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“I-I-I’m fr-fr-r-ree-zi-ing m-my as-as-ass o-ff-ff!” I shivered walking with Gilbert. He was laughing, and walking to my left, gazing at all the lights and monsters hung around the amusement park. We already went tick-or-treating and stashed all the candy in his car. From there, on our way around the park we scared kids and went into a few haunted houses. Some were okay, some sucked, and some made me almost piss myself –even Gilbert who wouldn’t admit it.

“Then you shouldn’t have worn a skirt frau!” He grinned at me and I gave him a glare.
Huffing out a breath I shivered and wrapped my Prussia blue coat around me. “I-I-I on-only wore th-th-th-is-is  fo-for yo-you ja-ja-jack a-a-ass,” I held my teeth clamped as best as I could. Because you see, I wore some female version of Gilbert’s costume because well, let me tell you how the conversation went.

It started with me calling Gilbert complaining that I had no idea what he wanted me to do.
“(Name), how about I come to your place with my costume on, and you can find something to match it?” He asked and I could hear Ludwig in the back ground –or maybe was it his dad- yelling at him to get off the phone at the dinner table.

“I don’t want to be some matching couple dude, that’s creepy,”

“Ow…OW THAT HURT! Don’t call me creepy because that is the worst thing to call a guy! I don’t mind be a fucking- oh sorry Vater – being a huge jerk to people. But if I’m called creepy I don’t get any fancy ladies to play with me, I can NOT let Francis steel all the hot ones!”

“....Fine, whatever, now get back to eating you’re man penises before you get punched in the face by your dad,” After that I hung up and went back down stairs to watch some T.V with Dad.

He was getting all up in my business again to. Asking me random question, making sure I’m not taking drugs. Trying to find out just who and what Gilbert was. I was getting really sick of it, so much that I offered to make dinner myself tonight.

“Sure, if you want to,” Dad gave me a victorious smile.

I glared, but got an idea. “Daddy, can I see your wallet? I need to check my credit card score and stuff,”

“I took it away for a reason, princess; I can do it for you later,”

Frowning, I quickly thought of a way for him to hand it over, “But you don’t know my passwords,” I pointed out, and he sighed handing over the leathery holy grail. See, my Dad, he was my own personal bank and that is why I love him.

I took into the kitchen and quickly grabbed my phone speeding dialing the Chinese takeout place. The deed was done, and it came to a total of like fifty bucks and change. “Take that for dinner, DAAAAAAAAD” I whispered screamed.

“Did you say something (Name)?”

“N-no!” Twenty minutes later, I answered the door to dinner, and handed over the money. Grinning happily I skipped over to Dad and placed all the yummy goodness on the coffee table. “Dinner, is server,”

He gave me a look that told me he was impressed but pissed, “This is coming out of your college fund,” He said and took out the chicken fried rise and chop sticks.

“Suuuuuuuuure. Colleeeege,” I laughed and took my own food and started eating away.
It wasn’t until later, after Dad left for work, did Gilbert show up. He just invited himself in and started drinking away at my milk in the fridge while I was showering upstairs. When I came down in a towel drying my hair to get my phone off the kitchen counter is when I caught him drinking and eating away at my stuff!

“Ooooooh~ Is this you’re costume?” Gilbert smirked and raised a brow at me. He was dress in some….outfit.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!” I screamed and grabbed the closest thing to me and whipped it at him, hitting him right between the eyes with a wooden spoon.

“Dammit! That hurt, I was kidding! Kidding!” He flinched away as I grabbed the next thing, a glass plate, and turned his back to me to give me the privacy I rightfully deserved. Grabbing my phone I hurried down stairs to my room, changing into some shorts and a tank top and called Gilbert to get his fat ass down here.

“So what the hell are you?” I asked as he walked in. I took notice that all of his piercings were gone, he didn’t have the black eye liner and his hair was somewhat neat looking, popping out from under his fancy hat. Even his nails were no longer covered in black paint, he look …normal.

“I told you, I’m a Prussian soldier…of sorts!”

“Um, okay? So what do you want me to wear? You know what, just go through my closet and find what you want. I don’t even want to dress up so I’m not going to put the effort towards looking for these clothes.” I told him, and I watched him go wild in my closet, snatching all the right things.

