and started running off down the side walk with those two hot on my trail.


It was around 9:15 when we left the arcade laughing and getting over joyed by our games.
“Ludwig, you…I don’t even understand how you are so good at those shooting games! I thought you said you’ve never played a video game before this!” I pointed over to him and he gave me crooked smile, extremely close to the same one his older brother was giving me as he ate away at cotton candy.

“I never had, I guess I’m just naturally good at it,” He shrugged and looked ahead with his smile dimming down.

“Bagwanner’s ruck!” Gilbert scoffed with a mouth full of pink cotton candy, he shoved another handful and spoke again, “Your owny goo becas a meh!”

I rolled my eyes and stole some cotton candy from him as he let out a hiss and gave me a glare, “Pfft, my money bought that dude, you own me some. Besides, you’re eating it like a pig and it’s is disgusting,”

He swallowed and gave me a grin, “I try my hardest, it only is natural when you have this much-”

“Awesome we know!” Ludwig and I both yelled back at him in sync. The albino blinked, startled by us but then he gave a smile and chuckled.

“I guess you guys are finally catching on,”

“You know what, we’ve got a few more hours or so before we need to head home, want to go to the amusement park?” I stopped and face the two of them.

“Was, wollen sie mich veräppeln, ja!!” Gilbert screamed and tossed the cotton candy over his shoulder.

“Ahh..” I let out a shaken smile and slowly nodded my head as he started to drag me along, Ludwig not too far behind as we headed south of main street.


“Welcome to Traitors Valley Amusement Park. Excuse the name of it, legend says it was created after a bunch of traitors of this park of the country to get back the love of society, now it it’s owned by six flags,” I explained as we walked up to the main gates.
We paid to get in, and ran off, going here and there, and the best part was going on the roller coasters at night like this. Although, Ludwig actually chickened out after the first roller coaster, which was actually pretty funny.

We played a bunch of those stall games or whatever you called them. I won a poster of my favorite TV show, a goldfish pillow, a body pillow of my favorite anime character which I was really surprised that they had. And some money, I got 50 bucks from some hoop toss game.

On the other hand, Gilbert got a shit ton of random little things, like he could have gotten the big prizes, but no, he wanted all the little toys. So I bothered to ask why. “I want to give them to a little friend of mine,” he explained when I asked.

“A little friend?” I raised a brow and turned to Ludwig who somehow managed to get a beer, good thing these places don’t check for ID. He just shook his head, in what look like disappointment and embarrassment.

“Ja, maybe you’ll me him one day,” He told me and started walking off towards a small food court area full of late night dinners.  

“Uh, okay...umm. I don’t know what you mean by that, but I’m going to make a joke about it,” I cleared my throat and put a fist up to my lips and waited for them to stop and looked at me. “You-a say-a five-a meters! But-a now you-a say five-a centimeters!” I moved my hands like an Italian and did my best accent, doing that little hand thing were you pinch your fingers and thumb together and moved them back and forth with every word.

Ludwig let out a small chuckle and shook his head as Gilbert slowly took in my words.  Suddenly he glared at me and got in my face, like he was inches from my face and whispered, “Oh come on, don’t act like you don’t want it. I outa just beat you down for even mocking me,”

“Bring it small fry,” I sneered at him with smirk tracing my lips.

His red eyes narrowed and he gave me a slower frown and growled. Suddenly he grabbed me and tossed me over his shoulder and held me tight there, not letting me go as I kicked him and punched his upper back and neck.

“Come on West, let’s take Miss Priss home. Don’t want her Daddy gettin’ worried, do we?” Gilbert taunted as we started to leave.

“Let me go dammit! Don’t make me kill you Gilbert!” I shouted and squirmed as much as I possibly could. For the rest of the time, the two brothers spoke in hushed German back and forth between each other. I wish I knew what they were saying. I only knew like five German words, all swears.

So I growled out a “Verdammt Arschloch” under my breath and crossed my arms.

Once the words slipped past my lips Gilberts grip on my tight so much that it started to hurt to breath. I could just see the teasing look on his face, covered in false victory, “What was that?” His voice slithered out in a coxing, sweet sound full of lies.

“You heard me!” I coughed out and punched his back.

“No, no, I don’t think I did” He was crushing me now! “Maybe a sorry, would make it easier on my virgin ears,” He threatened with a smile.

