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GermanyXReader - Do you even drink bro?

“Barraaaarrrrrrrrrrr Giiilbert………..what have you doneeee to meeeeeee?!” You groaned out as you lay on the coach in the Beilschmidt house.

The oldest of the Beilschmidts invited you over to hang out because you guys were tots-bffs. That and the albino black mailed you to come over or he would spill the beans to Ludwig that you had a huge thing for him. But you were pretty sure he already had an idea.

And what were you to do? So you now you sit on the couch with an upset stomach and about four bottles of heavy German beer next to you. “You know I can’t driiiiiink Gil” You moan out like you were crying.

“Keseseseses~ _______ please I have seen you down so much more than four!” Gilbert laughed taking a swing of his own beer.

You shoot up from the couch and death stare him from where he was perch on the arm rest. “Yeah! I can drink great! You taught me well Oh great master ” You start then crawl over to him then shove him off his thrown. Your voice grows dark and you hiss your words out through clenched teeth. (e/c) eyes filled with enough fire and rage, hell could have lived their itself.“ But you never taught me the ways of drink German made Beer !!!!!

Gilbert had a wary smile on his face as you loomed over him with such a dark look to you, for a second he thought you were Ivan in disguise. “_______! L-let’s not be rash here! This is so not awesome and you know it….______!...BITTE HAVE MERCY SPARE MEIN AWESOME FACE FROM YOUR FISTS!”

You had your fist cocked back and ready to cream the crap out of your friend's face. Drinking also made you a very…..violent and angry person at some points. Your mood would swing as if it were on a pendulum. From rage to bliss, back and forth, back and forth. Which is why you never really drank.

You were just about to throw you fist when it was caught by someone. You growled and pulled, not even looking at Ludwig. You went to use your other hand then, but he grabbed that one and started to pull you off his brother. “______ bitte, I know mein bruder can be very stupid at times, but at least wait until he is drunk until you harm him.”

You sighed and stopped your anger with a nod of your head, soothing down you (h/l) hair.
Ludwig put you back to the ground then walked over helping his brother from the floor.

Gilbert dusted himself off saying “You did not need to help me west, the awesome me could so have taken the little frau.”

Ludwig rolled his eyes “Oh ja, when you were crying like a little kind on the floor”

You laughed at the two of them then grin “I think I could have taken him on Luddy. Gil is not as awesome as he thinks he is. I think he has got to start watching out with who he hangs around with, that awesome of his will be stolen one day~”

Gilbert’s jaw dropped in shock and then he pointed at you “Oh no _______ ! You could never be more awesome then me. No one is! And you could never beat me in anything!”

You cross your arms “I so could if I wanted to Gil and you know it. I’m a tough cookie and I can handle my fights.”

“What if it was not a fight!?” Gilbert narrowed his eyes.

“I could beat you…..and…and Ludwig if I wanted to….blind folded” You smirked as you started to get a bit cockier with what you said.

Gilbert blink then looked over to Ludwig. They both spoke to each other in German. They did this a lot whenever you were around because it upset you. You always thought they were talking about you or creepy things about what is under their beds. Yet Ludwig assured it was just Gilbert’s way of teasing the shit out of you.

So why does Ludwig have to play along then? you fumed in your thoughts, you could feel your face growing red in anger as you pouted with crossed arms and death glares.
After they spoke they both nodded their heads. Gilbert grinned and bent over with hands posed at his hips looking down to you as if you were a kid “Alright frau, beat us in a drinking contest, drinking German made bier” he challenged.

Your features loosened up and you grew white. Your lips twisted in a forced smile as you spoke “W-what?......Di...ah…did you say…..d-d-drinking? Oh....I uh…Would ya look at the time!

You quickly grabbed your coat and dashed out the door and started walking home. You did not even drive here so you had no worries, well for now that is. Gilbert was never going to let you down on this. You just wish Ludwig would have sided with you or something like that, even if you dare challenge him too.

A few hours later you got a phone call from Gilbert telling you how you had to do this little contest of his. So you agreed to do it tomorrow after work, at least tomorrow was Friday.

So right now you sit in your house, which you shared with a few other people. Like Arthur, Alfred, Francis and Matthew. Although they often got into fights, you were the one to split them up and bring these guys back to their senses. But why you all lived together, it was still a mystery to you.

