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I huffed out a tired breath; class was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E! Today was a Monday, not just that, but the first day back to school from break. A nice, two week long holiday break.

But here I am now, forced to stare out a dark window at 7:47 am during my first class of the day. The teacher was up front, franticly trying to teach but no one was listening to him. The class was just jabbering away, talking and talking ever so rudely to the poor teacher. I just put my cheek in the palm of my hand and dazed out.

My mind traveled back to the sweet days when I would sleep in, and be lazy. Even if my friend Ludwig would get upset at that, I ignored him over my vacation. I wouldn’t do anything but be lazy.

But now school was back in session. It was crazy cold out, the wind was blowing like crazy, and the snow was sadly melting away.

A sudden vibration jerked me from my thoughts and my heart jumped in my chest. Thank god I sit in the back of the class! I pulled my phone out of my pocket as I calm myself back down from the sudden jitter that someone was trying to communicate with me.

It was a text from one of my best friends, Francis was just complaining to me about today. Awww poor baby didn’t get his beauty sleep! At least now I could text him instead of listening to the constant chatter from this class. God I hate this class so much, none of my friend were in it!


Later that afternoon when lunch came around, I sat down at an empty table that would soon be full of my friends. I was always the first to sit down, I never ate lunch, nor did I bring. I just stole food from everyone else. What can I saw? I’m poor, cheap and I’m a thief. Can’t explain that!

Just as I started getting caught in my fantasy world about my favorite anime, I was pulled from my thoughts as a pair of hands covered my vision. “Gilbert, I will bite you. Now stop touching me,”

“Aww come on (Name), that’s not what you told me last night~” The albino snickered behind me as he pulled me back so my head was resting on his stomach. I rolled my eyes and pulled his hands off my face.

“Yeah, last night I told you I didn’t want to go to school. That is by far the sexist thing I have ever said, I know you like it like that,” I gave him a grin which he gladly returned. Like me, Gilbert didn’t by food or bring any food, he stole from everyone else at the table. Together, we were the lunch time bandits!

“I hope school is cancelled tomorrow,” Gilbert commented as another friend sat down. Antonio took a seat next to me on my other side with a smile; Lovino was soon to follow him. Those two were best friends, even if Lovino would denied it, they spent a lot of time together.

“I heard that they will, amigo!” Antonio piped into the complaints. “Maybe we’ll get a snow day!”

“Jeeze,” I cut in and took one of the tater tots from Toni’s tray, “I wish. I would so totally give my left boob for a snow day. I shit you not, I might do it,”

As Gilbert got his hand smacked by the Spaniard for taking his food, he gave me a childish grin and reached his other hand at my chest, “Here, let me take that for you!”

“Fuck no! Francis already claimed cancer on this boob! You are not tainting my other one!” I pushed him away, both of us laughing. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m perverted, and sick, and twisted in my own special way. Just like the Bad Touch Trio. Yeah, they were the Trio, but I was their Bad Touch Baby.

Not much later the table was full. I saw in between Toni and Gil. But Francis soon joined with Alfred and Arthur, Ludwig later joined with Feliciano and Kiku. And we still had one seat open, which meant someone was missing.

I knew who it was; she was my friend and probably was off on a mission of her own. Karyan often times went missing for no reason at all and would suddenly show up with a shit ton of stuff and act like it was nothing. And the sad thing was, it just wasn’t a proper lunch without her.

But for the rest of that time anyways everyone talked about what they did or got over the holiday vacation. Alfred was gloating about something trying to pick a fight with Gilbert, because he was trying to out awesome the awesome one. I sat back and stole the American’s food as I moved to sit next to Francis.

“So how was your trip Frany~?” I turned to the blonde and he gave me a quirky grin.

“Oh~” He started and clapped his hands together; “It was just wonderful! You know, I really wish you went to Franc with me, Ah, but alas,” He dramatically sighed and grabbed a hold of my arm. I just popped another tater tot into my mouth and watched. “You just don’t love me enough,” He cleaned away a fake tear.

But I gave me a sad smile placing my hand gently on his shoulder, “Francis,” he looked up at me with sad blue eyes, “If you really want to know, the sexist thing I can think about right now is a guy speaking French between my legs,” I paused when I noticed that look on his face, “So, next time you go to France maybe I’ll come along~” I was such a flirt. There is one of my reason for being friends with the Trio.

