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A meeting is a meeting of those who meet and greet with friends in a common interest to solve or grant problems to those around them.

A meeting was something (Name) had to go to once a month every month of all the years she’s been free from her colonial power. She has yet still gotten over it, even if it’s been over many years now.

Her friend tells her all the time, “Dude, it’s okay just forget about it! I did! Pfft what are we even talking about again?” But Alfred was always happy like that, always trying and maintaining happiness. But he was also one of the greatest countries now today. America, even if people think it’s not great, they’re just jealous. Because they know once they go to the United States, they won’t ever want to leave.

That maybe so, but that also goes for (Name) as well, just a simple country who has lived with Alfred scene their Colony days. She was just (Country’s Name), and she was proud to be who she was.
But not matter how hard one tries; things will go sour on a Monday.

Her head was cradled neatly in her arms as lose strand of her hair slowly cascaded down between her eyes. They would dance, swaying back and forth with every soft breath she took.

“All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t really interfere, this isn’t any of our business!”  A voice called out in anger.

The most meaningless (To (Name) at least) debate was taking place, and drawing doodles couldn’t hold back her boredom any longer.

“You’re wrong! Why can’t you see that they broke a U.N Law of Warfare! We made these to prevent another World War from happening! We can’t let these smaller countries run around with their civil wars gassing each other! It’s inhuman!” Another person shouted out on the opposite side of the table.

“You of all people should know about civil wars! A country split apart is no country at all! They must be unified to work properly with stable laws, rules and organization!”

“You of all people should know about gassing!”

What a horrible display this was. On one side of the room was half of the U.N. Pro for stopping these civil wars going on in other small countries that have broken Laws of War. And the other side was countries who just didn’t want to get involved.  (Name) sat in the middle, she just didn’t care and really she could leave and not miss a thing from this meeting. Yet mandatory was a whole new meaning for a personified country.

“War like this has gone on for centuries, we solved this problem before by ignoring it, if I recall it was that blasted Laissez Faire? ‘Let it be’ as I recall it!”

“That was over a hundred years ago! Times have changed. Maybe if you’re so stuck in the past why don’t you prove you’re so great and mighty and bring that pathetic empire back to life?”

“Well by all means I’d love to! So, when are you going to get on your knees and crawl back to me, you bloody fat American!?”

“As soon as you realize what a horrible person you are, limey bastard!”

Cringing (Name) knew what was going to happen next. And honestly, she was for the cause of stopping these smaller countries. They’re unorganized, and need to be set out on the right path. They’re governments were corrupted and they only knew war. It was up to the older countries to help these ones out. But sometimes, they can be too stubborn to get off their asses and see the big picture.

“Maybe it’s time we take a break?” (Name) shouted the second she got the chance. A horribly painted smile shown on her lips as she forced it with all her might, trying not to yell and scream curses of all kinds to these fools

“A break?” Arthur turned his attention to the girl with knitted brows. “Why on earth would we do that now?”

“Because,” She snapped, startling everyone. “It seems you’re getting too personal for my taste, do it now, and leave.” She ordered. Most people forgot that she was the wrong person to upset. She may not be the biggest or best country. But she is violent when she wanted and had the shortest temper ever.

The countries stared at the girl who was normally quiet, and hardly ever spoke at these meetings. Some even question why she even came, she never took part in anything. Nor did she know most of the others there. But she did have friends, who understood why she was there, and everyone knew why she was forced to go to these horrible meetings. She simply had a huge military power over a large majority of them.

Her military power was second to America, and she worked in an alliance with him when she could. Her country was in prosperity, and unemployment was at an all-time low, she knew how to run her home land, and she did it well.

“Maybe she’s right,” Francis rose from his seat with a long sigh of breath. “All this fighting is stressing me out; I could go for a break,”

Arthur was in shock and glared at the blonde next to him, “Why are you listening to her?”
“Why not?” Francis asked with a confused gaze, “She has just as much right as the rest of us to speak freely and put in requests,”

“He’s not use to being told what to do,” She challenged from a crossed the room. (Name) stood with her arms crossed as she stared down his high and might.

“(Name)?” A friend of hers, Feliciano came up behind her with a sad frown, “Just forget about it,” She knew what he meant, but she’d ignore it.

“I can’t,” (Name) shook her head and frowned some more at the Brit. Arthur mated her glare just as powerful as hers and ten times more potent.

Maybe she could forget, how outrageously appalling he treated her. How he used her, lied to her, treated her with no respect and stole everything she owned. It’s been so many years, and the wounds are just as deep as he left them.

But then there was Alfred, who helped her with her wars for freedom and she was grateful. Even so, he also pointed out the good times with that foulmouthed Brit. Often times that American was to gleeful for his own good.

“He’s a horribly dirty lying man who’s still the same old pirate he’s always been. He’s no gentlemen but a power hunger merciless man that is only looking out for himself. And he wonders why he’s all alone. Why he’s been left with a broken heart for hundreds of years,” Judgment has strike down in vials full of truth with every word she spoke. Everyone started sitting down slowly to watch this feud play out.