You go to sit on the stool in the kitchen as Matthew and Francis go over what’s for dinner. You moan and slam your head down on the counter as you take your seat.

“_-____!? A-are you okay?” Matthew asked in surprise

You sniffle and shake your head

“What is wrong petite fleur?” Francis asked as you slowly life your head.

“Gahhhhhhhhhh…..agoeyaisonjsd” You mumble endless slurs of absolutely nothing and slam your head back down.

“……She is pretty drunk.” Francis mumbled.

NO IM NOT!!!!! you cried in your thoughts. But you did grow even more drunk on the walk home, that German beer was starting to really set in now.

“At least she can still communicate unlike Arthur” Matthew said

Ha…I know right, he can’t even drink bro

Francis sighed but then laughed “Ohohohoho~! Thank you my dear friend Gilbert for sending me _______ drunk out of her mind. Maybe now I have my chance!”

Your head shot up and you started shaking your head “Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” you screamed and pushed away from the counter while you still sat in the stool, sending it tipping back you started to scream again. But you did not hit the floor. Alfred caught the stool before it hit the ground.

“Yet another live saved by yours truly” Alfred laughed.

“Baaaaaaaaaah!” was all that you could say.

“Dude you’re drunk” Alfred said with the best poker face you have seen in a long time.

“BAAAAAAAAAAKAAAAAAAA!” You yelled at him as you started to get out of the seat.

You stormed out of the kitchen and headed to the living room. There you face planted into the couch, ignoring the quiet Brit reading in a chair by the window. He did not even look up from his book to you, so you knew you could at least sit here and not be judged on your mistakes.

“______ please, your drunkenness is to loud for my liking.” Arthur said as he turned a page.

You just waved a hand at him Like you should be talking my good sir! you thought and passed out.


You were taking your time as you walked to the Beilschmidt house. After your hangover this morning, you were not looking forward to this moment now.

As you reached their door, you did not even bother knocking; you just walked right on in. You knew it bugged Ludwig, so you did it. You got a kick out of irritation your crush every now and then.

As soon as you pulled your coat off the blond was already hounding you about respecting the needs of others homes and knocking before entering and what could have happened.  

Now you were not the shy type around your crushes. You never were so you felt little swirls of excitement when you spoke. Almost like it was a one way flirt, you said something and left it at that.

“Don’t worry Luddy. It’s not like I walked in to your bathroom when you we taking a shower or anything. Be a shame if I did…..not that I would mind though” You hurried off into the kitchen before he could say anything. But you looked over your shoulder to see his face very, very red.

You plopped down in a seat at the table in the kitchen. Gilbert had his head stuck in the fridge at the time so he did not see you walk in. So you took the advantage and crawled up on the table.

As soon as Gilbert removed himself from the fridge, Ludwig happened to enter the room as well after the last little epidemic. They both saw you sprawled out on their table, so you looked from Gilbert to Ludwig and back again. “Oh good! You’re both here, now paint me like one of those French girls! I want it to be a full nude and you guys have to work together to get every non-existing curve right!” you did a dramatic pose until you heard a sigh and fits of laughter.

You jumped off the table and moved to a chair.

“Ready for the worst mistake in your life _______~?” Gilbert cooed as he set down 4 cases of 16 packs of beer.

Your eyes widened and you gulped.

Ludwig sat down next to you at the table and said “You do know you don’t have to do this right?”

You shook your head. “No, no. It’s fine I can do this!” You slammed a fist on the table in determination.

~ 3 hours and 39 beers later ~

“Dude….your…not lying!? Right! RIGHT……RIGHT! THAT IS REALLY YOUR ONLY BRID!? YOU DON’T HAVE LIKE 50!?” You cried out as Gilbert laughed at how wasted you were. Each of you had all had around 12 or 13 beers.

You were drunk out of your mind with glazed over (e/c) eyes, Gilbert was just turning tipsy and Ludwig was bored and still acting sober, or at least that’s what it looked like to you. But you were seeing a lot of things right now so you had no clue.

You looked over to Ludwig to check on him anyways. And thanks to your overall drunken state you were even more reckless than normal. “You…You my farntabuloous…ah….wait…What?....Ludwig do you even drink?”

Ludwig had a smile for about five seconds (or so you thought) then he spoke “Well I have been drinking but it seems you would not know.” You could have sworn you even heard him chuckle.

