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Not every did (Name) get sick. She was actually commonly called heath almost all year long, but today wasn’t her day.

Her soft snores eased with every breath as she hugged one of her pillows. Her door slowly cracked open and her older brother stepped in –one of her older brothers- and let out a groan. Just to be pest he and spread some misery he started flicking the light on and off so fast (Name)’s room turned into dance club with strobe lights.

Just as this happened, the girl’s alarm clock went off. Her eyes snapped open to the bright flashing room and her head pounded painfully as she awoke ever so rudely. “Lovino…” She slowly growled out. The dragon has been woken –and she is not happy.

Feliciano was starting to get worried about (Name) and Lovino. He was supposed to get her up for school because she slept in today. It’s been about ten minutes now and still he hasn’t seen any of them. He headed for her room upstairs. As he walked down the hall his brother jumped out of (Name)’s room and slammed into the wall before running off in fear. Seconds later, and alarm clock came flying out of the room and shattered on the wall.

Letting out a shrieked of fear and shock, Feliciano jumped when he saw his little sister. “(N-N-Name)? Are you okay?” He stuttered out.

She could be as violent as Lovino but as thoughtful as Feliciano at times while becoming her own kind of Vargas. “Sorry Feli,” She sniffled some and then let out a harsh cough, “Just not feeling to good,” She started coughing so more, so much she doubled over trying to catch her breath.

He rushed over to his sister’s side and guided her back to her bed helping her settle back in. “What about school?” She protested.

“No, resto, you need it,” He smiled as he left before she could protest.

Unexpectedly an important question hit her, “Who’s going to take care of me!?”

“We’ll send Grandpa over for now~!” Feliciano’s cheer voice traveled up the halls forcing (Name) to let out a sigh. This is one of the times she wished her parents weren’t somewhere in Italy doing important work on some kind of new pasta. Leaving their kids to live alone –knowing they were old enough and could take care of themselves- their Grandpa would check on them once or twice a week if they ever needed anything.

(Name) rolled over in her bed, ready to sleep away the day. Maybe, just maybe she would get better by noon and get to school. She was mostly worried about her friends, three boys who stalked her on every plane. But secondly, she didn’t actually mind missing today. It was Valentine’s Day after all. She didn’t hate the day but she didn’t like it as well.  But her friends, oh how they loved today with so much love that it made her almost gauge.

Of course she didn’t mind them, but she also didn’t want to worry them, they could be so protective and willing to do anything for her. She could never understand why those three treated her like this. All the girls they hung around they tried to suck face with or sleep with whenever they saw the chance. But never did they act too perverted or dirty with her. Maybe she was friendzoned by the Bad Touch Trio.


Later on she woke up, and waddled down stairs to find her happy smiley Grandpa drinking away at wine. “Ciao Nonno” She muttered and he jumped from his seat to give her a hug.

“Salve~ (Name)~” He smiled in Latin. Giving a sigh, never did she really learn it but one could guess. She pressed on a smile and held back a cough.  

“How long have you been here, Nonno?” She asked him as she walked into the kitchen, her grandfather right behind here.

“Oh, not too long. I came to check on you as soon as Feliciano called! You were asleep so I headed back home. Now I’m here again!” He smiled with a nod of his head.

“Ah,” She started and pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge. Unscrewing the cap she looked back over to her grandfather, “You don’t have to stay that long. I can take care of myself,”
“I beat you can, (Name). But that doesn’t stop an old man like me from worrying,” She smiled at that. Thankful he was still around in her life, unlike her parents.

She returned to her room a little later after spending some time with her grandfather. Who also made her a delicious lunch.

Sleep came and went. She’d toss and turn, getting upset and sore on one side and then the other. Nothing made her comfortable. I beat the floor is softer than this damn bed, she thought bitterly.

But when the sleep was at its best, when she was in bliss with the wonderful dream she was having, it crashed and burned at the sudden movement that jerked her from the sweet sleeping spell.
“(Name)! Oh no! My poor (Name)! Look at how sick she is! Francis!? Did you do this to my sweet (Name)!? You were sick last week and now look at her!”

“T-Toni!” (Name) stuttered as she was held tightly to the Spaniard. She took on of her hands and put it right on his face and shoved him off her.

“Me!?” Francis cried from the end of her bed, “I did no such thing! I was home all week and one of you bastard came to visit Big Brother!” He gracefully fell onto his back laying on her bed.
“Francis will you ge-”

“Woah, Woah, guys hold up!” Gilbert swaggered into the room holding a bunch of bags and boxes, “First off! How very rude and unawesome of you guys to run off and leave me to unpack everything! Second!” He dropped everything to the floor and sprinted to perform a dive bomb onto the bed.