While he did that, I looked him over some more; he had a long coat or was it a cape, maybe both? But on the inside of it was red which was kind of flashy. He almost looked like a pirate, but…really flashy! Like he was meant to be ready for a war on logic! He looked smart –and rather attractive (not because I like my men in a uniform, no.) Around his wrist you could see where the coat turned out, and it shown red with lace with his golden cufflinks.

A cross on a chain hung from a rose on his hat and he would blow the plum out of his face every now and them. I could see black glove sticking out of one of the pockets and a sword shined latched to his hip. He looked like a general, a commander, a leader. Someone that had too much power, so much he didn’t know what to do with it! Eventually, like all powerfully people it would all just wither away.

I couldn’t help but just watch him. Every time he turned his fabulous cape flushed up and moved in a memorizing fashion. “Gilbert,” I muttered out, not even paying attention to what horror like words were about to slip from my lips, “You’re really fucking hoograh” Quickly I stopped myself and slapped a hand over my mouth. Good thing I whispered most of it.

But he stopped rummaging through my stuff and slowly turned to me with such a malicious look, I gave into him more! What the hell is going on!? “What did you say?” he leered.
“Nothing!” I shouted out and stood up, “Have you found enough stuff for the costume?!”

“Suuurre, but why don’t you take a picture? It lasts longer. Then you can look at my awesome hotness 365 days a year. Keseseseseses~!” I grabbed my pillow from my bed and whipped it at him, sadly missing. While I waited for him to keep going through my stuff I deiced to turn on my iPod and listen to music.

It was on the doc, and I didn’t care if he heard the music I liked, because it didn’t matter. I would sit on my bed, brushing out my hair and putting on what little make up I was told to wear.

So, I would mutter along to my favorite songs. It didn’t play very loud, but it was loud enough to where Gilbert had to shout to get my attention.

Turning it down I looked over to him and he just simply tossed me some blue coat I never remember having. It wasn’t like his; it was black on the inside. Catching it I placed it next to me as he went back to finding clothes and me-….doing my own thing.

About an hour later is when he had a full outfit for me. It had a long blue coat that went down to my thighs and a skirt just as short and some really tall white boots. He got me a hat that went with his hand handed me a sword he brought over himself. “There, you’ve now become one with the awesome,” He grinned.

He kept on stringing out my white blouse light shirt and pulling at the sleeves to make them perfect with each other. I looked just like him but in female version. Other than the albino part too!

I swatted his hands away when his nit picking became too much. I took the sword and got it placed on my hip, pulling it out of its metal case with a long hiss of the beautiful metal gliding out. “Woah,”

Gilbert pulled out his sword too and held it in front of his face before slashing at me just missing my neck. “I know right! I got them from my great grandfather before he passed away! He was a true Prussian man, and I only have two. Don’t fucking mess that one up or I’ll shove it up your ass!” He warned.

I pushed away his blade as best as I could without cutting myself, and look at the detailed carvings in my own. It was wonderful, and its handle had some kind of golden leather or rope around it.  “Yeah, okay. Thanks for letting me use it I guess,” I muttered and placed it back in the case.

“No problem! Now let’s go! Awesomeness awaits!” He dragged me out and into the chilled night so we could begin our terror.

Now, as I was turning into a human Popsicle, I was truly beginning to regret this. I shivered on, as my teeth chattered together. Gilbert hardly even noticed my discomfort until I grabbed the sleeve of his coat and tugged on it, seeing it was impossible for me to speak now.

“Hmm?” He stopped and looked over his shoulder at my hardy glare. I watched a smile slip onto his lips. “Cold?” He mocked and I punched his arm. A chilly breeze blew past us, and he shook his head and looked around.

Swiftly, he grasped my arm and dragged me off into the theme park’s arcade. When the warm air it my face, I felt my blood rush and I gave out a sigh. “Thanks,” I murmured out as we both sat down on a bench next to Pac-Man machine.

He let out a short laugh “No problem,” slipping off his coat handing it to me. Hesitating I took it wrapping it around me hastily. We sat there for about ten minutes before Gilbert ran off again leaving me behind. I sat alone, watching kids pass, or play games. When he came back, he had two massive mugs with steam rising off of them.

Grinning as he sat down giving me one. I took in a whiff of its sweet sent. “Apple cider?” I asked look back up to him as he rapidly nodded his head.

“Thought it’d help,” He shrugged and took down a drink of his own.

