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June 3, 2013
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GermanyXReader Was It His Fault?

Warning: I want to make sure I say this now; so I don’t upset anyone with what I have written. This story does take place after the World War II Time era. Actually, right at the end of the war. Some things will be said, along such lines of what happened during the time of WWII, as said with such events I put up this warning. If you don’t want to read about something like this, then don’t. As simple as that.

A/N: I got this sudden idea after book shopping with my best friend over the weekend. I love history to no end and I plan on going into a career of history. I got this book called; If The Allies Had Fallen. So I started reading it, it’s a good book with ‘What Ifs’. So it gave me the idea to write this.  Nuff said, Enjoy.


….It is read, that on this date that the Country of Germany shall be broken up and divided among the Allies. Split by Berlin and threw the city. A wall is to be built, splitting the east from west….

Ludwig was standing at a darkened table, a frown of defeat on his paled and battered face. Dull blue eyes read along the lines of this new and improved contract…or treaty. Either way, he saw it as his prison, not as reason for peace.
A second pair of eyes, red, watches Ludwig from behind. They would skimp down to the contract as well with embarrassment. “This is your fault,” They spoke, but their owner never uttered a word. In fact, he has not said anything to Ludwig for a few years now. But his pale face held a mixed cocktail of fury, agony, remorse and most of all betrayal.

Ludwig himself was coated in shame like sweat on a hot summer’s day. He stiffened his stance, and held his head with that last of his pride, reading the rest of this peace agreement. He skimmed it, but regretted ever looking ahead at this part.

“Read it out loud…..Germany ” Ludwig turned back slowly looking at those red eyes as they narrowed. Venom in his voice, and arms crossed See what you have done? His eyes screamed. Never before, not in a long time that is, has Gilbert ever called Ludwig by his county’s name.

Ludwig swallowed with a sigh and nodded reading out loud that of the paper “It is here by stated, that due to Germany’s first abolishment of Prussia, this country is now officially abolished and dissolved written by the Allies in turn. Lands shall be split between Russia and Poland.” Ludwig stopped; he could hear the snickering and little giggles from said Allies.

They all sat with smug grins on their faces, although they looked beyond repair. Arthur covered in white bandages here and there. His arm in a sling and uniform was still stained with deep blood. The Brit had the most of wounds, thanks to Ludwig. Every now and then he could still find blood oozing out of the pinkish bandages on Arthur’s head, covering more than half his face. Those pretty emerald eyes framed with black and blue rings.  Just like that of the face of Alfred. The American had little to no wounds at all, but his face was sorely painted with purple blotches. His grin was missing a tooth, one pearly white tooth was gone, say the same for his precious Pearl Harbor. And yet Francis looked fine; maybe he wore some feminine product to hide his weak shame. Lastly Ludwig growled, looking at Ivan and his smiling face, how it mocked him now. The Russian man was only covered with small cuts in odd places and a few burses. Not much more because his real war wounds were enclosed under his hideous scarf.

“Keep going Bruder ” Gilbert hissed again, and with that the blonde swallowed deeply and nodded, reading out loud again from this sickening treaty agreement.

“But, from words of that of Prussia, Gilbert, the personification, shall…….become that of East Germany. Here by working under the command of the Soviet Union.” Ludwig blinked in disbelief; his brother was to work for Ivan? Was…was he going to go and become this silly little say Ivan always said? What was it… One with Mother Russia?

The German slowly turned back to his brother, frowning and tipped his head, “Did you know this?” He asked, voice laced with great regret. His mind over flown with too much emotion of hatred for one’s self.