And I was so much of a nasty Flirt I should just keep my mouth shut or wash it with soap because what I just said caused the hole table to look at me and the blonde who had his head on my chest and arms around my waist. “What?” I shrugged at them all, “I can give you all a compliment or two. If you really want me to be a whore, I don’t mind,”

“God dammit (Name),” Karyan showed up behind me and slapped a hand to her forehead but three people started laughing. Ah, the joys of my best friends. I love them so much!


“Do it again!”

A few minutes passed, “Nope, still nothing,”

“Again!” I shouted and leaned over the side of the couch.

“Hmmm, nothing changed (Name),” Antonio hit the refresh page on the iPad and looked down at the school’s webpage. There was still no notice that school would be cancelled tomorrow.

“Nauuuuuuuuurgggggggggg!” I flopped backwards onto the couch, my head landing in Gilbert’s lap, much to his displeasure. He let out a grunt and started to couch in pain. “Sorry Gilly-poo,”

He cringed holding back his German curses. As he spoke, his voice was raspy and like a harsh whisper, “If you landed with your face first, it would have been so much better,” I let out a laugh, but not before I punched him in the gut.

Francis walked back into my room with a plate full of pizza pockets and two litter bottles of Dr. Pepper. As he sat down on the floor in front of the couch, the house phone started to ring. I deiced to ignore it, thinking dad would get it or something.

I got the remote and un-paused the movie we were watching. It wasn’t anything special, just Jurassic Park; it was on demand for free, so I didn’t see why not. Yeah, I had a big flat screen T.V in my room and a couch. My bed was some place forgotten in the corner. Cold, and lonely with stuffed animals on it.

As we went about watching the movie, Toni sitting now at my feet at one end of the couch, my head still on Gilbert’s lap at the other, and Francis munching on mini pizza’s on the floor, my bed room door opened.

“No school tomorrow,” Dad quickly spoke and was shortly gone closing the door behind him. I let out a screech and jumped off the couch.

OH my god you guys! OH MY FUCKING ZOD! HOLY YES! FUCK YEAH!” Best. Day. Ever.

I started to do a little dance, clapping my hands and shaking my hips with pure joy. “No School~” I sang as my three friends eyed me with grins. “Aw yeah! Uhuh! Give me it to me now! That’s right! NO SCHOOL!!” I stopped and took in a large breath. “DO YOU GUYS WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT!?

“Holy crap frau!” Gilbert pushed off the couch; he placed his hands on my shoulder and stopped me from jumping up and down. “I don’t know if I want to spend the night if you’re going to be this hyper,”

But we can go snowmobiling!” I refuse to lower the volume of my voice right now. I was way to fucking happy, and if Gilbert’s ears started to bleed, well then so be it.

I felt a pair or arms wrap themselves around my legs, “Chica, I know but calm yourself right now, si?”

I gave the man at my feet a glare and at the same time I pulled away from Gilbert. Then, like the person I am, I took my hands and placed them on my chest, right on my boobs. “This personality cannot be calmed that easily!” Someone scoffed behind me, I was tempted to kick Toni in the face.

“Whatever you guys!” I gave a wave of my hand and started to leave the room. “I’m going to go do stuff, if you want to join, you are more than welcomed to if you learn to REPECT MY PERSONALITY!”

To my unbeknownst, they talked on about me once I left.

“Why is she so happy about no school?” Toni asked as he got off the floor. Francis gave him a shrug as he rose to his feet as well.

“I don’t know about you guys,” Gilbert started as he went about looking for his coat, “I am spending the night, and I am going snowmobiling with (Name),”

“Why so you have a chance to finally get with her? Like we all want?” Francis gave a pointed glare and held back a snappy insult or two.

But Antonio decided to put himself between his two friends to prevent any fights, “I thought we were all going to stay for the night anyways? Wasn’t that the plan?” The other two just let out some sort of grunt of huff about it. Antonio, not picking up on the much tense air just placed on a smile, “Muy bueno, I think I’ll go find (Name),” He ran out of the room leaving his friends somewhat dumbfounded.