Rolling my eyes I shook my head, “Sorry,” I muttered in a low growl and abruptly I fell and was caught just before I landed on my ass. Gilbert held onto my shoulders and brought me to my feet and dusted off my shirt for me. I smacked his hand away when he got a little too close to my chest with that stupid grin of his. “Hahnsaugendirne!” I screamed with fire in my eyes and spun around and ran like hell.

I left those two, about three blocks from their own home and from mine but it wasn’t long before the both of them caught up to me. Ludwig was actually the first one; he cut me off and forced me to run back to where Gilbert was sprinting, I ended up getting caught between the two of them.

It was when I was trapped did I calm myself and then crossed my arms, still standing like I was ready to run off, but at least I wasn’t moving anymore.

“Gott! Where did you learn such horrible words like that (Name)! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” Gilbert wheezed out as he tried to catch his breath.

My arm loosed some, but then instantly got tighter and my glare became colder, “My mother’s dead, thanks.”

He instantly looked back at me with wide eyes and I’m sure he got paler, I heard Ludwig give out a grunt at his brother and I looked at him behind me, he was now glaring at Gilbert, expecting him to apologize to me.

Gilbert began to hang his head, “Ah, I-I-I I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by that, I was just kidding around,”

“Yeah, whatever, it’s okay,” I reassured and loosened up again, “Come on, let’s head home,” I walked off, slowly they followed and the tension in the air vanished in the wind.
Once we got down to our houses We said goodbyes, and made plans to meet up on Saturday, Ludwig –and Gilbert surprisingly- had a Soccer or…football game whatever people call it nowadays. So I said I would go watch it, have fun, and it gave me a chance to get fall sports for yearbook.

Just as I started to leave their driveway, Gilbert ran back up and started walking with me. “What are doing?” I asked looking up to him and he gave me a shrug.

“Thought I’d walk you home, I owe it to you for showing us around,” He looked back to me with a large grin as he shoved his hands into his jeans pockets.

I turned my gaze back to the side what, glaring some, “This wasn’t a date; you don’t have to walk the girl home. Especially when she live like five house down from you,”

“Pfft, yeah I know, but still, you had to put up with me and my brother. My Vater says we’re a handful to just listen to –mostly me, but still you get the idea,”

“Sure,” I mumbled out. When I got to my yard I turned back to Gilbert and he was still grinning his ‘awesome’ grin at me. “Today was actually pretty fucking awesome, you should text me sometime,” I told him, give a slight smile.

“I don’t have your number” He drawled out and I reach out and grabbed his arm and pulled my must-carry-favorite-marker out of my back pocket. Slipping his long back sleeve up I place the cap between my teeth and pulled it off, slowly writing down my number.

“I’d just swap phones with ya,” I slurred past the marker cap, “But I had my phone taken away, I’ll get it back soon,” After I wrote down ever digit and check twice, I slipped the cap back on and stuffed the marker in my pocket.

He looked back at the numbers scribbled in black, standing out on his pale arm, “Awesome,” he mumbled and gave me a grin. “See, tomorrow then?”

“I’ll bring my camera for the game, get some nice ass pictures of everyone” I joked and he let out a strange laugh.

“Alright~!” He messed up my hair, ruffling it and leaving before I could smack him, “See you at the game!” He waved goodbye and ran off laughing.

I watched him leave until he got too far away and only became a small shadow the ran into his front yard. “Yeah….See you at the game” I muttered as my lips twitched up into a smile. As I turned around to go up my front porch I screamed at the sight before me. “OH MY GOD DAD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?

Because I am going to Germany in the morning, I was going to make a GermanyXReader one, but then I was like, NOPE PRUSSIA IS COOLER! And then this was born~!:iconyayprussiaplz:

And in respect of the awesome one :iconsuckitlosersplz: yes

Ahhhh this is going to be so much fun, Prussia is my favorite Character, and this Idea came to me while was actually at my friend's soccer game! LKJSKJD:SKDJ: So this happened o u o

ALSO: Remember those places Reader-Chan shows the brothers, they are very important! Anyways, night kids, Kay's got a long way to go in the morning, PLANE RIDE HERE I COME

Next Chapter: Coming soon~!


Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story/plot (c) :iconkay-love-pain17:
Anything else each it's owner
You (c) :icongilhump2plz:

By the way, I have no idea were this is really going, I'm just winging it from here on out //killed
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