“Ja?” Gilbert started, arching a brow. He tipped his head at the Allies and shrugged “I didn’t think it would matter to you. Seeing that you dissolved your own brother, bring him to his knees, eh?” Gilbert then laughed with a mocking cackle the churned into a trifling and ill hidden cry. The albino sobbed out fuming arguments at his brother “Why!? I-I did nothing to deserve this! Because of y-you, I must die! Everything I am, gone because of you! M-my little brother, what have I done to you? And now you stand like a stone as you basically sell me away like a w-whore! Why aren’t you fighting anymore, at least for m-me!? I was fighting with you in the beginning anyways! Then next thing you know, Prussia is disowned. And I gave everything I had to you! My land, my kingdom, my country all to you! And I, the mighty fallen P-prussia, made you who you are to-today! Without me you would have d-died. Holy Roman would have never been unified to become G-germany! I did that! I did it for you! And this is how you repay me!? S-stabbing me in the back, do you get some t-twist of s-satisfaction out of this!?” Tears now freely ran down Gilbert’s face without shame. He had no pride left; he had nothing, all of the appreciations and cheers to Ludwig.

He fell to his knees, his pale hand over his mouth as he tried to clean away the burns from his salty tears. Gilbert looked back up to his brother with a trembling lip. “D-don’t let me go bruder, please don’t let them take me! You know I can’t stand a moment alone anymore like I could. I am nothing now! Please, hear me out I am begging you Ludwig don’t let them take me away to hell. I don’t want to die there because I know I will!”

“You won’t be dying, you are not nothing, fool,” A scoff, a mocking one at that came from behind the table. “Didn’t you hear? There is no more Germany. Your brother is just the same as you. All there is now is East,” Arthur pointed to Gilbert, “And West,” He then pointed to Ludwig. “But maybe your right, the only way you could ever die is if the Country of Germany is unified again. But that will never happen!” Arthur started to laugh with a smirk, which was cleaned away as fast as it came. “But if it did, it would not matter to you Gilbert because if this godforsaken land is ever unified, you’d die never seeing your brother.  You’ll never see each other again after this day.”

Ludwig felt his jaw tighten, he was trying to hold his features; clamping his teeth shut so tight it felt like they would shatter under the pressure. What has he done, why did he even think to do this? He thought for just one second, maybe it was going to get better. But no, he has never been so wrong.

“Sign the paper Ludwig. You have no choice but to. Just be grateful we are letting you live after what you have done.” Arthur narrowed his eyes at the blonde and nodded down to the treaty. It took all of Ludwig’s will to place his name down on that paper. Handing himself over to those damned Allies. What was he thinking!? Maybe Gilbert was right, at least try fighting for him! But… much as Ludwig hates to think about it, he was too weak, broken and left to fend for himself.

There Ludwig stood, watching Gilbert being dragged out kicking and screaming by Ivan. “Don’t worry Gilbert. You’ll be helping your brother build The Wall. So you have one last chance to see him, da? Then You’ll start working for me~” Ivan smiled so kindly it was nauseating to Ludwig. And when Gilbert didn’t stop his profanities in German, his fighting, Ivan kicked him in the gut and heaved him along further agents his will.

Ludwig swallowed down regret and his urge to fight them. He did this himself and he was going to suffer the consequences like a man.  Even later that night of August 13, 1961, as he constructed his prison with Gilbert, he never let on to the emotions he held inside. At least as the last seal of that concrete wall was being placed, he got to say good bye to Gilbert one last time.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ 25 years later, 1986 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Ludwig was walking alone through a crowded market. Today, he had to go along and see Alfred about whatever. After his country was split, he had to work for Arthur, Francis and Alfred. He was forced to do paper work for them, building things for them, paying them, and turning in war criminals. They would also give him a fair amount of supplies, but left him to rebuild his country on his own. They ran his government, while he cared for his people by rebuilding his mighty cities and bring back his true culture.

While Ludwig walked through the American region, he watched people pace by in fair manners. Yet something stood out. Something so new and different struck him as he watched this Girl talk in bother English and German to the passing people, handing out some fliers. Ludwig tipped his head at this girl as she spoke out.

“Please, put in the idea of taking down the Berlin Wall! Help to unify Germany once more and put the Easterners out of their misery!” The girl said to the people walking by. Many stopped smiling at her and taking her fliers and listening to what she had to say. She smiled every time someone said ‘Thank you’ to her. Her (e/c) eyes sparkled and you could just see the pride glowing off her.