I sat down one of my two snowmobiles. I was bundled all nice and warm as the harsh winter wind picked up. It was dark out, the perfect time for snowmobiling, at night. Well, that’s when I went and I liked it better then. There were less cars out and it was just so much better.

I turned my attention behind me when the sound of three pairs of feet dash, slipped and ran a crossed the thick snowy ground. Turning I saw my friends with proud looks of determination on all their faces.

“So,” I gave a smug grin, “You guys want to join me?” I slipped on my gloves and wiggled my fingers into them.

“Well,” Antonio gave me a shrug and walked over to stand next to my prize ride. “I think it’s a little cold out (Name),” He gave a shiver and pushed out his lower lip in a pout, “Please let me ride with you, you only have two and Gilbert is being a jerk again,”

Was! Ich bin mir nicht! That is a lie!” Gilbert ran over and shoved Toni away and got into my face. “Why would I be a jerk to him!? Even now? I was the one who wanted to go snowmobiling with you in the first place!? These two losers wanted to be awesome and stay inside because it’s to cold! They don’t even know what cold is! I grew up in the coldest parts of God Damn Mother Fucking Germany! I know what cold is and this is not cold!” Rude My lips pressed into a firm line and I narrowed my eyes.

“Francis?” I curled a gloved finger at him, and he slowly walked over. I patted the spot behind me, “These two are being suck ups, they can ride together,” I gave an evil grin and started the engine of my snowmobile as Francis got on and sat behind me.

“Ah, good choice mon cher,” He told me just as I slowly took off. I wasn’t going to deal with them fighting over me today. They thought I didn’t really know, but I did. And I ignored it. Why? Well, let’s just say, I’ve got a thing or two about a something something with the certain thing with a knows it what who can’t really understand this something something because certain things about a thing get in the way and then the nasty comes into play and I just, yeah. Girl problems.

Anyways, the next hour or two was spent fairly nice. We went snowmobiling to this one place I knew about a few miles from home. There, we had a snow ball fight in the dark. Me and Francis against Gilbert and Antonio.

It didn’t go as well as planned.

“Come out, come out where every you are (Name)!” Gilbert walked by me, I had Francis stake out a few trees away. I pressed my back to the tree and held my breath as I slowly reached down, and formed a snow ball.

Just as I was about to stand up, and whip around the tree to get Gilbert, the side of my face got smacked by frozen chilly snow. I feel to the ground and landed on my side into the soft ground.

“Ahahaha~! I got you chica~!” Antonio cheered several yards away from me. I slowly sat up and cleaned the snow from my cheeks. I gave him a pointed glare as he laughed on. But I was soon grining when I noticed something behind him.

Francis was creeping along with a snow ball in hand and a look of pure evil on his face, “Ohohohoho~ Toni, you should never hit a girl, how rude of you,” He cackled out right before he cocked his arm back and whipped the snow ball at the back of his friends head.

It didn’t seem to really hit him that hard, but it did hit him, barely. But Antonio acted as if it knocked the wind out of him. He fell to his knees, and with bad acting he lifted his arms up and let out a howl. “Why meeeee! Gilbert, mi amigo! Avenge me!” And with several coughs he slowly, so slowly, withered away.

As most of you would have guessed. Gilbert won, and beat Francis’s ass in! It was pretty sad, and I got pissed off too! Gilbert was being a dick! Seconds after Toni’s little death, he whipped a snow ball at Francis so hard, the sheer power of it knocked the blonde man backwards onto his back. Luckily it hit his chest, and not his face.

I got up and ran over to the winded man and helped him sit up. “Oh my God! Francis are you okay!” He was coughing in my arms as the other two soon joined us. I turned my head up to Gilbert and gave him the coldest glare I had. Knives would show up any second now and through themselves at him. “Why would you do that!?” I yelled at him.

“Amigo, you did throw it a little too harsh,” Antonio agreed with me nodding his head.

“I-” Gilbert stopped himself, “You-” He did it again look for the right words. He gave a harsh serious glare, and slowly crossed his arms. The stern look on his face reminded me of a certain blonde stick in the mud. “You want to play this game, (Name),” Was he scolding me? “You should have known this would have happened, so don’t get pissed at the awesome me,” He paused and looked down at Francis before turning his glare back to me. “If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours!”