It was like this for what, an hour? We just sat there, drinking apple cider warming back up to get ready to go back out into the cold. I never remembered this happening, but I fell asleep up at some point. Gilbert shook me awake slightly, and I lifted my head off his shoulder looking over to him with barely open eyes. He said something like he had to go, or the arcade was closing –I wasn’t paying attention.  

Helping me to my feet Gilbert pulled me out of the arcade before I yanked my arms away from him. “Stawp,” I growled out, “Turn around,” I then ordered him.

“What? Why?” Gilbert eyed me but slowly turning around anyways.

“Shhhh, just let me do this-”

“Do wh-(Name) What the hell are you doing!?”


“Oh my god! No! What the fuck this is creep- OUCH! Stop hitting me!”

“Stop telling me what to do dammit! NOW HOLD STILL I’M ALMOST DONE! JUST A FEW MORE INCHES OKAY!?”

“...That sounds really weird, just- will you get off of me!?”

“Nope, too late," I let out a long drawn out yawn and got comfortable on Gilbert’s back. “On word and forth word my noble steed.” I snuggled up to the back of his neck and let out a content sigh, “You’re master is tired, she needs sleep and will not walk six blocks back to your car.”

Letting out a heavy sigh Gilbert didn’t complain. “You know you could’ve just asked instead attack me,”

I shook my head and muttered out grumbles of words already falling asleep again on this piggy back ride from Gilbert. It was nice, that he was listening to me again. And that I could possible turn him into a man slave if I must.  

It was quiet for a long time as I drifted in and out of sleep. I would start to wake up every time I felt myself slipping off his back and suddenly Gilbert would be yelling at me that he couldn’t breathe and that I was over reacting. Okay, maybe I did choke him a bit, but hey, anyone else would have done the same thing if they woke up fall off someone’s back.

When we got to his car later park back in town, I remember waking up and stumbling into the passenger seat and closing the door. I curled up into a ball as the lulling sound of the car’s engine eased me back to sleep.

Until Gilbert stirred me awake that is. He poked me once; twice three times in the cheek then pinched me. I swatted his hand awake and shot up in the passenger seat.

“What?” I snapped glaring at the albino next to me and that stupid laugh of his!

His red eyes stayed on the road as he laughed at me. If only I could smack him right now!“I want to know where you want me to take you!” He said.

“Hooooome,” I groaned out some more, and he didn’t say anything else, to my likings. I didn’t want to go back to sleep, no. So instead I watched the road with all the other passing cars and other kids on the sidewalks with bags full of candies. It made my heart hurt as I watched little girls dressed in shiny ball gowns being carried by their mothers. They probably are going home to be tucked in with two loving parents to kiss them goodnight and wish them sweet dreams. Not alone and afraid of the monsters in the dark.


As I pulled my garbage bag of candy out of the back, Gilbert showed up next to me. “Hey,” I muttered out with a nod. With one last yank I tossed the bag over my shoulder with ease.

“Hey,” he nodded and closed the trunk.  He followed me as I walked up to my front door and took out my keys to unlock it.

“Thanks for a pretty cool Halloween Gil,” I pressed a smile as I opened my door, “Want to stay for the night?” I offered and he let out a grin.

“Well, it is around one in the morning,” He pointed out as I rolled my eyes. “And I don’t really feel like going home to be lectured about curfew so, why not?” He waltzed past me as I started to regret this.

We went down to my room in the basement and settled for just eating our candy and watching TV for about two more hours. In the middle of the best part of the show an important factor hit me.

I got up from the couch and strode over to my closet, opening it up. I could feel Gilbert’s eyes watching me as he turned around to see me rummaged through my clothes. I pulled out a shirt, one of my dad’s old ones. Some race car shirt and a pair of long cotton pajama bottoms for myself. Next I got an old Star War’s shirt, one of many I stole from my brother when he moved, along with some angry bird pajama bottoms also stolen from my brother.

“Here, you can wear these instead of that,” Handing Gilbert my brother’s clothes, he didn’t say anything. He looked puzzled but took them anyways. “Don’t worry; I stole them from my brother, okay?”

“You have a brother?” He asked.

Nodding, I started stripping off the costume not even caring that he was there. “Yeah, he’s 22 and in college. He’s that kind of brother that is really mellow, but really smart. He was the valedictorian of his graduation class and even gotten in to Harvard University. He’s a long way from home probably banging his fiancée,” I tossed the coat to the floor then started pulling and unbuttoning the shirt.