Ludwig watched her for a few more seconds, and then walked up to this (H/c) haired girl. Her back was turned to him and he cleared his throat to get the young girl’s attention. She jumped, probably startled by this large fairly anger looking man behind her. He held out his hand to the girl and she gave him the one of her fliers. He read it over then asked without looking at her.  “You must have a lot moxie to do something like this,” Ludwig read over both the English and German of the paper.

She hesitated, brushing loose strands of her (h/c) locks from her face as she looked for the right words. “Y-yes well,” She sucked in a breath and her face grew hard as she stood tall. “I know what I’m doing if that’s what you’re asking mister.” Her German was rusty and had an accent to it. Ludwig could pick up that she was having a hard time speaking in his language.

He nodded his head and with his strict blue eyes he examined the girl. “Where are you from?” He asked. He watched her think so more to herself then she smiled at him.

“Oh, I am from Germany yes. But I lived in America for the longest time now. I wanted to come back home. My parents, they are the ones who made my family move long ago, they told me to stay in America. But I wanted to come back nonetheless.” She was picking at something on her shirt when she looked back up to find him staring at him. She smiled in the slightest “Ah, (Last Name), (Name) (Last Name)”

Ludwig was slightly taken aback by her. But when she held out her hand, he shook it stating his own name. “What you are trying to do is very good of you Miss (Last Name),” Ludwig said as he looked around at the passing people. “But you should watch what you say. Preaching is not a very good thing to do now a days,”

“What makes you say that? My own best friend is the one who told me to go around and spread these ideas to the rest of Germany.” (Name) looked up to him with confusion in her sparkly (e/c) eyes. “Actually, you might know my friend. His name is Alfred F. Jones. You seem like an important man yourself in such an uptight suit I would imagine you knew him” She giggled slightly holding a hand over her mouth with a shrug.

Ludwig blinked and blushed as he pulled at the tie around his neck, coughing slightly into his hand. He went on ignoring her laughing at him and pressed on to asking her, “You know Alfred? How do you know him?”

“Well I worked for him a few months ago. He can’t speak a lick of German so I was his translator for some time and I also did other jobs for him in his government.” Ludwig nodded his head as (Name) explained these things to him.  “I told Alfred about what it was like in East Germany. Don’t ask me how, but I was able to get in there. I met this young man who explained to me how cruel life was over there and how he wanted his life back. He kept talking on and on about his little brother too. How he missed him, and he could only dream of the day that wall came down so he could find his brother before it was too late for him. That man inspired me to break down that wall.” She fiddled with her papers, a blush over her face as she explained herself, although she felt slight embarrassment for her own ideas.

Ludwig had a few thoughts rush through his head; he shook them away and gave a slight smile down to (Name). “That’s something very real and special that you are trying to do. It makes me very happy to know someone is fighting for this country again.” Ludwig surveyed her as she beamed up to him. He found (Name) far too kind and good. He truly liked that about her, and how she was trying so hard to untie this country. He started to stutter slightly as he looked away from her “Ah, how would you like to, ah, get a coffee or something with me..?”

(Name) blinked a few times then gave a small smile “I’d love too!” She walked up to stand beside him; she was so much shorter than him as she had to walk a bit faster to keep up with his fast moving pace. Ludwig himself couldn’t help but smile now, something he hasn’t done in a long time. And he liked that he could. He liked that this girl made him smile even more.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ 1 year later ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Ludwig sat at a desk, looking over paper after paper of work. He sighed as he sat back in his chair, growing frustrated with himself as he could no longer take drowning under piles of papers. Maybe if he just sat back, took in a few breaths and closed his eyes everything would just magically get done. But instead when he opened his eyes he was met with shining (e/c) orbs. This was just as good as the work getting done too; see, he didn’t mind that (Name) stood in front of his desk with a smile on her face.

