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This winter has been pretty ruthless. It’s gotten so cold, so fast and it’s not even fun to go outside anymore! (Name) let out a short huff of breath, moving away from the window as the curtain fell back into place.

Work has been canceled to because of the elements outside. It was like a blizzard out there!

Slowly walking back to the couch she sat down with a frustrated scowl at the floor. “I hate the winter, why do I even live where it snows?!” She heard lovely laughter behind her after that. Turning around she saw her fiancé Feliciano.

A smile, cute and bright shined on his face as he walked up behind her. “You wanted to live close to friends, bella,” She rolled her eyes at that.

“Yeah, I know. Don’t rub it in okay?” But she still was giving off a small ghost of a smile. Just as she was getting off the couch the phone rang. Feliciano jumped and beat her to it.

Picking up the phone he gave a cheery “Ciao~!” He soon strolled off blathering and gossiping to whoever called. (Name) turned back to the floor, soon her brows knitting together again at the thought of the icy snow outside.

Suddenly there was a slight flicker from the lights above. They flickered and flashed again and made a slight spark sound. Everything went dark in the small house seconds later. “Feli?” (Name) got up from the couch and strode down the hall. Where did he go?

“Feliciano?!” She called out again.  Hmm, dammit! The power went out! Damn snow storm! She moved into the dining room. And soon enough he was found, hiding under the dining table. Even if he thought the world was going to end, he still had that glass of wine in his hand from earlier.

“(Name)!” His head shot up, but he whacked it on the table above him. He slowly went back down as he pressed a hand to the top of his head. The girl gave a small chuckle, walking over to her lovely Italian and helping him to his feet.

“Hmm,” She started with a smug look, “I guess the power went out,”

Feliciano pressed on a small grin and held up the now dead cell phone, “Ludwig was just talking about how he felt like the power would go out. Guess he was right,” The both giggled at that.

On the other hand, (Name) put her hands on her hips and looked around at the dark house, “Do we still have some candles?”

“Ah,” He turned to look in deep thought for a few seconds. But she could tell his mind soon wondered to other things. She nudged him, knocking him out of his little world and back to hers. “Oh! I think so. We might still have them in the closet in the hall,” He pointed to the dark chilling hallway.

He turned to her, and gave a sheepish grin, “You want me to get them?” She asked him, and he nodded his head. Sighing she went off. Shortly after that she found enough candles to light small bits and pieces of the house.

For the most part, when she finished lighting them all, the house was in a low glow. It was calming, and a bit romantic to say the least. Despite the fact that the wind howling outside would cry so loud it would send shudders down her spine.

There was a few short knocks at the door, and a smile dripped onto her face, “Oh thank god,” She muttered under her breath as she grabbed a coat and quickly button up. While she headed outside, Feliciano was figuring out, how in the world he could make pasta now!? They had an electric stove top, which you needed electricity to run.

Going back to (Name), she shut the door behind her and shivered in the wind, “Thanks for bring a generator over Ludwig, it means a lot,”

“It’s no problem,” The blonde told her. The German man was not only a good friend of Feliciano’s, but their neighbor as well. And he didn’t mind lending a few things here and there too! Like a much needed generator to power some things in the house.

“It’s got a full tank of gas,” Ludwig reminded her as they started hooking up power cords to the machine, “It should last you a good nine to ten hours if you don’t use too much power,”

She gave a wave of her hand as she unwound a power cord “Don’t worry, we only need it for the kitchen anyways,”

She thanked him again once last time, before he yanked the starting cord and got the generator to run. With that the helpful German man left.

“Perfetto!” Feliciano’s voice traveled to the woman as she slipped off her coat. “The stove is working again! Now I can make pasta!” She rolled her eyes and giggled to herself.

Even though (Name) wasn’t flipping her shit about the power being out, she really wanted to, but she’s got this passive aggressive thing down to a math. She wanted to go back outside and scream to the skies and curse the world for this horrible weather. She wanted to go to the power cords and snap at them, demanding that they work again so she could watch her movies again.