“heeeeeeeeeeeey! I’m not drunk! IM GOD! I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!” You shoot up from your chair and had a rush of the dizzies come over you and you fell back in your chair. “…….I…I am still god I just need you…….i need….ah……………..oh yeah..” You grin and look over at Gilbert, He was busy talking to his little pet bird to notice your next move.

You lean a crossed the table towards Ludwig with a grin as your (e/c) sparked. “I know…what I really need Luddy. Wanna know~?”

He eyed you for a second with a slight laugh. He is normally not this relaxed so the beer must have been helping him. “If you really what to tell me then I guess so.”

You gave a toothy grin as you spoke “I….need….you……”

Whatever made Ludwig so relaxed before seems to whoosh away and he started growing red. “______ you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re saying anymore.” He looked away and downed the beer head had now and a whole second one too.

“Nu nu nu nu…..Nuuuuuu. Luddy I…might be god right now. But I’m not drunk, or at least. I can still….still say what I’m thinkin’…ya know? Like…in my head Imma not drunk. So I know what I sayin’…ya know that feel man?” You tipped your head as you spoke but quickly got up and scooted your chair over next to him.

You then heard a slam and the both of you looked over to see Gilbert pass out on the table. You narrow your eyes and sneer “….li-light weight fff-fibber”  But you then let out a yawn “One…down, und still one to go. Unless you gonna give up!” You said and poked Ludwig in the chest.

“Nein _______. I’m not going to give up. But I’m done with this silly contest. And so are you” Ludwig said as he got up from his seat.

You frowned and reached out a grabbed him “Bu-but wait!? What do you mean?”

“I mean you should stop drinking before you do something stupid like bruder.” He said as you both looked over to Gilbert. Whenever he drank he always got sleepy then passed out half way through everything. Ask Elizabeta, she’ll tell you a whole lot of complains about all the things Gilbert fell asleep doing.

You slowly nod your head and get up as well. You were about to grab your things when Ludwig grabbed your hand stopping you. You looked up to him with a questioning gaze. “You are…not going to be going anywhere for a while, ______” he said shaking his head, but not looking at you with a blush on his face.

“Oh…okay? Where will I stay then?” You had to think pretty hard to try and remember if Ludwig had any were for you to stay in his house. But all you could remember was Feliciano also lived here with Kiku but they were both gone doing things of their own.

Ludwig sighed and releases your hand, then running a hand through his own hair. “We can stay out in the living room for now, when you get tired enough I'll have an idea of something that can work, ja?”

You nodded your head and go out to the living room. You slinked down on the couch while Ludwig took a seat next to you. He ended getting back up a few seconds later to check on Gilbert and clean up the mess in the kitchen.

Gilbert woke up long enough to crawl down the stairs into the basement were his room was. He slurred what sounded like a good night in German.

You were in a daze as you channel surfed looking for something that caught interest to what brain cells you still had alive.

Eventually Ludwig rejoined you in the living room; you gladly gave him the remote as you got even more comfortable on the couch slowly slithering on to Ludwig. Well more like you took a pillow threw it agents his legs and rested your head there watching the TV.

Thanks to being drunk you did not even notice how uncomfortable it might have really been for the German. He did tense up at the sudden actions you did but after a few seconds, he did not mind, in fact he liked it, glad even.

Ludwig was good at not letting on, but he even had a thing for you too. Although you annoyed him sometimes, he got over it quickly when you started to joke around and do silly things. Or, on rare occasions that started to happen a bit more often now, you would both have decent conversations.

Ludwig watched you start to fall asleep with fondness and a smile eased onto his lips. He brushed a few strands of your (h/c) hair out from your perfect face. You moved to his touch and let out a breath of air as you slightly moved.

Ludwig stayed with you like the all night, as you slept on his lap, he drifting in and out of sleep as he gazed at a TV.

It was not until he saw the early raise of the sun when he got up, slowly he moved you off him, trying not to disturbed your sleeping frame.

Ludwig went and got you a blanket, placing it over you as you slept on. He also went and got out all the things you’d soon need to cure you on coming hangover, he gave one last glance at you. You looked peaceful in your sleep, and he could not stop his actions now, leaving a kiss upon your cheek. He mumbling something to himself about you, then he left with a half-smile to make a coffee and start his day.


You awoke sometime around noon when a rambling, complaining, loud, noise, stupid, mean, grumpy Prussian came clomping up the stairs. And all to your favor, you could hear every single sound made by tenfold.