Upon seeing her, he was reminded all the times they spent hanging out together. They would do things like walking through parks on late evenings or meeting up at coffee shops to talk. (Name) especially liked it when Ludwig would bring one of his dogs for a walk. He learned that she loved animals. He learned a lot about her, and he enjoyed every waking second he had with her.

“Hey,” She smiled, holding two beers in her hands. She set one down in front of Ludwig, and took a seat in the chair next to the darken desk. For about year now, they have become very good friends. Although Ludwig wasn’t very happy with the term ‘friends’ he was more than happy to just have her in his life. And still, she didn’t know he was a country, and it was still very frowned upon that a country have a relationship with a human.

“You let yourself in again didn’t you?” He frowned slightly at her, but took the beer with a slight swig and sighted in content.

“Well, you did say I could come over whenever I pleased” She trailed off with a grin, taking a deep swig of her own beer. After gulping down the golden drink she sat up and set down the beer holding up her hands. “But I have got some great news for you.”

Ludwig arched a brow at her, “Oh, like what?”

“I was talking to Alfred, and um…well he said something to me about, taking down the Berlin Wall. He said he wants to send his boss over, and have him challenge the Soviet Union to break down the wall. Although he told me not to tell anyone, I just had to at least tell you!” (Name) was smiling so much and jumping up and down in her seat; Ludwig smiled at her and was also amazed by this news.

“He really said that?”  

“Yep! But he didn’t want me to tell you. He said he wanted it to be a surprise or something hero like I guess.”

Ludwig rolled his eyes and sat up in his chair as he drank some more “That’s Alfred for you,” Ludwig then set down his beer and gave (Name) an odd look before asking, “(Name), do you know what Alfred does for a living?”

“Ahh, yeah, he told me he was America or something. At first I didn’t understand but then he explained it to me some more. I’m guessing you knew as well?”

“Good, good. Then that will make it so much easier for me to tell you this.”

(Name) frowned in the smallest bit at Ludwig and tipped her head to the side. She was about to ask what he was taking about but he went on to clarify with a sigh. Ludwig picked at the papers for a few more seconds then looked back at (Name).

“I think the reason Alfred didn’t  want you to tell me this is because he didn’t know if I told you that I was Germany.”

“You mean, you’re Germany? As in this country?”

“Was…..I was Germany. Now I am just the West half.”

“Then who is the East half?”

“My brother, he was Prussia.”

“Wow, that’s actually…..really cool! Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

Ludwig frowned as his jaw slightly tightened. He took a long drink of his beer for confidence and then nodded his head to her. “I didn’t want you to think differently of me honestly. Most people that do know me as Germany hate me. They say everything is my entire fault.”

(Name) didn’t say anything for some time. She just sat there looking down at the bottle in her hands. When she did look up, she smiled sadly, “Your fault? None of this is your fault Ludwig. And why would I hold your past up agents you? I’m not going to hate you for what you did. I mean I might ask why you did all that in the past. But I won’t hate you,” She got up from her seat and walked over to stand next to Ludwig. Her face held determination on it as she made him face her. “In fact Ludwig, I couldn't hate you for anything that you did. Nothing is your fault. Why? Because I love you.” She hesitantly reached out to him, but within seconds they found each other in a passionate lip lock.

Ludwig found himself pulling her to sit on his lap and between breaths they both said how much they loved each other. She smiled as she pulled the glasses from his face placing a kiss on his nose with a giggle. He gave a slight blush as he smiled at her as well. “Ludwig, no matter what I will always love you.”

“I love you too” Ludwig mumbled as he nuzzled her neck placing a few butterfly kisses here and there. “(Name), will you help me tear down that wall?”
(Name) looked down to him and beamed as she nodded her head. “Let’s go to Berlin, I’ll help you do anything you need to become a country again.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ November 9, 1989 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Ludwig stood hand in hand with (Name) on this morning. He was staring at the Wall with a frown on his face. For the longest time, he and (Name) have been waiting for this wall to come down. The left for Berlin a few months ago, they kept on fighting for this wall to be torn down. But they could do nothing if the Soviet Union did not agree.