She wanted to go find Ivan and have him beat the crap out of anyone who got in her way until spring. She hated winter, she hated the cold, and she hated snow. So she couldn’t wait to move to Italy after she got married to the fumbling man in the kitchen now. He was just so cute and sweet, ah, she loved him so!

Still, the house was low lit as she walked down the hall to enter the kitchen. Feliciano was busy working away. “You know you don’t have to do this right?” He didn’t look up as he cut at fresh veggies on a cutting board.

“But of course I do!” He slid the knife over the bored and piled everything together. “I promised to make pasta tonight!” He looked up at her leaning on one of the counters. “Do you want to help?”

She mauled it over for a few seconds but she then realized she had nothing better to do. “Sure,” She flashed a smile and walked over to stand next to him, “What can I help you with chef~?” He chuckled at her cute joke and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Here, watch the sauce and keep stirring it. Don’t let it stick to the bottom!” He looked a little worried at the end of that, but she gave him a confidant nod of her head and took the wooden spoon from him. She went to the large pot and watched as he put in the last of the ingredients for the pasta sauce.

It seems they were making a type Tetrazzini. It was alfredo pasta sauce based, you know, the white pasta sauce? And it took a long, long time to make. Just about three hours or so. You had to cook the vegetables, cook the chicken, slow cook the sauce!

It was only ten minutes later did (Name) let out a complaint, “Gawwwd, why does this take so looooong?!” Her arm was getting heated up and tired so she switched to the other.

Feliciano chucked next to her as he pulled a bottle of white wine needed for the sauce from the fridge. “I don’t really know,” He said cheekily and popped the corker from the wine bottle with a loud pop. “But my Grandpa taught me how to cook it; maybe you could ask him when we get to Italia?”

A light blush spread on her face at the one word. She liked it a lot when he spoke Italian, even if Feli didn’t notice much. She like it a lot, a lot. And she’d always lose her cool hearing any Italian words. Even so, she’s learned to pick up a few words here and there too.

“(Name),” She was jerked from her thoughts, “Stai bene?” Did he even know? I think he knows I know, and I think he just doesn’t care, did that make sense?

She quickly nodded her head and turned her face away as she started to blush. “Awww~” Her eyes widened at his voice, “You look so cute when you blush! Molto carino!”

“Hmmm!” She let out a little growl and sucked up her pride. Pulling away from the oven top she let out a held breath. Then, like any fangirl, she fangirled and let out a little girlish squeal and glomped onto Feliciano.

One would think he’d be confused, but no. He knew all about (Name)’s little fangirling over things. He just didn’t let her know he knew about them. Sneaky, sneaky Feliciano, yooooooooou.

She held onto him in a tight hug and pressed her cheek to his chest and giggled like a girl. “Ooohhh! You are so cute! Ermmm! I love you so much Feli~!”

He gladly hugged her back and laughed with her, “Aww! I love you to (Name)~!”

“But do I have to keep stirring? Tiiireeeeed,” She let out a little whine and went on burying her face into his sweet scented shirt. Hmmmm~ soft~

She could feel him chuckle and she giggled too and tightened her hug when he told her, “No, we can take turns if you like,”

“Oh thank you!!” She pulled away and gave him a sweet kiss and went off to the cabinet to grab some bread and other little snacks to munch on while they cook. “You always have to taste test your food. So, let’s taste test it with some fresh Italian bread!” She gleamed at her devious idea. She was kind of hungry and this stuff smelled so good!

She gave a cheeky grin which Feliciano returned as she opened the bag of bread and tore of a little piece dipping it into the steaming pasta sauce. “Here~” She held up the bread to Feliciano’s lips and waited for him to take a bite.

When he did, he let out a long “Mhhmm~” And at the same time he bit onto her finger. He didn’t hurt her or anything, but she laughed at that and gave him a look. It was cute and very funny of him.