Still Gilbert watched so I gave him a slight glare. “He’s getting married?”

“Yeah, but not for about four more years, I don’t see him anymore. But I still talk to him. Like over Skype or phone calls. He’s really pissed at my Dad and refuses to speak to him,” Finally I got that stupid blouse shirt thing undone and I whipped it off, left in my tank top. I took that off to and grabbed my dad’s shirt slipping it on. “Enjoying the show?” I scoffed.

“You know it,” He grinned. I slipped off the black shirt and kicked it to someplace else in my room. Suddenly Gilbert jumped over my couch and snatched my PJ bottoms away from me. I was left empty handed and in my (f/c) underwear with tiny skulls all over them.

“GILBERT!” I screamed and ran after him as he jumped over my bed and stood on the other side of it.

“Keseseseseses~ (Name) please, you brought this on yourself!” He mocked and I jumped on my bed then tackled him to the ground.

Landing in a heap on the floor I speedily moved to sit on him. He laid flat on his stomach with his face buried into the carpeted floor. “Give them to me, now!” I hissed through my teeth.

Rolling over, Gilbert knocked me off of him. I let out a shriek as he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder. “I like you better this way, besides, you won’t need them when done with you anyways,”

“Do you even know where you are sleeping Gilbert?! Right there, see that couch! Or in my closet! You will not be anywhere near me once I’m done with you! Put me down!” I squirmed and wriggled my way out of his grasp. Snatching back my PJs I let out a triumphant laugh. “Ha! In yo face mother fucker!”

“Wait what did you mean about your closet?” He asked as I quickly slipped on the bottoms.

“Didn’t you see how big that thing was, I have a whole other room behind it! This isn’t just my room dude.” I watched him look around. The spiral stairs in the far coroner next to the couch and TV led up to the ground floor. On the complete other side of my room was my bed also where we stood now. A desk was next to us, and some other things like decorations of some of my favorite things. A bathroom was placed a crossed them room near the couch and then there was my closet.

“Behind all the cloths is Narnia. And by Narnia I mean a study that has all my photograph stuff in it and a dark room with my computer and cool stuff. And another bed, my closet is –was- my brother’s room. We don’t have a guest bedroom. After my mom died Dad turned it into his personal office,” Gilbert nodded his head taking in my words.

“Can I see?” He asked.

“Nope, not today at least,” I pointed over to the bathroom, “If you want you can take a shower, feel free to use my girly shampoo and soaps,”

I heard him give out a sigh, “Great, now I get to smell like flower an’ shit! Yippy,” I let out a laugh and soon did he.

Crawling into my bed I kicked around the blankets until they formed a little nest around me. Turning on my bed side lamp, I grabbed a personal photo album of mine and went through it as I waited for Gilbert to get done showering.

When he came back his white hair was damp and sticking out at all ends. Briefly I looked up at him as he tossed his costume on the floor next to the couch. He was crawling up to sit next to me on my bed. “What’cha lookin’ at?”

“Old pictures,” I told him flipping the page to see a large picture of me and my mom in her garden out behind the house.

“She’s pretty,” Gilbert told me, and pointed at my mom, “You look like her,”

“You’re lying,” I spoke bitterly; “I’m nothing like her. She was perfect in every way. And I’m just a miserable mistake,”

“Pfft, no you’re not (Name). You’re like, almost as awesome as me!” He grinned at me, I met his eyes with a sour frown. Blinking he quickly looked back down to the photo. “What ever happened to her?” His voiced dropped a bit to a more real, calm tone.

“She died getting hit by a drunk driver. But brother blames my dad for her death. That’s why they don’t talk anymore. But she was out getting a few things at the store, and her car wasn’t working at the time so she walked, she said didn’t mind,” I stopped and took in a breath as I brushed my hand through my hair. “And, from what I was told, my dad was actually following this –this drunk driver at the time. He noticed the driver was swerving a bit, but that could be anything. They were coming in a four way intersection, there was a red light and my mom was crossing the road. She was hit and died.

“Luke, my brother, said that if Dad stopped and arrested the guy when he first noticed how he was driving that Mom would still be alive. Dad followed him for a half an hour. Just followed him around. It was late, and this was his last run –he just wanted to get home to see us. He wasn’t looking forward to going all the way back into the city to drive this guy to the station. He didn’t want to fill out more paper work, so he followed this driver. Hoping that he’d watch them get home safe. He didn’t know, no one knew that Mom would have been the one to get hit.”