(Name) pulled him along to stand up agents the wall; she pressed her hand on it and frowned. “We’ll bring it down, I promise,” She looked back to him with a smile giving him a hug. “You’ll see your brother in no time,”

Ludwig returned her hug and frowned as he tightened it. He has been suffering for so long now. Under all this guilt he was slowly driving himself crazy. But thanks to (Name) he was able to pull a bit of himself together towards the end.

They decided to pull away from the wall. (Name) could tell Ludwig was having a hard time even looking at it, the prison he helped his brother build.  It wasn’t until later that evening when the startling news got to them from inside the city.

“What!?” (Name) Shot up from her seat, looking at the people running by her. She and Ludwig were sitting outside when they heard people yelling and running by.

“Didn’t you hear!? They are letting people threw the wall!”

(Name) instantly looked over to Ludwig; they both shared a look then bolted up from their seats, running to the wall. Once they got there Ludwig helped (Name) to climb up to the top, then she helped pull him up. Ludwig didn’t care about breaking down this wall, he was fine with letting his people break it down. He only wanted to find Gilbert. He wanted to find his brother and apologize for everything he has done. He never knew how much he’d miss that stupid Albino.

Ludwig also knew that (Name) was looking for her own family members and friends on the other side of this wall. She looked down to the ground of the East side, and watched an old woman chisel away at the wall with spoons. She held one between each of her fingers, and when one spoon broke she’d break out into laughter, her yellowed missing teeth showing and started hammering away at the wall again. The woman noticed (Name) Watching and cackled again. “Hun I have been trapped on this side of the wall for far too long. My family is on the other side, and nothing will stop me from seeing them now.”

(Name) smiled at this, to watch these people fighting for themselves amazed her so much. She looked over to find Ludwig still franticly looking around. She knew he was looking for his brother. He has told her many times how bad he felt, about everything that he did. And every time she told him, none of this was his fault. It never was no matter who told him or how many times he thought it was.

Ludwig looked through the crowds, the albino better be out there. This was his chance to be free again and if he wasted it. Ludwig didn’t even want to think about it. He just wanted to see his Gilbert. He didn’t care that Arthur said all those years ago he would never see Gilbert again, because today he was determined to. And that’s when a pale figure plopped up onto the top of the wall. He dusted himself off and wacked the dirt from his white hair. (Name) looked over, and watched Ludwig stare at this young man.

“That’s the man I met when I went to the East side……He’s your brother Ludwig?” (Name) asked, walking up to the blonde who was just frozen there. He wouldn’t move or speak. All he did was stand and breathe.  “Gilbert!” (Name) called out, she wanted to get his attention because the albino has yet to even notice the two. She called for him again, and he turned around. Seeing the two of them, and started running along the top of the wall.

Ludwig soon found himself tackled to the ground; he shook his head out of his trance and noticed Gilbert giving him a death defying hug. Gilbert was battered and bruised, Ivan obviously treated him poorly, beating him and probably starving him. But that didn’t stop him from smiling and crying as he was reunited with his brother. Ludwig was just the same. He never thought he would feel so bad about this, but he just broke down, saying nothing but “I’m Sorry” over and over again.

When Ludwig looked back up he saw (Name) smiling sadly at him. He gave a sore smile as well getting up, helping Gilbert up as well and explaining to the albino all about the girl standing before them.

“Please don’t let me stop you guys from having fun or anything,” (Name) weakly smiled. “Ludwig, why don’t you go off and catch up with your brother? I still have to go find my own family member.”

“Who are you looking for?” Gilbert spoke up, his face was sore and fairly lifeless, and drained off all color. But he had the fairest of smiles, almost a cocky grin.

“My sister…” (Name) forced out. “I’ll catch up with you guys later. I know where to find her. Don’t worry about me.” Ludwig walked over to (Name), ignoring his brother for a short few seconds to tell her he’ll be waiting right here. He gave her forehead a kiss, and watched the (h/c) haired girl jump off the wall to the East side.

