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February 10, 2013
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Time and Time again his memories overcame him. Of when times were good, when he was young, happy and full of life.

“Arthur! Arthur Stop it~! Hahaha Please!” Your beloved tickled you over and over again.

“Oh come now Love. You were the one that started this tickle war of yours” Arthur grinned as he had you pinned on the couch.

When he got home only minutes before, tried and over worked. All you wanted to do was make him smile. So you started a tickle war with the Englishmen and lost as her over powered you. He may not look strong with his thin pale body. But he was strong and now he was about to make you well aware of it.

“Arthur I started this because I wanted to make you smile” You said looking up to him. “And you are now.”

His smile was beautiful to you, something you wanted to see every day for as long as you lived. You leaned up to him and let your lips meet his. Every kiss Arthur ever gave you was everything you ever wanted. He returned your kiss and took dominance as soon as the gate way was open to him.

As you both broke apart for air, Arthur pulled you to him, setting you on his lap and bringing you closer as he wrapped his arms around you. “_______, you’ll never leave me.....Promise?” He asked.

You had your head upon his cheat, hearing ever beat of his heart. Closing your eyes and with a nod you say “I promise to stay with you forever.”


This girl he loved. She never did leave him either But he left her. It was all a mistake he never understood until it was too late and nothing could ever be forgiven.


“Arthur wait you don’t understand!” Tears streamed down your face as you held onto Arthur’s arm, pleading for him to stay.

“Don’t Understand!? What is not to understand _______?! I saw you, with my own brother! And why is it that I don’t find it even all that surprising that you would trail after Alfred!?” Arthur was enraged. He saw you walking in the park this morning with Alfred on your way to work. But Alfred was also a very close friend of yours. But this is not the point.

You left behind your cell phone and Arthur was trying to catch up to you so he could give it to you.

But as he stumbled upon the scene, he caught your lips leaving those of Alfred’s. He turned with anger heading back from where he came. You were already crying, yelling at Alfred and pushing him away to soon turn and start to chase Arthur.

“No Arthur you don’t understand! Please just listen to me!” You pleaded more for him but he yanked his arm from you heading to the front door, slamming it behind him.


If only he listen to her side of the story. If he was not blind by jealousy and anger. He would not be alone. This girl he loved promised to never leave. She never did until her time came. She was always a girl who got sick. A very weak girl who needed extra care. And without that care, she could die.


Arthur sat at the bar downing another glass of whiskey. From behind he heard the door of the bar open and close. He wanted to turn and see who it was. Hoping that of all people it would be ______. But instead this person that sat down next to him was Alfred.

“Arthur…?” Alfred started out to say. But he was cut off by the half-drunk Englishmen.

“I hope you are happy with her.” He started, taking another sip of his drink. Arthur then turned to face Alfred. “I HOPE YOU BOTH ROT IN HELL!” Arthur then downed a new whiskey the bartender gave him. He slammed the glass on the bar as a large crack went up it. Soon the glass slowly fell apart, shattering slowly into smaller bits and pieces. Just as if it was his heart.

But Alfred was not going to have any of this. He reached out to grab his brother. But Arthur moved away quickly and got up from his seat. Giving a glare at Alfred, he then paid for his stay and left.

Alfred hung his head as the bar door opened and closed once more to a leaving man. “I’m sorry……Arthur, I did this…Not _____” Alfred told himself.


The girl tried to call him. Tried to see him. But he refused. And soon he was gone, getting on a one way play to England. Why stay in the place that reminds me of her He though sitting on that plane. Days went by and he started to regret his actions. Weeks moved on but he never forgot her. Months sailed by but the pain still lingered. But something amazing happened one day.


Arthur was walking home when suddenly he got a phone call.

“Hello?” He started

“Oh thank god it’s you! Finally the right number!”

“Alfred, what is it that you want!?” Arthur’s blood was already boiling.

“Dude! Were the hell are you. You change your phone number and everything! I have been looking for you for so long dude. You move, and change everything about you but your name just because of a misunderstanding?” Alfred said, almost yelling into the phone.

Arthur was get more and more worked up with every passing second. “No, I left because _______ wanted to be with you. Don’t you remember? Or did you drop her like trash as soon as I left like you always do! She left me and I didn't want to hang around.”