I glared at the picture as I took in a few heavy breathes of air. “She died when I was fourteen, right when I got into high school. When I got to there I turned into this. Who I am now, some punk. I use to dress like this,” I pointed to myself in the picture and I handed the album over to Gilbert.

I was eight years old, and in a bright pink sun dress with neat pretty (h/l) curls of (h/c). “My mom loved dressing me in pink; it was her favorite color to put me in because she said it made me look cute. I use to wear dresses and skirts with pretty clothes,”

“What happened to you to make you change?” Gilbert let out a small uneasy chuckle as he asked.

“Arthur, he was the reason why I changed. What phase he went through –I went through. ‘It’s just a phase, you’ll grow out of it,’ is what my mom would tell me. And as I got into high school, the thing she wanted most was to see me in um….ah dress she made –hand made- for me in my first homecoming dance. She died two weeks before homecoming. I didn’t do, and I put away the dress. I don’t go to dances anymore, it’s a personal thing.”

Gilbert turned the page, and started looking at all the other photos. “That’s sucks,” he said a small number of minutes later. “I know how you feel in an odd unawesome way. My mom died a when I was seven. She was albino like me too, so she got sick a lot. She got sick and died in her sleep. Just gone like that. I don’t really remember her. I kinda only know the stuff I was told or what I see in pictures. Ludwig doesn’t have any memories of her at all, which is really not awesome at all. Altogether I know is she was just the one I’d go to when I’d get in trouble because my dad would punish me, and she would protect me. Or stop my dad from yelling at me is what mean,” He let out a small grin and closed the photo album handing it back to me.

I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to. This was the point where I should say Hey we have a lot of stuff in common, let’s talk about it! But it wasn’t that easy. Yeah, I felt a little closer to Gilbert than ever before now that I told him about my mom. He even told me what he knew about his past.  He even knew that when I was little that I was a little girly girl.

I was all pretty and in pink. A girl who wanted to grow up to be a princess and meet her prince charming someday. That girl believed in happy endings, romance and fairy tales. Was sweet and kind, she loved to bake and play pretend with her big brother.  She’d dress up and pretend to be her Dad and run around killing the bad guys. She loved school and learning, she even had a large group of friends. Of all people her best friend, the one she could trust in no matter what was a stubborn and shy little British boy that broke her heart years later.

I pushed all my thoughts away and got onto my knees and turned to Gilbert. I pressed on a smile and leaned forward towards him, getting all up in his grill. “You paint your nails black all the time, don’t you?” I tipped my head as I asked, inches closer to his face.
He forced out a nervous laugh and tried backing away from me, but ran into the head board of my bed. “A-a-ah, yeah, sometimes,” He shifted his gaze away from me and I grinned some more.

“And eye liner too? I’ve seen it, you like drawing attention to your eyes~ I don’t know why you do, because every time you walk into a room everyone looks at you. Why do you do it? I mean, you even have like high heels that look like leather stripper boats, are you not telling me something Gil? Are you…are you gay?” I whispered the last part with a grin as he glared fiery daggers at me.

“No, I’m not. I do it because that how I get girls like you to ride my fucking disco stick!” He snapped and shoved me out of his personal space. Seems like I hit a spot right in his ego, and boy he didn’t like it.

“Penis,” I grinned and Gilbert let out a loud scream tossing his hands into his air and sliding off the bed. He stood a few feet away with his back to me and arms crossed. Oh how I would use this word, this word he hated so much against him.

“Gilbert?” I asked crawling to the edge of my bed. He didn’t say anything, so I tried again. “Gilly~?” Maybe he chuckled, but I couldn’t tell. So I stood up on my bed, and did an epic leap of faith yelling out “GILBERT LISTEN TO MEEH” landing on him knocking us both to the ground.

“Mein Gott! (Name) what the hell is wrong with you!” He scolded as I got off him with a teasing smile.

“Are you going to listen to me now?” He glared at me with a raised brow as he sat up. In conclusion he let out a sigh and brushed a hand through his white fluffy hair.
I let out a giddy grin and giggled for the first time in a long time. “Want to paint my nails Gil?”
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I'm still kind of sick, but better, :la: So have this, next chapter, to lazy to but a good description other than have fun reading and find the foreshadowing >:3c

Hetalia (c) Himaruya
Plot/Story (c) Kay-love-pain 17
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