“Everyone changes, (Name). Even you have, I saved you from becoming a savage! I gave you civilization, technology!” Arthur’s protests meant nothing at all to her. She completely ignored them.

(Name) uncrossed her arms and walked over to Arthur without a hint of fear from him. “You treated all of us, like nothing! Every last one of us! America, you over taxed and took away many of his freedoms. Ireland, you invaded and colonized! You sent many of your troops and sent a bunch of his people to prison for being Catholic! And what about when he went throw the potato famine! You just watched him slowly die and wither away to nothing!”

“I did no such thing!” Arthur back away slightly. He hasn’t thought about these things for years and the guilt of it all washed over him again.

He watched (Name)’s eyes fill with rage that has been pent up for far too long. “May I remind you about India? Or China even? How about South Africa? You’d have native’s hand cut off if they didn’t turn enough supplies! Everything you’ve ever done was for your own self gain!”

She could remember everything, every bit and detail of all those days ago when she was a missed treated colony at work for a lazy man gaining all the money.  She lived in a huge house with so many people. Arthur was no gentleman, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“People change! I’m nothing like I use to be!” Arthur shouted back at her with a swipe of his hand in the air, he quickly made a fist at his side and pointed at the girl with his other hand. “You don’t see me going around robbing people like I did as a pirate do you!?”

“Maybe not but you’re still a horrible selfish old man! You don’t care about anyone but yourself!” She shut her eyes and sucked in a breath before screaming at the top of her lungs “I hate you so much!

Nothing was said for a long time. But (Name) was not about to give up now. She’d start listing things of left and right. She only wanted to make Arthur feel as horrible and miserable as he made her long ago. Go ahead and call her childish for hold a grudge for so long, but sometimes you just can’t forgive and forget.

“And do not get me started on your Euro plan!” She jabbed a finger into his chest and with such a force he was sent back a few steps.

“I’m a part of the Euro like anyone else in Europe you blasted woman!” He cut in as he kept walking backwards. Finally he couldn’t keep backing away, a wall was behind him and he pressed up against it as the furious nation got closer to him.

“Are you sure?” She mocked and stopped walking. She waved a hand over to Greece, “He’s the one to blame for the fail of the Euro,” She quickly turned to the Greek man and pressed a smile, “No offence,”
She was pleased to see he didn’t mind, “None taken,” Greece nodded his head with a raised hand to her and she went on to scolding and bashing on Britain.

“And Spain is in turmoil and all you can do is laugh at him! I know you hate him, but when you some lonely island that refuses to accept that he’s no longer an empire, signed up and took part in the Euro you promised to help out. You just sit high and might on your fence post with a broom up your ass and does nothing for anyone!” She paused for a second and took in a short harsh breath.

“Besides,” She paused and her glare was so sharp, so anger that Russia would have been proud to see it, if only it wasn’t pointed on Britain alone. “You sick, sick man. Blaming the fail of the Euro on Germany,” She raised a hand over at her friend on the other side of the table. All while keeping her hard gaze on the Brit, “Saying it’s his fault, for how he runs his country. How he is the most successful economy in Europe right now. Because he’s better than you right now. And to add the cherry on top you say its Germany’s fault because he’s trying to get back Nazi gold!”

No one dared to utter a word. Everyone could feel the tension in the air as (Name) backed away from Arthur, slowly and with a frown. “You use to be so great. I use to look up to you, I thought you were doing me good when I first met you. Then you killed my people, stole their land, took their religion and forced yours on it. I had to pay for your wars, I had to suffer taxes, I had to make things for you. I couldn’t make things for me, or buy things for me. I never made any money! Everything went to you….” She turned on her heel and strode away. “I’m done here,”

Alfred was by her side in seconds as she left the meeting hall. After her spout of words of hate, the meeting was also called to an end. “(Name), dude, are you okay?” Alfred asked the girl as she walked quickly out of the building.

When the sun light hit her face, she finally let out her long held breath. She turned around and knew Alfred was there, and she clung onto him letting out a short gasp like sob. “I know you don’t like me saying this,” She gripped her hands into his jacket and pressed her face into his chest, “But I hate him so much Alfred,”

A forced laugh sounded above her, but she refused to look up. “Ah-ah-haha….At least he knows you do now, right?” He was trying to ease her pain. How sweet, of him. She felt him embrace her in a hug, tight and comforting.

“I’m sorry,” She muttered out and sobbed a bit, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to act like such a horrible person but I just couldn’t stand him anymore!” Her knees wobbled below her and she couldn’t hold her own weight as the years of pain overwhelmed her again.

Even if she was a nation, she was still a person. Entitled to her feelings, memories and own life outside of being a nation. She may be just that in reality, a nation. But everyone had their limits; everyone had their perfections and mistakes. And all she could see in Arthur were mistakes and hate that she’d pent up for so many years.

As she fell to the ground on her knees, Alfred was right there with her. Still holding her as she cried out, as tears socked his shirt. She’d have to remember to thank him for behind with her, and taking care of her like this.