There was silence for a few seconds. “Are you kidding me Arthur?! Really!? _____ never left you. She is still living in your guy’s old house. She tries to stay there all the time now. I was the one that kissed her. She told me to never do it again. She hit me and told me to never see her again. And she went after you! I did that to her, I made a wrong move. I messed up and it’s my fault!”

Both men now were pissed at the other. But Alfred continued on “She is dying Arthur. After you left she got sick, and  she was started to get better. But it hit her hard again and got worse. Dude it’s not even something we can fix now. She is always in the hospital and she is in one now. And she wants you there.”

Arthur stood there listening to the rest of what Alfred had to say. A rain drop hit his head, then another, and another. Soon it started to poor but Arthur stood there like it was nothing. He dropped his phone and let it hit the ground as he started running.

He did what he had to do and now Arthur was at the airport in soaked clothes and rushing to get on a plane. Time was running out and he would have none of it.


He made it back to the girl as fast as he could. The girl waited for him in the hospital like he was told. But he never went in her room at first. He stood in the door way while she slept. Not wanting to enter.

He wanted to save this girl. She was hanging on to the ledge between life and death. She was waiting for him to pull her up, to help her to her feet again. But he was too late. She was already falling.


Your eyes flustered open slowly. You felt something warm on your hand. It fitted their perfectly. Like it was meant to be there forever. You turned your head to see Arthur sitting there. His eyes were shut but he was not sleeping.

“A-..Arthur?” Your voice was that of a whisper. But Arthur still heard your loud and clear.

His eyes shot open as he looked over to you. His bottom lip quivered as he tried not to cry. But all was in vain as hot tears disobey his commands. “______, I…I’m so sorry. Please, Please! I’m sorry. I’m sorry” He cried out.

You knew what he meant instantly and you turned you head to look up at the ceiling. Tears of your own came rushing down. But you took a deep breath slowly closing your eyes. “No…” You started.

Arthur stopped his sobbing and looked up to you “What?”

“No…I’m sorry Arthur…For everything I have done. And for…everything I’m about to do. I promised to never leave, but…I'm breaking our promise now.” Your breaths became more shallow.

“No, Love, No this is my fault. Everything will be fine. You’ll come home and we can forgive each other and move on like we were meant to! _____ please just hang on. I have regretted every day of my life scene I left! And I won’t leave, never again! I still love you!” Arthur grabbed your hand again in both of his.

Your skin now growing cold and his fears started coming true. You took in a breath again and smiled breathing out “And still I love you.”

.........A long endless sound of a monitor goes on as a sign the heart has stopped beating. That It can no longer live. Arthur felt as if a doctor should hook him up to one of those heart monitors just to make sure he was still alive too. But he knew he was. The dead don’t feel pain. The dead don’t feel at all.


Years have passed and now Arthur has grown older in more ways than one and now he sits on his knees before a grave, with roses in his hands. Those days play in his mind over and over again. Along side with the best of his memories with _____. He turns his head as a breeze blows by messing his hair even more up and into his face. He lets out an angered smile “I’m such an Idiot” he hisses but sets the roses down on her grave. And he pulls something from his pocket. All these years, he has held on to this. It was not long before their fight had happened. That if that fight never happened. Arthur wanted to ask _____ something.

He sets down a little red box on the grave and flicks it open. A lovely engagement ring sits in side waiting to be worn.  He stands looking at what he has left there and heads home. But as the night draws upon him in his sleep, he sees her in a white glow, waiting for him like she has been all along.
o3o this just kind of came up out of now were and I don't even know anymore....... BUT WHATEVER :dummy: THIS SEEMS TO WORK TODAY!

And what can I really say? I'm bored and listening to weird music!

Arthur Kirkland: Hima-papa
story line: :iconkay-love-pain17:
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I was reading this while listening to haru haru by big bang 0-0 OMG feels ~~~~ love it ^^
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*Hears something breaking*

Was that glass?

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I'm not gonna lie, tears just came out of my eyes when Arthur went to the hospital and in the scene where the Reader dies, my.... My Kokoro TT^TT

I love this story... the Awesome and sad me approves....
Kay-Love-Pain17 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student Writer
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This...this left my heart aching. You are a tremendous writer. I'm glad you left the story hanging ever so slightly. It would never have had the heart ache effect it has left me with. I commend you.
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; u ; Thanks for reading, :icontissuesplz: sorry it was so sad
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