He crushed all of them under his weight and pulled everyone into his uncomfortable and painful hug. “You guys!” (Name) coughed out just as they started bickering, “Stop it!” They didn’t really listen to her, “Stop!” She yelled again. She still didn’t get their full on attention.

She got an idea, but it would coast her. She coughed a few times more and took in a harsh breath and let out a scream. A scream that stated her counterfeit love, “I am declaring my true love to Justin Bieber!”

Ever sound in the house stopped. Breathing stopped. Thinking stopped. Hearts stopped beating possible for the last time.

Three eyes, shocked and wide glued onto (Name) as she finally let out a sigh and slowly laid herself back down on her bed. “That he is 100% not my type,” She added with a huffed and rolled onto her side, “Now get out so I can sleep,” A coughing fit rushed past her lips.

They were harsh and painful leaving her throat raw and sore. She had to gasp for breath and with ever gasp started a new fit off coughs.

Francis got off the bed and walked over to her side helping her sit up. Antonio hurried down stairs to get her some water. Gilbert cleaned off her bed making is neat once more.

When Antonio returned she was still coughing. Handing her the cup she quickly took it and downed half the glass. Waving her hand a bit, she had Francis move back and she swung her feet over the side of her bed.

Carefully she rose to her feet and stumbled into the bathroom. She would have slammed the door behind her if three men weren’t hot on her tail as she collapsed to her knees and hurled everything she had in her stomach into the bowl of the toilet.

Francis being the first to react hurried over and held back her hair. His face was covered with concern and worry. His poor (Name) was truly sick and in pain. The Trio’s plans for today where to just stop by. Give her a visit and wish her well.

Her brother’s wouldn’t be home for a while. They both had jobs, and she’d be left home alone for another few hours.

Antonio let out a worried sigh as he rubbed circles into her back every time she’d dry heave with nothing coming out. He shushed her when she let out a sore whimper as he body rejected itself. (Name) really was sick and he hated seeing her like this.

They had such a fun day planned out for tomorrow too. The Trio figured she just had a head cold, a one day thing. And tomorrow they’d spend all day together. But instead, they’re little girl was sick, and groaning in pain.

Gilbert was looking through the medicine cabinet above the sink, trying to find something- anything to help (Name) get better. She didn’t deserve this. And on a day like this, a Friday of all days! Why couldn’t she have gotten sick on a Monday? At least she’d miss a bunch of school that way.

He gave a frown every time he heard her puke some more. Eventually he found several things she could take –depending on what she had to cause her to be so sick.

And to think, today was Valentine’s Day. The day the Trio goes out and about and does what it was made for. But it really never was a trio. It just couldn’t be without (Name). Even though there were four of them, she was still a part of the Bad Touch Trio.

(Name) slowly sat back up, taking the back of her hand and whipping it a crossed her face.
“Are you alright?” Antonio asked beside her.

She nodded her head, “F-for n-n-ow,” Suddenly a hand was pressed to her forehead. She looked up and saw Gilbert also reaching for a thermometer at the same time.

“You’re burning up,” He told her with a serious tone. Gilbert than handed her the thermometer and she stuck it in her mouth.

Quickly Francis picked her up bridle style from behind and she let out a yelp as she was carried down stairs, “My room is that way, Francis!” She mumbled with the thermometer between her teeth.

“Yes and it needs to be cleaned,” He told her as she was lightly set down on the couch. Antonio and Gilbert quickly showed up behind the blonde with slight smirks on both of their faces.

Francis spun on his heel and faced his friends as they formed a group huddle, “So, what are going to do?” He asked them in a hushed whisper.

“I’m staying!” Antonio whispered with determination.

Gilbert gave a nodded of his head, “The awesome me will help out as well!”

“Then it’s agreed?” Francis asked the three of them nodded. “What this weekend though?” He added with a raised brow. “We’ve got jobs, and things to do. We can’t just leave her alone then to,”

“But what about Lovi and Feli?” Toni questioned as he tipped his head slightly, “They can watch her –Ow!”

“No, they have jobs to, so she’ll be left home alone for hours on end you idiot,” Gil shook his hand slightly from hitting Toni on the head. But he looked dead serious for a change.

“Hmm!” Toni gave a pained glare at the albino as he rubbed his head, “We can just take turns watching her then. I work mornings and nights, Francis works afternoons-...”