“West, you found a girl?” Gilbert cooed as he limped over to stand next to Ludwig. “And she’s a human? Oh you sly dog. Since when do you break the rules?”

Ludwig held down a blush of anger on his face. “I forgot how annoying you can be,” He bluntly stated, then heard a gasp from Gilbert and he grinned. “That doesn’t mean I hate you,”

“Aww you could never hate the awesome me!” Gilbert punched Ludwig in the arm in a playful matter with a smirk. “Speaking of, what are you going to do now? With your country I mean?”

Ludwig didn’t say anything for several minutes. He took a breath then looked at his brother. “I don’t know. Germany will be united again soon. Do you want to keep staying the East?”

Gilbert started to shake his head, to say no. He didn’t want to do this anymore. But then he smirked and said. “Actually, yes, I do. I have got to make sure my baby bruder doesn’t do anything to stupid this this (Name) girl.”

Ludwig rolled his eyes, sitting down to hang his legs off the wall. It wasn’t long before the biggest party of the year broke out. Music played and people danced and sang. It was beautiful to see family reunited and having funny again. It went on for hours, Gilbert and Ludwig sat on the wall having beers and singing to the songs and celebrating their freedom again.

A presents sat down next to Ludwig, and he looked over to see (Name) smiling brightly at him. Her eyes puffy like she has been crying. He frowns thinking she never got to find her sister. But he sees a girl next to (Name), they looked exactly the same in so many ways, but this other girl looked a bit older.

“Hey Ludwig,” (Name) waved to Ludwig then to Gilbert, who was drinking away at a beer. “This is my sister I was told you about.”  For the rest of that night, they all enjoyed being together again, with drinking and dancing, singing to the American songs that deiced to play. Gilbert would always pick and tease every now and then at Ludwig and (Name) found it funny that Gilbert would try to flirt with her or her sister. Even if Ludwig got a tad bit anger, or jealous over that.

As the night turned into morning, as in around five in the morning when people started to die down from partying. Ludwig walked with (Name) holding her close to him. Both their siblings said something about getting more drinks, so they were left some time alone.

(Name) gave a soft smile up to the blonde, he easily returned it. “Thank you,” he said, looking down at her. She was about to ask for what when he went on. “For being with me actually, and helping me with this. I feel like because of you this all happened, and I wanted to thank you,”

“You don’t have to thank me Ludwig.” (Name) smiled. “I don’t think I did anything actually”

Ludwig pulled her to him, embracing her as he wrapped his arms around her. “Of course you did, you should me, that I had nothing to feel bad for any more.” (Name) grinned up to him, and all she had to do was wrap her arms around his neck, and pull him down to meet her lips. She smiled in the kiss as he pulled her as close as she could get.

“Just don’t forget then Ludwig, that I love you no matter what. No past will change that”

What do you want me to say? I don't know, got bored cause I was sick to day and got the knackering for some writing. :iconpotatodanceplz: Enjoy this story I felt like I rushed.

Story/Plot (c) :iconkay-love-pain17:
Hetalia :iconhimaruyaplz:

If this wasn't a readers insert it'd so be a Germancest fanfic. I think you can tell.....just because reader-chan is not in it as much. This story is so focused on Germany and Prussia and we all know it, I am a sick, sick person. AND YOU ALL LOVE ME FOR IT~!
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ScribblyTrickster Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014 I don't like stories like this because they aren't usually correctly written and they make me cry like a little bitch and I'm not afraid to say that I cried during this fic. OhDidICry. I love the fact that this is correctly written and I would say I want a second part but (as a writer myself) I don't know where you could go off, I LOVE this and thank you so much for writing it.
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I love this story....I cried myself to tears when I read this story:) It's so bittersweet - it's got its sad points and its hopeful moments and at the end, it's a good scene - and an actual moment that marks an important part of history!! 

Here's something that's dedicated to the events of 11/9/1989, despite the fact that Germany was officially reunified on October 3, 1990. It's Wind of Change, bu my favorite band - The Scorpions.

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