You shot up looking around and noticed you were on a couch. Oh yeah, drinking contest…wonder who won?

You notice a few Tylenols, a glass of water, and few other things on a table. “Hmmm?” you reached out and took them, looking them over then shrugged. Guess Luddy left them here for me or something cause Gil is looking for them now.

“YO GIL-FER-BRAINS!  I GOT YOUR MEDS RIGHT OVER HERE” You screamed just to irritate your friend in the kitchen.

When You saw Gilbert walk into the living room you almost laughed, he look so dead.
Bags under his eyes, super messy hair, even paler then normal and a scowl on his face. “Mien gott _____! Shut up you dummkopf!” he hissed and swiped away what you had.

“Did you walk up on the wrong side of the bed today Gil~?” You teased

“Bed…..BED? WHAT BED!? I WOKE UP ON A FLOOR UNDER A BED!!!” He yelled with clenched fists and anger displayed on his face. “And Yoooooooou!” he pointed “Why are you not dying of a hangover yet?!”

You frown “I am, I just get a headache and that’s it, but I have been friends with you so long I have learned to ignore headaches” You sneer back. But with hang overs you were waaaaaaaay more easy to piss off and you would have a shorter temper as well.

You stay in your spot on the couch for a while until you feel the need to leave and go home. You were putting on your coat when something stopped you.

“_____? You are leaving?” Ludwig asked as he walked downstairs.

“Hmmmm? Oh yeah, I thought I should get going here soon anyways” You gave a light smile and shrugged. “You know I don’t like to over stay my welcome.”

“You are also welcomed here whenever you please” Ludwig said matter-of-factly.

“So I’m aloud to come in without knocking now?” you teased with a grin.

Ludwig sighed and pushed your comment aside. He walked up over to you, looking down on you with a stern face. “_______, I have something to ask you.”

“Ahh…sure, Ask me anything you want Luddy.”

It took him a second to summon up the courage to speak, when he did though, a blush was spread a crossed his face. “Do you really like me….a-as more than a friend?”

You stared at him and blinked, then you felt your hands clench into fist “GILLLBERT!” you screamed  and were about to dash past Ludwig before he stopped you by placing both hand on your shoulders.

“Nein _____! Burder did not say anything, you did last night.”

You look back at the blond with a scarlet face and shudder at the thoughts of all the things you could have done. “I-I did?”

“Ja” he said with a nod “You did”

“Oh…well…Haha” you gave a wary smile “Guess the cats out of the bag now….right?”

Ludwig smiled to you “You know, you are so cute when you are like this.”

You blush even more now. You had no idea Ludwig could be so relaxed at saying something like this. “….Ah….a- You….what!?...You like m-me to?”

Now it was his turn to blush and look away. He took in a breath and returning to his straightened form. “…ja, I have for a while now” he brushed a hand through his hair in that way he always did. Something you loved about him anyways.

You started to grin and you grabbed a hold of Ludwig, first hugging him, and then pulling him down to kiss him. At first he was to shocked by your actions, but soon he took over complete dominance. You did not even get a chance to fight over it because he was so quick and fierce about it. You enclosed your arms around his neck as he placed his own around your waist.

You both soon broke apart; still you had a grin as you rested your foreheads on each other’s.

Ludwig knew you were up to something so he dared to ask. You only grinned back as you slowly untangled yourself from. “This is pretty great you know,” you started then almost start to jump up in down at your own thoughts as you spoke them “Now you can take me out on a date tonight and I can show off my new handsome hunk of a boyfriend!”

Ludwig took a second to reply but he gave a smile, enjoying your glee finding it also amusing. He pulled you back over to him, yet he never wanted to let you go. “If that is what you would like liebe, then I’ll see you later”

“Yay~!” you sang in a joyful voice. You gave him one last kiss and parted ways, longing for each other again already, but promising to see the other soon again tonight.

And all this, thanks to a silly little drinking contest.
:KJFHDLKDJHFLKDJHFLKJDHLFKJ I DONT EVEN KNOW. :iconamericapokerfaceplz: I am only uploading this right now from my phone because I'm sitting in a car on my way to see my doctor. I DID NOT EVEN PROOF READ THIS SO BE WARE OF GRAMMAR MESS UPS.

Hetalia (c) Himapapa
Story line (c) Kay-Love-Pain17
You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
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