Antonio and Francis both turned to Gilbert with somewhat narrowed eyes, “What?” He asked as he faintly raised his shoulders into a shrug and raised a brow.

“-You live in a basement and spend your days doing absolutely nothing,” Francis finished for his friend.

“So? The awesome me just hasn’t found and awesome part time job yet. Besides, I don’t need any more money than I already have. You’re forgetting my thousands of dollars inheritance from my dead grandpa,” The other two smacked him out of irritation and jealously.

“Okay then,” Francis spoke up with a calmer smile, “I’ll watch her in the morning after her brothers leave,” He paused and thought, “Antonio will watched her in the afternoon,” He then gave a pointed glare at the watery eyed Prussian next to him “Gilbert will watch her at night until her brothers get back home,”

“Ehem,” They three of them got out of their little huddle and looked around. (Name) sat up, looking over the back of the couch with folded arms, “You know I can hear you guys, right?”


For the rest of that evening she was pampered and taken care of. Each one of them doing something to help her out and it was really a bit too sweet, even for them.

“Look at this!” Antonio held up one of the many Valentine’s Cards she’d gotten from other students at school. Because she wasn’t there, the trio collected all the cards and gifts for her and brought them home.

It was the Trio’s job to spark true love among couples, and give the shy one’s a slight push in the right direction. They were bitterly known for being the perfect match makers. And one of their most important jobs would have happened today if not for (Name) being sick.

“Look (Name)! It’s from the swim team!” Toni handed over the heart shaped swimming pool card to her as she raised a brow.

“The whole team? Wow,” She was fixed neatly in a warm blanket burrito. She gave up on trying to get some sleep. She couldn’t do that while the Trio was here. An elbow slightly struck her side next to her. Rolling her eyes she opened her mouth and let out “Ahh!” before a spoonful of soup was given to her.

Francis giggled at how cute she looked and that he got to do this. He found it even funnier that he actually beat Gilbert at something, and now the Albino was forced to do laundry. He was in the basement –where he belonged- cleaning (Name)’s bed sheets and covers.

After reading the card she set it down on the pile of others and held open her hand for the next. This time she got something from a person. She let out a little coo and “aw”ed at who it was from, “Look guys,” She let the two of them see the front of the card, “Toni go get Gil he needs to see this,”

(Name) let out another cough after Antonio left, and Francis made her take another spoonful of the soup. It wasn’t bag, actually it was really good. It may have been just canned soup, but so what.
When the other two returned she wanted to sequel but coughed instead. Afterwards she giggled, “Gilly-kins, guess what I got!” She waved a red card in the air in front of the albino’s face, Francis snickering next to her and Antonio chuckling as he sat back down on the floor.

Gilbert slightly narrowed his eyes and took a step closer. He could thank his horrible vision for that. But he soon let out a scoff and went to snatch the card away but (Name) was too fast.

“Ahem!” She cleared her throat, “To (Name), from Ludwig and Gilbert! -Come have some morning coffee with us tomorrow, it’d be swell!” She looked over the card slightly confused.

While Gilbert was crying on the floor, Francis broke into pure laughter. He jumped from the couch and started to dance around his friend, “I found it! I found it! You are a big loser and I found this on your kitchen table!”  He sang.

“We were only kidding why did you give her that card!?” Gilbert screamed from the floor. He curled in a ball and was a sobbing mess with a red face, whispering curses and little awesome to himself trying to calm down.

She waved Antonio over, and under his harsh laughter he quickly explained, “In Germany, if a man invites a woman out for a morning coffee, he’s actually inviting her to go back and have sex with him!”

“Oh my doge!” She looked down at the card and then tore it in two, four, eight tiny little bits and through it in the air. She leaned over to the coffee table where Francis left her soup and went on eating it.

“(Name)! Don’t hate me I’m sorry! It’s was only a joke!” Gilbert crawled over on his hands and knees as he kept himself low to the ground, in fear that’d she kick him.

She pointed to her mouth that was currently full of soup. She gave a sheepish smile and shrugged and quickly took another mouthful so she wouldn’t need to speak. If she wasn’t so sick she would kick him. But it’d hurt her more than him if she tried. She’d probably end up on the floor coughing and writhing into dust.

At the same time, Francis and Gilbert started arguing. It even started to get a little physical.

(Name) watched with slight amusement as Antonio suddenly joined her on the couch. She looked over at him with a raised brow. He gave a smile and handed her a box.