Good god, this was the real Gilbert and I didn’t hate it but I hate the thought of having to Ludwigs’ around! Really, deep down on the inside his is Ludwig's severe, methodical, serious big brother. Like, he is pretty much exactly the same as him, but his bad manners mask all that. And by methodical, he has OCD big time. Everything he does must be done in a certain way, every day, at a specific time, in the way he likes it. He also “loots everything and opens all the drawers” so to speak, he will go through all your stuff if he feels the need to, mostly when you lie to him he’ll dig through all your stuff.  

But whatever, I’m not even mad. No, I lied, I am so mad. I hug poor sweet Francis close to me and glare at the albino standing in front of me, “Just say you’re sorry to him, and stop fucking being Ludwig! It scares the shit out of me!” I let out a small wine and looked away and down at Francis, “It’s not like you!” Mhm, but it was.

Still He scoffed, probably rolled his eyes and muttered a “Sorry,” And stomped off. Antonio helped me get Francis up and to his feet. We walked him back to the snowmobiles having him sit down.

“You okay?” Toni asked him, to which Francis just nodded.

We left him there for a couple of minutes as Antonio and I went off to find Gilbert. He kinda just walked off, to no place at all and we should find him. I really didn’t want to but Antonio insisted.

As we walked back off into the forest Toni and I talked. “When we get back,” I looked over to him as I spoke, “You want to help me set up the basement? We can make it all nice and everything for us to sleep down there,”

“Sure no problema!” He gave me one of his constant smiles which I kindly returned.

“Oh!” I perked up and grinned, “Should we make a lot of food too? By the time we get back my Dad will be in bed, so I don’t think he’ll be a problem,”

“Why would your dad be a problem?” He sounded pretty lost. But that was Toni for ya, he meant well. But was often clueless about a lot of common things, that was because was one of those people to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, in whatever way he wants to. And I’m pretty sure he can’t read the atmosphere, or that he even tries to do so at all.

“Um,” I slowly hugged my arms to me as a chilly breeze went by, “Well, he’s my dad first of all,”


Really? “He’s a dad. He doesn’t like you guys, but he still lets you in his house. Haven’t you even noticed how he is always glaring at you guys?” I asked him, and he tried to think about it.

He placed a gloved finger on his chin and looked at the ground as we walked. But seconds later he shook his head. “No,” He said with a short shrug and a smile slowly formed on his face, “I never noticed,”

I pushed this aside when he spoke up again, he seemed quite concerned actually, “You don’t think Gilbert is going to be that mad at us?”

“Pfft,” I swiped some of my hair back under my hate, “You can never know with him,”

Soon enough we found him, sitting in a tree. With some convincing we got him down, and not much later we were back home inside the house trying to warm up. Like promised, Antonio helped me set up the downstairs basement for the night while Francis and Gilbert went to my room.

In the back of my closet, was a small box, and that box was full of their stuff. They spent so much time at my house that they left clothes, blankets and pillows here for themselves.

I was in the kitchen watching a third bag of popcorn being made, Antonio was at the fridge pulling out other snacks when the other two joined us.

“Here Toni,” Francis gave the brunette his spare pajamas, and he gladly ran off to change.

While Francis was just in some pajama pants that had pictures of roses on them –yes he was shirtless, okay?- Gilbert was in a t-shirt that said “To much sweg” and Gilbird pajama bottoms. I snickered to myself looking at them.

“Can you guys watch this? I’ve gotta go change to,”

“Yeah, sure,” Gilbert muttered and took my place at the microwave and scurried off. I came back minutes later in my favorite pajama set to find all three of them happily talking to each other.

“I’m not so sure it could work like that,” Francis said with a look of deep thought on his face.

“Of course it can!” Gilbert smirked with pride, “It’s an awesome idea, and anything awesome will work,”

“I like the idea of just not dying,” Antonio pointed out. The microwave went off, and he took the hot bag of popcorn out and dumped it into a third bowl.

“Okay fine, I don’t want to die too,” Gilbert agreed but he started to give off little laughs, “But if I had to choose how I would go out; flying out a spaceship in a Ferrari burning up in the atmosphere –while the Ferrari didn’t get burns and landed in the ocean somehow surviving, I’d like to die that way. Burning inside of an awesome car,”

“Wow,” I walked into the kitchen. I helped myself to one of the bowls of popcorn, and then I grabbed a small bag of Doritos. “I’d like to die at the bottom of the ocean, that way no one would find my body,” I turned to leave them, and head down into the basement.