“Hey,” She looked up at Alfred, with a sniffle and was met with his heroic smile, “Why don’t we get you out of here, you can hang out at my place tonight,” He helped her to her feet as started walking her off with his arm still around her.

“Thanks, for everything Al,” She let out in the softest whisper before she was sent back into her state of anger and guilt. But she didn’t let it get to her for every long. She was with Alfred now wasn’t she? He has always been there for her.

“Through thick and thin, forever and always, I promise to stand by your side forever”

“Thanks Alfie,” The little girl looked up to the taller teen like nation. She’d be leaving soon because he planned on becoming independent. So (Name) wouldn’t be allowed to see or live with Alfred anymore. She’d have to move in with Arthur fully and be pulled away from her friend. “I’ll become strong just like you!” The girl proclaimed and looked up at the blue eyed boy. “And one day we can live together again! For ever and ever! Just like you promised! And Arthur will never break us apart again!”

“Hmm,” He gave her a smile, and placed a hand on her head before kissing her forehead, “See you soon then doll,” She jumped up and hugged him before he could leave from her.
“I love you Alfie, you’re my hero,”


“People change! I’m nothing like I use to be! You don’t see me going around robbing people like I did as a pirate do you!?”

“Maybe not but you’re still a horrible selfish old man! You don’t care about anyone but yourself! I hate you so much!”

Arthur glared out the conference room’s window as he watched Alfred walk (Name) off. “Bloody woman….” He growled. But he let out a sigh and sat down alone in the empty room.

“Hmmm,” He looked around, “I think this is the first time I’ve ever been in this room with peace,” Not the best joke to lighten his own mood. But it’d have to do.

“I hate you so much!”

He cringed. She was right. He was still just a horrible selfish old man. But he tried to change! He really did!

I never meant to be so cruel. I didn’t want to push her away dammit! An-and now, blo-bloody Alfred! I never….I didn’t……I wish I she’d see I really tried to fix everything I’ve done. He didn’t even notice the hot burning tears roll down his cheeks.

But when he did he buried his face into his folded arms and cried. He hasn’t cried this hard in so long. His heart was breaking all over again after he spent so long after putting it back together and building a thick wall to protect it.

He never knew she’d be the one to smash it all down so easily. He hated himself so much that words couldn’t describe it.

For hours, he cried a sea of tears in the empty room. Alone, like he was meant to be. Pained, and heart broken, like he was long before. As guilt and self-hearted soon faded, it turned into an anger.

It wasn’t even anger at (Name), but Alfred. “It’s his fault she doesn’t love me anymore!” He snapped into the air as he shot up from his seat.

“He made her want to leave me! I....I see how it is! It may even be Francis fault!” Where was he going with this.

“Ju-just because I took Canada from that French frog…he had to take America from me!” He was feeling better at blaming other people. No-no this wasn’t my fault! “And then he took her from me...” He added in a hushed whisper.

No, His senses started to return, I did it…and she’ll never love me again.

Do I even need to explain? I don't think I do, because I wont. :iconfeelsplz:

But I will say, I based many statements or 'reasons' from reader-chan on Historical facts. And also other things I know > n > Yes, Uh....My Grandparents from England, I used some things they told me from my last visit in here. About the Euro failing? Yeah.....

I'm not explaining this :iconfeelsplz::iconnuffsaidplz:

Picture found on Google(c) To it's owner
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Love this so much though, keep it up ^^
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duchyofprussia Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
You know i want to cry and be angry so bad when i read this fanfic
because my country was a former colony of netherlands and few years of spain and portugal and japan and at the end of WW2 when we're supposed to be independent Netherlands and UK signed a secret agreement called Civil Affairs Agreement in which UK agreed to help Netherlands regain their power over us
And it hurts so much down there
That I both love and hate Iggy

But i guess that's just how the nations should roll, right?
Doing anything for the sake of their own countries
(but that's just so barbaric)
Oh look at the world,
They're full of people crushing another while they're living in the same world, the same universe, as the same human beings
And yet, they crush their own
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I love how Hercules is just like, "It's cool man, it be cool bitch." XD
I loved it when she was all protective of Doitsu. I love Germany overly as you prolly know by now. He's jsut awesome. Gah! I wana hug him!
Kay-Love-Pain17 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Student Writer
> 7 <)~ Thanks love! U v U I know, I love the Germa too. xD LOL Yeah Hercules is just like "Whateva man, I'm not even mad bro"
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Good story btw :D
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I actually have no idea xD I just got this information from my grandparents and the U.S news shows, but from what I've heard it's so far Spain and Greece's fault(?) I'm just going off what I heard :shrug:

Stoneunicorn1 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
well yeah you're right it is sort of Greece's fault xD But it didn't get better when they have started to use Euro money  (same with other small countries because they hoped their economy would be stronger) x3 Now their economy is messed up. 

Here are pretty good examples on how things works in EU xD

Glad that here in Sweden we said no to Euro money x'D
Kay-Love-Pain17 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks, I kinda forgot how the Euro works. I guess I've been living in America for to long xD
Stoneunicorn1 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
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I've been living in Sweden for too long too -_-
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