“What?” He asked after letting go and tipping his head to one side. She just rolled her eyes with a slight shake of her head.

And in those three hours, between cooking a slow chicken and small talk, it was actually pretty fun! Honestly, (Name) has always found cooking to be a bit boring, so she never really helped out Feliciano, or even bothered to watch him when he made dinner.

She knew he was a good cook, and figured it took a lot of effort and time to make great food. She didn’t want to take part in it for fear she’d turn out to be a cook like Arthur. She’d rather just ignore the shame all together.

But not anymore she won’t! She had a glass of white wine (which should be in the pasta sauce) and a little chunk of Italian bread in her hand. She leaned on the counter next to Feliciano who had the same things as her. Even now, that she’s been with him for a good few years, he still flirted with her like a high schooler!

It was cheesy and cute how he tried. It never got old, and it always made her blush lightly and take the complements.

When the chicken was done, and the sauce made perfectly three and a half hours later did they eat in the dining room to a low -not at all planed- candle lit dinner.

“Mhmm~!” (Name) sighed in delight at the food she helped to make. “This is really good!”

“Ve~ I’m glad you like it bella! You should help out with dinner more often!”

“Oh no problem! I totally will after this!” She took in another bite of the juicy piece of chicken covered in the alfredo sauce with a content sigh.

The rest of dinner was kept in a peaceful silence in the romantic sort of tone the candles help make. Maybe this power out isn’t so bad…?

Later they had to clean up the mess they made in the kitchen which was not fun at all…


It was starting to get late. While Feliciano was off doing his own thing, (Name) made herself comfortable on the couch, wrapped warm and cozy in fuzzy (f/c) blanket. She let out a content sigh, snuggling into the blanket.

These are one of the moments she wished she had a fire place in her house. If she really so desired to sit in front of a fire place like this, she could just go a crossed the road to Francis’s house. He has like, six of them because he says ‘they make the air more romantic,’ whatever that means…

Hearing the sound of walking behind her, she knew Feliciano was hiking around. And what do you know; he shows up with a sleepy smile on his face and sits down next to her. She gave him a smile, just as sleepy and tired as his.

“I talked to Ludwig, he said the power might be tomorrow too,” He sounded sad, possibly for (Name)’s sake. Seeing how she was upset that they had no power in the house.

But she wasn’t disappointed. In fact she didn’t seem to mind at all. “That’s okay,” She opened her arms, with the blanket hanging of them like wings on a bat, she engulfed Feliciano in a hug. “I’m fine with it as long as I get to spend more time with you like this. But we may need to get more candles, and possibly some flash lights too,” They both let out a set of giggles.

Curling up close to him she let out another content and eased sigh of breath. This was lovely. She desired that this could happen more often. That she could just stay home from work, and hang out with Feliciano like this. Everything was so humble and tranquil.

A yawn slipped past her lips as she rested her head on the brunette’s shoulder next to her. Who knew having no power could make everything so simple! With heavy eyes, she looked up at the sound of soft snoring above her.

“Hmm,” She tipped her head up and placed a soft warm kiss on his cheek before easing down back into her spot. I wish the power went out more often. An easy, and warm sleep fell over (Name) as sure curled up next to her beloved Feliciano.
o - o......I winged this, My power went out recently while I was at my boyfriend's place..... o 3 o This is what we did. We lit some candles and ate some food we made. 

I wanted to write abount it because I thought it would be really cute it Italy did the same thing > w < 

But I feel like this isn't really good, and like, not a good story dskjfglkdjshfglskdjf Oh well!

Picture found on Google(c) To it's owner I facking love that picture so much....Emergurd
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I love winter myself > w < And I based this off this past week for me, I had an icy snow storm and the power went out, I just got it back on. Reader-chan doesn't like it because of the power going out. Towards the end however she starts to change her mind about it ^^
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