Seconds later they were behind me with their own food, “I thought you were scared of the bottom of the ocean,” Francis asked and I shrugged it off.

“Exactly, that way people can’t call me a pussy after I die, because I died conquering my fear,”

The rest of the night was spent doing many things. From watching movies, to playing ping-pong, foosball or pool and delightful video games, we didn’t fall asleep for a long time. But one by one we slowly past out.

Francis was the first, he fell asleep on the large couch we had down here. It was a wraparound couch, and it had enough room for all of use to spread out on and sleep on as well without touching each other. Nice huh?

But he fell asleep around two in the morning. Next to fall was Toni. That was around five in the morning. He lost in a game of ping pong to me and decided to rest on the couch. As soon as he hit the large fluffy couch he was gone.

I was next, so I’m not sure when Gilbert fell asleep, but I passed out at seven in the morning, just as the sun was slowly rising up. It was after a T.V marathon show with Gilbert. I was laying on my side, he was laying on the last curve of the couch on his stomach, holding his head up with his arms. The last thing I remembered was the show’s opening song for a new episode as day light crept into the basement windows.


A bright like flickered on and off as if it was a strobe light. I cringed away, hissing like a vampire and hid my face with one of the blankets on me. “Stop it,” I snapped and rolled to my side.

Three other voice groaned and complained in agreement with me. “Turn off the light!” Gilbert snapped.

“Oui! It’s burning my beautiful eyes!” Francis cried out.

I heard something from Antonio, but I think his face was in the couch or covered by something, I was glad not to hear it. He sounded pissed off!

“(Name),” It was dad. So I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes.

“What?” I moaned out and looked back at him over the couch. He stood in the door way of the room with a stern look.

“It’s four in the afternoon,” He growled out, “You should get up,” I waved a hand at him and flopped back down on the couch.

“I don’t want to,” I hissed and covered my face with a pillow, “I’m to lazy,”

“Hmph, fine,” He turned to leave but something stopped him, “Oh, and school is canceled for tomorrow,” After he left I shot up in my seat.

“Guys,” The three of them slowly looked at me with tired eyes. “Oh…My…GOD,”

~*~*~*~*~(Extended Ending)~*~*~*~*~

Antonio took in a harsh breath as he pressed himself up against the side of the house. Francis was standing next to him. Shivering and with just as much of a look of fear on his face.

“Amigo, if we don’t get out of this alive, I just want you to know-” He paused and start to slowly inch along the side of the house, “-I stole 50 bucks from you last Friday,”


“Ah-ha!” (Name) slid around the corner of the house, “I found you guys! Now you have to wear the waiter clothes! And help me find Gilbert! I want to your bare ass sitting on the snow or so help me!”

The two friends let out a harsh scream and we forced to try and run away. Have you ever sat on a cold object with your bare ass? Thing like to freeze, together, and stick, and they don’t like to come apart unless you want pain.

(Name) gave out an evil laugh and chanced after the two, “You guys can’t run forever! You will get your fucking balls stuck to that car hood! And it will hurt!”

Meanwhile, Gilbert, cozy and warm –and breaking the game rules- sipped from his mug of hot chocolate and stared out the house window. As he took in a long warm drink from the mug, he shivered in fear slightly. “She needs to stop hanging around Elizabeta,”
Fool Emoji-08 (Hehehehe) [V1]  Dat picture Euheuheuheuheueheuheueheuheuheueheuheuehuehuehu


Enjoy your time with the BTT and sleep well my loves u v u)~

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Haha GILBERT stop thinking with your dick! (sorry it's an inside joke between my Prussia and Romano)
Anywho~ snowmobiling seems AWESOME.
Heyheueheuebeueheueheyeheyey (that got out of hand) THE REAL PRUSSIA. *dramamtic music*
Dun dun!

Anywho~ cool story. Filled with Le epicness. You are awesome my friend. RESPECT BITCHES!
(this is how I act when in with Romano If you didn't know. Usually I'm like :icongermanystareplz::iconnorwaypokerfaceplz::icongermanypalmplz::iconfucknoenglandplz: XD)
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