“We actually got you something, all of us,” He told her.

She set down her bowl of soup and took the slightly over average box. A colored red bow was tied on it. Opening the box she looked inside hesitantly. All the while the other two had turned their fighting into beating each other up.

(Name) looked down at the small box and tore it open. Inside she found another box, “Really?” She scoffed to the snickering next to her. She opened the small white box and found her gift inside.

“Oh,” Her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ as she pulled out a silver charm bracelet covered with little charms.

She first noticed a little pink rose dangling in between to white pearls. She smiled looking at it and looked at the other charms hanging. She found a mirror as well. Even a tiny little tomato and a turtle. A little chick and a potatoes dangled and chimed as she looked it over.

The fighting that once was going suddenly stopped as Gilbert and Francis looked over at (Name). They each had a shallow grin as they watched her start to fangirl over her gift.

“Oh my gosh you guys,” She started to cry out, she gave a small cough as she squealed a bit shaking her free hand, “Oh god, it’s perfect!”

She had Antonio help her slip on the bracelet. It was a wonderful gift that would remind her every day of the fondness and love she had for her friends. They may be a bit of perverts or a little rough around the edges. But no one is perfect but the Trio was the closets perfect could possible get.

They promised to take care of her, and they have been so far now. And why? Because they loved her. Each of them personally hated seeing (Name) sick, sad, anger or upset in the slightest bit.

And the gift they got her was so sweet it was almost sickening to (Name). She felt a wave of illness and nausea come over her again and she quickly covered her mouth in fear she may barf again.

The three of them rushed over to her side, all of them worried and grabbing some part of her. “(Name)!” they called out in union as she hunched over and groan.

It took her a few seconds to swallow everything back down. She sat up a bit and gave a shallow smile, “I’m alright, thanks,”

“You sure?” Gilbert asked her.

Nodding her head (Name) waved a hand, “I’m fine, really! See!” She gave a goofy smile making them all laugh. “And, uh-um,” She paused when they calmed down. She looked from Antonio at to her left, to Gilbert down by her kneels, and finally to Francis crouching on her right, “Thanks for taking the time to take care of me,”

“Aww! Look she’s blushing!” Antonio cried out in glee and grabbed one of her cheeks and pinching it. She tried to swat his hand away but he held that arms down and gave a cheeky smile.

“She’s so cute even when she’s sick~!” Francis threw his arms around her torso and tightly held her as she started to squirm.

“Kesesese! She’s having a hard time handling all this awesomeness!” Gilbert crawled up slightly and deiced to bury his head into her chest with a grin and a hardy laughter.

“Awww~” They all founded over her as she started to grow red and heated from them. She was to weak and sick to fight back so she could only take this.

So instead she just accepted it and somehow managed to grab all three of them and snuggle down and get comfortable with in everyone’s grip. “You guys are so stupid,” She mumbled to them.

“So are you for hanging around us,” Francis pointed out, his head resting on her shoulder.

“And?” She looked at him from the corner of her eye.

“And you must really like us to put up with us,” Antonio commented on her other side where he leaned on her arm.

She scoffed with a roll of her eyes, “I never said I liked any of you at all,”

“You don’t need to say anything,” Gilbert grinned below her view, his head still on her chest. His eyes where shut as he went on, “You’re easier to read than an open book,”

“True, he’s right,” Antonio yawned and scooted a bit closer. (Name) shook her head at that, she was not that easy to read –at least she thought so.

Francis chuckled quietly and (Name) looked over at him. He was also drifting into a soft slumber as he slurred out, “And you talk in your sleep a lot. We’ve recorded a lot of it on our phones-” He paused yawning, “- and you say the sexiest thing too~” Her eyes widened as she snapped her head around to look at him directly.

“Mhmm~” Antonio hummed, “Things about all of us,”

“Dirty things~” Gilbert mocked, “You must have some amazing dreams (Name),”

“Yeah and to make you moan like that!” Antonio giggled as she started to grow fearful.

“What do you dream about?” Francis let out a hushed whisper next to her ear.

Her face burned. She stared into space at the world a head of her. She was as stiff as a rock and she let out a little squeal. She placed a hand over her mouth and groaned and moaned as she started to dry heave again, “I think I’m going to puke...

Today was a sickly sweet Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine's day


Omg this is so badly written why am I even uploading this? It feels rushed, and uncanny and I don't like it. This is horrible!

Hetalia (c) Himaruya
Story/Plot (c) Kay-Love-Pain17
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